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Jul 23, 2009 - Surat and the Solar Eclipse

We left for Surat early Tuesday morning, in order to catch a glimpse of the full solar eclipse. The "eclipse of a lifetime" the local news media called it. Well we never got to see the eclipse becuase it was too overcast and cloudy. But we did get up at 4:30 am (the eclipse happened just after sunrise at 6:20 am), and rode with some local friends we had made to the Surat airport where a huge viewing was being organized. Thousands upon thousands of locals, tourists, and schoolchildren marched to the airport parking lot, their eclipse viewing...

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Jan 21, 2005 - Surat - the base for 3 wks

Immediately noticable when arriving in Surat is that it is quieter than mumbai, but not by much. Traffic is still hectic and the air thick with fumes and beeping horns where ever you go. The town is very industrial, it has it's history in the manufacture of textiles, and you can hear the machinery click-clacking as they produce the product from virtually anywhere in the city. Also, the wedding season is in full flow from Janurary to March, so there are huge fire crackers and fireworks being set off during the day and night. Some of these...

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Oct 22, 2004 - MUMBAI

Thursday, 21st of October: (cont.) Our plane was supposed to leave at 6pm but we did not depart until 8.30pm. When we purchased the ticket it was saaid to us that it was a direct flight but once on-board we were informed that we had to stop in Jodhpur as well as in Udaipur so we did not arrive to Mumbai until 11pm. We caught a cab to the Tulip Star hotel on Juhu Beach which we expected to be at least a 4star hotel.. no way Jose!!! by this time we were not happy campers but we were hungry so we walked over to the JW Marriott and had a light...

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Sep 24, 2004 - Ahmedabad

We took a train to Ahmedabad. It's around 300 kilometers from Mumbai but our train took around 8 hours. It was an overnight train in a nice airconditioned three tier bunk. We got into the town and it made me long for Mumbai. It was hotter and smoggier, with more traffic and sidewalks in worse condition. But we had some lovely food there. Twice we had a Gujarati Thali. Gujarat is the state it's in and a thali is a plate sometimes made of banana leaves with little bowls filled with different sauces and veggies and nuts and curries. They give...

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