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Feb 10, 2011 - Epic Boat Journey to Kollam

We woke up to the call of the birds in our outback resort: Dazzle Dew with the total number of guests being us! Still we love the fresh feeling of our shower open to the elements with the sounds of the birds and the smell of the forest and the view of the trees. After breakfast we take one of those mad auto-rickshaw rides to the Government boat jetty, where we are booked on the Government Tourist boat for an 8 hour trip from Alleppey to Kollam for the grand price of 300 rupees each. The boat is like something from one of those 1950's epic...

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Where's Jolly?

Aug 29, 2009 - Varkala - Kollam

G'day, The sand, surf and suntan has been put on the backburner for a few days as we have moved north up the coast to check out the fishing port of Kollam. There are over four thousand small boats based here and judging by the amount of fish that we saw being unloaded this morning, they all have to work pretty hard to get a feed. We are going to the lake just out of town this afternoon to check out the local aquaculture operations (giant freshwater shrimp and fish that look like mullet). In the morning we are going to Alleppey for three...

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Dec 3, 2008 - I am starting to feel India's Heart

HIGHLIGHTS • Take a World Heritage Train • Meet two more angels • Walk the streets of Triruvananthapuram looking for a room • Take a train to another town as there is no room at the inn DETAIL I get to the train station and wait with Indians who ride it every day (boring) and whities who look excited. I introduce myself to a couple: she’s Scottish and he English. Turns out he’s a train spotter armed with two cameras and innumerable number camera chips. She just nods and yawns at his ‘vice’ but they show their love. Off we chug, the diesel...

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Nov 22, 2008 - India - shopping attention

By Mette I dag tog vi tidligt afsted, mens temperaturen og fugtigheden endnu var rimelig. Vi ville se et af de steder, som Lonely Planet fremhæver som absolut seværdige, et Hindu tempel. Det var også flot, men da vi som ikke-hinduer måtte blive udenfor, var det mere omgivelserne, vi havde mulighed for at lægge mærke til. Og det var et helt andet miljø, end der hvor vi bor. På mange måder mere lokalt. Selvom der var mange souvenirboder og masser af små butikker, så var kunderne indere – og dermed var priserne også langt mere rimelige end i...

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Mar 6, 2008 - Kerala backwaters

Decided enough of my own company....I want people and shopping. Plan was to head further down the coast so I caught the ferry from Alleppey to Kollam - its an 8 hour slow, slow ride through the backwaters of Kerala - the state's strap line is 'God own Country' and I now know why - the backwaters are breathtakingly beautiful. The scenery is incredible, I actually thought 8 hours on a ferry would get boring, but no quite the opposite there is so much to see - villages going about their business - watching the women waist high in water doing...

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Jan 23, 2008 - INDIA: Kollam and the backwaters

Kollam is an industrial town famous for its cashew trading (I give you all the exciting facts). I didnt go there for its nuts though! The purpose of my trip was to head to the backwaters, what Kerala (state) is most famous for. The backwaters are made up of thousands of waterways that link up many villages and towns all over the state, flowing into the bigger rivers and lakes in the area. Lush green and lined with many palm trees they are well worth a boat ride where you can absorb the village and birdlife. The villagers take advantage of...

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