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Aug 7, 2015 - Sunshine Camp to Lenti!

Day 10..... Szentpéterfa to Janet's Sunshine Camp....15,000 steps...15 k Still wandering along between Hungary and Austria.......the border really goes back and forth. Apparently after the WWI Hungarians were asked if they wanted to stay part of Hungary. Some did some didn't so that is why the border looks like it does. There was a forecast of very hot weather so we all decided to walk half way.....about 15 kilometres. Only problem was that the group spread out and Crystall and I found ourselves lost...sort of. Luckily we had my iPad and...

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May 28, 2010 - Plattensee - Lake Balaton

Keszethely und Heviz am Plattensee Am Plattensee (oder Balaton, wie er auf ungarisch heisst), landeten wir am -in Oesterreich auch als "Meer der Wiener" bekannten- Erholungsgebiet. Wir waren mit Abstand die juengsten; vor allem in nahen Heviz Heilbad. Heviz ist einer der groessten europaeischen Thermalseen mit starkem Schwefelgehalt und etwas Radioaktivitaet, welcher sich durch den 40m unterirdisdch gelegenen Krater innert wenigen Tagen dank Wasseraustausch selbst erneuert. Am Plattensee machten wir 1 Bootsfahrt und genossen die entspannte...

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Aug 28, 2009 - Croatia bound

Since our last entry we continued along the Danube River to Vienna. The portion of the route between Passau and Vienna was by far the most beautiful! We rode right along the river and were surrounded by high hills covered in vineyards and orchards. Along the way we spent a day at the Mauthsusen concentration camp memorial -a very chilling and moving experience, in stark contrast to the beauty we seeing all around us. We made it to Vienna and enjoyed a couple of days of relaxing in the city of music, beautiful buildings and good food. We had...

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Aug 10, 2008 - Lake Balaton, Hungary

Tim -- Our last stop in Hungary was at the largest freshwater lake in Europe (Hungarians don't count Scandinavia as part of Europe). It's beautiful, it's warm, and it's strangely waist deep even 300 meters from the shore. Most importantly, Lake Balaton has beaches and good weather. Ravi and I spent most of our first afternoon relaxing by the lake and splashing around a bit in water that's pretty warm for a mountain lake. A little water, a little sun, and a great afternoon doing not much of anything important. After dinner, Ravi and I walked...

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Jun 23, 2007 - Wein to Keszthely, Hungary

Today we are making our way to Keszthely, Hungary where we are going to spend a week at a place where we will have our own kitchen so that we will be able to make our own meals and hopefully get some vegetables into our diet...The fist part of our trip was from Vienna to Gyor, Hungary where we had to change trains...the train station was under renovation and was a real treat...we found our platform and when the train arrived, there was mass confusion as people on the train got up to hang out the windows and have a smoke and so you had no...

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Sep 11, 2005 - Balatong area, HUNGARY

Drove off to the border of Hungary, driving along country lanes through acres of terraced grapevines- definitely a wine area. Stopped briefly at Jerusalem which is the centre of the wine area. Reached the border and after getting our passports stamped headed into the Hungarian countryside towards Lake balaton. It was sad to leave Slovenia as we loved every minute- the hospitality, food and wine, nice accommodation and fantastic scenery, plus good value for money. We noticed the change immediately in the Hungarian countryside- flat plains...

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Oct 27, 2004 - Heviz - thermal lake

Stopped by the quaint village of Heviz in order to try the thermal lake - an astonising crater lake with a milky blue/green surface. The water was about 26 degrees in the outdoors section, and 33 degrees in the enclosed undercover section. They say the water is supposed to be curative, and we certainly felt like we were in the movie 'Cocoon' - though I think that had more to do with the average age of the swimmer rather than the reviatlising effects of the water! Enjoyed a very nice Hungarian red here also. I know, I know, I always have to...

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