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Jun 11, 2005 - Northern Honduras

We celebrated our arrival in Placencia with a night out at the only bar (karaoke) in town with our new friends. Rob cleaned up the locals on the pool tables while I fended off some extremely friendly rastas. The next morning we caught the weekly speed boat to Puerto Cortes in Honduras. The 2.5 hour trip turned into a 5.5 hour trip because the driver had to pick his wife up in some little back water, and she was running just a tad (3 hours!) late! In the North East of Honduras, Puerto Cortes is the country's main port and it has all the...

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London the Long Way

Dec 12, 2004 - Honduras - La Entrada

Arrive in Honduras but too late to catch the last bus to Copan so we are stuck in a grubby little junction town. Still, the accomodation is cheap. Just walked down the road for something to eat and on the way back passed two evil looking guys sharpening thier three foot long machetes. I think we will stay in the hotel for the rest of the night.

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Jun 2, 2004 - Hijacked

Yo estuve viajando en Copan en bus, cuando el bus paro a recoger tres hombres. Dos hombres subieron con armas y uno disparo al hombre sentado en la primera silla. Luego un bandito vino hacia la gente y disparo a dos hombres mas quienes fueron despacio a recoger su dinero o a hablar con el bandito. El bandito re tomo cogio mi equipiaje con mi pasaporte y dos camaras y boleto de avion y otra cosas. Luego una otre hombre en el bus saco su arma y el bandido decidio salir. Luego una bandidos y el hombre comenzaro la batella con muchos disparos....

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