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Jan 20, 2007 - El Salvador

El Salvador Before last month we shared what was probably the typical image that Americans have of El Salvador....a poor, war-torn banana republic that was not a great place to visit. Our all-too-short five-day stay changed this impression quickly. Starting with the wonderful hospitality of Heriberto at the Barillas Marina we soon found El Salvador to be a land of friendly people who wanted to set aside their differences and forge a new future. The Republic of El Salvador is one of four Central American countries that has joined the...

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Nov 11, 2005 - San Salvador's 'blades of grass'

"I know what it feels like to be a blade of grass." That's what I said to Gary as we stepped off of the 30B bus in San Salvador. It was jammed with people, three deep in the aisle, hundreds of hands reaching for anything that was stable as the bus careened through the city streets. You know you're in the thick of it when you're relieved - no, happy - to be sandwiched between two people whose butts fit perfectly into the small of your back and your crotch. I have no idea how we got off - we were jammed near the front of the bus two blocks...

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Sep 12, 2005 - A weekend on the remote Isla El Tigre

After a weeks intense spanish lessons in Tegucigalpa, Caz, Mel, Rachel & myself decided to spend the weekend on the remote pacific island of Isla El Tigre in southern Honduras. Whilst waiting at the bus station in Teg we got chatting to an Austrian girl, Vanessa, who was also going there & so we decided to join forces. The journey consisted of a 3hr bus journey to San Lorenzo, then a 30 minute ride in the most sketchiest & smallest looking cab ive seen so far on my travels & finally followed by a 15-20 trip on a equally dodgy looking boat....

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Jun 29, 2004 - Choluteca, Honduras

We needed a place to stop over on the way to Nicaragua, so Choluteca was it. It is the largest city in the Southern Honduras and the fourth largest city in the country. It was getting late when we got there, so we didn't have time to do any exploration. Our hotel was nice, cheap and had secure parking, however, as we went out to look for something to eat, we found ourselves in a pretty shady neighborhood. There was no food to be found, many small dive bars with drunks spralled out in front, and macho males guarding the neighborhood streets....

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