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Aug 17, 2006 - Goa-Benaulin

Ja hem arribat a Goa! Les platges! Estem a un poble que es diu Benaulin que es la mar de tranquil. La platja es llarguissima, no hem pogut arribar al final, deuen ser uns 15 kM o mes, hem caminat molt i la platja es espectacular! Aquesta part de l'India, Goa, era una antiga colonia portuguesa i es molt diferent de la resta de llocs on hem estat. Aqui les cases son molt xules i tot esta molt net. I hem menjat peixet fresc per primer cop en tot el viatge, unes gambes fresques espectaculars! Adeuuuuuuu

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Jul 9, 2006 - It's high time I get Goan......like, as in the verb "to go".....It's a pun. Hawhawhaw!

So i've returned to Panaji because I ordered a kick-anus guitar case(because frigging British Airways somehow broke my should-be-invinsible case before I had even arrived in India) and it's arriving today at noon! I'm slightly excited! Then if all goes according to plan, which it never seems to do in this country, I'll be leaving for Mumbai at about 3 and arriving there early tomorrow morning. One thing i've completely forgotten to note about Goa is that the humidity is almost unbearable! Like, I'm constantly accumulating goop in my throat...

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Jul 2, 2006 - Panaji!

In Panaji now. It was actually REALLY hard to leave Palolem yesterday. I've decided that Goa is like a trap......I really only planned to stay there for maybe two days and it turned into nearly six! It was sort of like a vacation within a vacation. All of the hard things about India don't really exist here, which is, I GUESS, why it is tourist central. Very little pollution, virtually no beggars, jungle and vegetation still in it's original state, lots of open space, good hygienic food, and very few people trying to rip you off. After being...

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Jun 16, 2006 - Being interviewed on TV and stopped by the police in Goa

From Delhi it was then onto the train and down the coast to Goa. After the efficency of the trains in China it felt more like home when my train was an hour late setting off from Delhi. Arriving in Goa I expected (from what my guidebook had said) it to be pouring with rain but was nicely surprised to find the weather was excellent - nice and hot and sunny (got my suntan back after watching it fade in China). The monsoon according the locals hadn't yet started (and was very late this year as it usually starts at the end of May) and there...

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May 1, 2006 - Made it to India ...

Hello everyone We've made it to India, and are experiencing our first challenge - trying to get from Goa to Cochin when the train has to be booked two weeks in advance. We think we've found a way using a combination of a cheapish plane and a train that doesn't need two weeks notice. Fascinating country - no rats or mice spotted yet, but dogs everywhere, which surprised me a bit. We've had some great, um, fun being driven around so far. You definitely put your life in the hands of the taxi drivers here. I'm not sure why they bother with...

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Mar 25, 2006 - Goa, India

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2006. CALANGUTE, GOA, INDIA. I've plopped myself down at Veronica Guest House in South Calangute (Rs 600/night). Today I rented a Honda scooter (Rs 200/day ~$4.50) to sightsee Old Goa (the former Capital), Panjim (the current Capital), and Vagator Beach (north of Calangute). The movie, The Bourne Supremacy, begins in Goa with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) running down a stretch of Goan beach, wandering the markets, and, later, being pursued by an assassin. The movie did a good job of presenting Goa and helped promote tourism...

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Mar 15, 2006 - India - Palolem

Benaulim was okay but not fantastic so myself and the Finnish girls moved on to the idyllic (well it used to be anyway) resort of Palolem. This is more the stereotypical tropical beach with palmtrees and a sweeping curved beach. When I upload the photos you'll see what I mean. Anyway, beach, beer, food, Finnish girls (actually they seemed to desert me after a couple of days), you get the idea. Couldn't seem to get the hang of lying on the beach for hours - too damn hot. I did play a lot of beach cricket and eat a surprisingly large amount...

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Mar 13, 2006 - India - Benaulim

After a mere 31 hours on the train I finally made it to Margao in Goa. Even in the relative comfort of air-conditioned second class you start to go crazy and think about strangling your fellow inconsiderate passengers after a while. Or maybe that's just me. Having been surrounded by (the aforementioned inconsiderate) Indian busissmen I hooked up with four teenage Finnish girls from third class (it seemed like the honourable thing to do) and jumped in a taxi to the resort of Benaulim.

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Feb 25, 2006 - Goa

Goa is a small sate in india, tiny. but its known for one thing, its beaches. we came here for that reason. we have found a beach and our plan is to sit on it. thats it. thats our plan. the plan may involve the occasional walking down the beach, throwing of the frisbee or drinking a froo-frooey umbrella drink. but be sure all will be done without a shirt or shoes. im actually in the internet cafe right now without a shirt or shoes. i wreak of sunscreen and sweat and have sandy feet and its everything i hoped it could be. the beach we're...

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...pure religion

Feb 19, 2006 - Goa

GOA On Friday the 17th we (eventually) flew on Indian Airlines from Cochin to Goa on the South West Coast, after spending about an hour on board whilst they looked for an official in the Airport to sign their flight release documents....whilst the pilot announcements during that time were .... he will be coming soon.....we cannot find him anywhere...... I see him now ... now he is coming!!! The other feature of the flight was we scored a business class (sort of Rottnest Airways class at home) cabin, albeit free for all seating. Goa is a...

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Feb 12, 2006 - To Mumbai thence to Australia

One last big Indian Breakfast and the kitchen was bussing. Shot off the last roll of Polaroid film of the cooks and gave out photos. The aromas in that kitchen were enticing - they just flooded the senses and the blazing burners and colours of the food was just Goan. We slowly packed, paid the bills, read the books on Eco Tourism and my poetry book and Fernando drove us to the airport. We had along wait and I spent the last of our local currency on lunch a dry prawn curry which was really good- this must be the best airport food in the...

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Feb 5, 2006 - At Farmagudi Resort (for want of a better name) at Ponda in Goa

We breakfasted at 9.00 and Helen was up and feeling a lot better. Tiffany and Desiree returned and everyone was ready to get the cab at 11.00 am for the airport and Win and Di are off to Farmagudi Hill Resort near Ponda for a week. Just after breakfast we noticed a film crew were set up outside the hotel and discovered that a South Indian film crew were making a regional film. They had walls of reflectors, a cast of about 9, two lead actors-singers, umbrella men, whose job it was to keep the camera in the shade and the lead actor cool- not...

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