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Mar 19, 2010 - Trujillo

To Trujillo...forgot about Mennonite use of termites in Belize-here they live in nests in trees & Mennonites collect these, very excellent feed for chickens & totally organic! We lv 9:30 (actually, bus departed slooowly from sta at 8:45)-very sunny, clear and getting hot day! Huge ranches along the way-palm oil palms, bananas, & cattle (Dole and Chiquita banana trucks). This bus only goes to Tocoa (3 hrs) where we chg to next bus to El Trujillo arr at 3pm where taxis try to get us to pay 150l (should be 80l) to go to Casa Kiwi...ended up...

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Apr 7, 2007 - Into Honduras..

We've bussed it all the way to the Carribean coast of Honduras after overnighting in the rather drab Capital city. Being Easter we decided to skip the more popular dive destination of the Bay Islands and head for a little known island that an Italian guy briefly mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Chachaguate, a Garifuna island is in the Cayos Cochinos (Hog Keys), a small group of little islands off the Carribean coast of Honduras. The Garifuna were a group of disparate slaves that were evicted from St. Vincent by the English and have since...

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Jun 27, 2005 - Trujillo... charmant petit village sur la cote pacifique

Je reprends la route pour quelques etapes en Honduras, accompagnee de Dan. Luke est reste a Utila pour passer d'autres diplomes de plongee. Petit village ultra tranquille surplombant une tres jolie et qui a conserve quelques traces de la conquista espagnole. On loge dans une auberge Kiwi (New Zelandais quoi !) en bordure de mer avec sa petite plage privee ! Au programme plutot tranquille, promenade dans la campagne et la ville de Trujillo. Le lendemain, c'est l'anniversaire de papa !!!! Je l'appelle donc et m'apprete a lui chanter en...

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Lenalatina 2005

Apr 29, 2005 - Honduras - Trujillo

Meg Utilaban annyira felcsigazott egy pasas, hogy vegul elindultam felfedezni az egyik legeldugottab helyet Kozep-Amerikban, La Moskitia-t. Elvileg ez egy mini-Amazonas a legjobban megmaradt dus dzsungellel (esoerdovel) a kozepen. Sikerult beszerveznem ket hippi, nebancsvirag canadait akivel igy a hajoberlest meg tudtam osztani. De errol majd kesobb. Az elso allomas La Moskitia fele Trujillo. A varos nem nagy szam, de a varostol kb. 10 kilometerre a Casa Kiwi egy remekbeszabott hostel a kietlen tengerpart kellos kozepen. Tobb kilometerre...

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Sep 16, 2004 - Utilla

OK, I'm in Utilla, a carribean Island off the north coast of Honduras. It's an incredibly friendly place and doesn't seem to have the security problems that exist on the mainland. I just finished my first day of my Open Water diving. The first dive was just basic skills but then after we explored the reef a little. It's beautiful but no pictures of the reef I'm afraid.

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Jun 15, 2004 - Cayos Cochinos

Photos to come This remote group of island is the picture perfect island, except for the one we stayed on. THere are no public transport here and for that matter no people, except or the cay we stayed on. After meeting Craig in La Ceiba, we caught a bus to a tiny village of native people Nuevo Armenia and hire a man with a boat to take us across the ocean to these islands. We were very concerned when we saw the boat- but a dugout canoe with barely an inch to spare on the smooth water. Fortunately that ws just they guy who got us to the...

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