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Dec 31, 2004 - Mysore

Cari amici, non e' sempre facile trovare un internet caffe' e le connessioni a volte non sono delle migliori. Inizieremo l'anno quattro ore e mezzo prima di voi, spero di non portarmi questa fretta addosso tutto l'anno, ma questo 31 dicembre almeno riusciremo a mangiare le lenticchie, che praticamente sono il piatto nazionale e che mangiamo dal 13 dicembre ininterrottamente, speriamo bene! Ora ci troviamo a Mysore. L'India e' grandissima, piu' grande di quanto si possa immaginare, e' evidente che fino a quando non ci si trova qui non si ha...

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Dec 30, 2004 - Bangalore

Ce l'abbiamo fatta, scappati da Goa il giorno dopo cioe' oggi, volo per Bangalore, da cui raggiungeremo finalmente la citta' della seta Mysore con il treno, prendiamo un taxi prepagato e ci affidiamo piu' che alle mani alla panza di uno di taxisti piu' grassi dell'india, insomma o il volante o la panza, con aria rimbambita sembra non capire dove vogliamo andare, si perde, chiede informazioni a tutti, alla fine si paralizza al volante e grattandosi la testa non ha il coraggio di guardarci in faccia, poverino sara' il colesterolo! Con calma...

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Dec 25, 2004 - Mysore second visit

Friends, We arrived in Mysore for the second time on late Christmas afternoon after taking a train from Bangalore. We had an Indian dinner--we evidently missed the afternoon Christmas Buffet with Turkey. We are staying in a 4 star hotel since it is the Holiday and it is very posh--especially compared to where we have been staying. Tomorrow we are going to take the kids to the Raj's palace and then drive to the Tibetan Settlements.

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Dec 24, 2004 - Christmas Day - Bangalore

Merry Christmas Everyone! We have had one of the nicest and most different Christmas holidays ever. Even though we are in a predominately Hindu area, there are Christmas lights and large paper lanterns in the shape of stars adorning the occasional home and hotel lobby. Although we spent Christmas Eve riding all night in an a three-tier sleeping compartment wearing our street clothes and arrived at 6:30 AM in the teaming city of Bangalore, as we sat together in a nearby hotel eating a breakfast of cornflakes and South Indian curried...

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Dec 24, 2004 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. The internet connections are very sporadic here. There will not be many photos. We are in Hampi now. We arrived at 6:30 this morning. It is very beautiful here. The landscape is very interesting. There are massive boulders strewn everywhere. The mountains almost look man made. They are like a big pile of rocks. Would love to show some photos. Maybe tomorrow. We would have liked to respond to some of mail we've gotten but we can't due to the connections. Merry Christmas to all. We love you all.

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Dec 22, 2004 - Return to Hampi

Friends, Well, we returned to Hampi today by train. We got up at 5:30AM to catch a taxi we had set up which wasn't there. It showed up about 25 minutes late and we made it to the train station with time to spare. We traveled three tier air conditioned which mean you have a bunk you can you if you want to take a nap. We are now on our own and traveling with Kendall and Connor who I think are shell shocked by the whole experience. Let me tell you that trying to make your own travel plans and reservations it much harder and anxiety provoking...

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Dec 22, 2004 - Back in Goa

Just a quick hello. Hopefully everyones holiday season is going well. We are not actualy in Karwar but it is the nearest place on the map that we could plot. We are chillin out on another beach in Goa called Palolem beach. It is a very beautiful beach but it is quite heavily touristed and therefore is quite expensive. It was our plan to be on the beach for Christmas but that has changed. Instead we are going to the mountains where it will be quieter and cheaper.

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Dec 16, 2004 - Bangalore - Delhi by train

Have just arrived in Delhi and got in at 6 in the morning rather than 6 at nite as I had originally thought - the train only ended up taking only 36 hours. The journey passed surprisingly quickly as I alighted on Thursday night so it was only really one day and two nights on the train. Although it was first class, it wasn't quite the standard we might expect of first class in other countries - still very comfortable though. The compartment held up to 4 people although there were never more than 3 people in it for any stretch of the journey....

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Dec 13, 2004 - Mysore

After a tiring couple of days I was relieved to reach Mysore, a relatively comfortable place without being overwhelming. Getting there was just another example of what makes India such a unique place to travel - I was at tiny village waiting for one of the locals jeeps (which pack in as many as a dozen people) to take me 8kms to the next big village which was on the main road to Mysore, when a twenty-seater bus pulled up completely empty and asked me where I was going. For 100r (about AUD 3) it did the 140km journey stopping to pick up...

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Dec 13, 2004 - Hopset/Hampi

Hello Friends, Three weeks on the road have revealed some incredible scenes and experiences. We are also noticing that some things are beginning to wear on us like the beggars, hawkers and cow dung in the streets. It goes against our natures to not be compassionate, but like Chris has written, the only way not to be mobbed is to walk by stone-faced and non-responsive to "hello, what is your name..." As we came down out of the coffee growing area in Coorg toward Mysore, we stopped at the Tibetan Settlements to see one of the huge...

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Dec 12, 2004 - Bangalore

We have taken a 4 hour bus ride from Mysore to Bangalore. On the way we stopped at the Rangana Thittu Bird Sanctuary. It was a beautiful quiet place where we were rowed around on a slow moving river. We saw Comorants, Spoon Billed Storks, Egrets, Darters, red wattles by the dozens and trees loaded with fruit bats by the hundreds. We also saw a couple of crocodiles one of which was a least three times the size of anyone in the boat. The boatman casually passed about 10 feet from him and all his passengers had visions of the beast roaring...

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Dec 10, 2004 - Mysore

Ah, back to big city life. You have not lived until you have had an Indian Hawker try to sell you their wares. If you make any eye contact, or show interest they will follow you anywhere trying to close the sell. I had 4 kids follow me at least a half a mile to try to sell me post cards. The best strategy appears to be to walk briskly to your goal and look neither left or right. If you stroll and look around you are mobbed with street hawkers each earnestly putting their wares in you hands or post cards in your face. I need to point out...

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