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Jan 30, 2017 - Labadee

When a cruise ship stops in Labadee, it stops in Haiti, but you would never know it. This little spit of land has been leased by Royal Caribbean who has turned it into an idyllic beach experience. You could be anywhere tropical. Zip lines run from the coastal hillsides along the beach for about half a mile providing great views for the zippers and a background of their screams for sun bathers lallygaggling along the shore. You can rent a wave rider or go on a snorkeling trip. At noon the ship's crew lugs a giant BBQ lunch to shore so you...

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Dec 24, 2015 - Labadee Haiti

Royal Caribbean owns the small island of Labadee in Haiti and has turned it into a Day Destination Park for their ships. Several years ago it was just a couple of beaches with lawn chairs and a long zip line and a couple of small buildings with local artist crafts. You had to go ashore in small tender boats. Now it has a new pier to accommodate two ships at the same time, more than a dozen structures, and special well accommodated beaches for select passenger classes. It also has an extensive area of small artist/vendor booths and a couple...

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Dec 7, 2010 - beach redux

Back in Labadee, Haiti, only a few days after we were here on the last cruise. Even though it’s just a small spit of land, having a second day gave us a chance to thoroughly explore all the nooks and crannies that we missed last time cameras in hand. As we looked for interesting photographic possibilities, we kept getting in trouble. A Haitian policeman retrieved Ken after he hopped a barrier to get a better angle on the cruise ship. And I got thrown out of the dock area when I went under a chain to do the same. After that we stuck to the...

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Dec 3, 2010 - on the beach

One of the first places we cruised to in the early 1970‘s was Haiti. It was a beautiful, but desperately poor country then and is far more desperately poor now. Even then it was surprising how much better life was on the other half of the island of Hispaniola that Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. Certainly Haiti has had some bad luck at times; the recent earthquake is the most dramatic example of this, but our country has sent bazillions in aid over the last forty years and indulged in our favorite military maneuvers in an effort...

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Dec 15, 2009 - 3rd day on cruise

hey everybody it is my third day on this awesome cruise. The first day (boarding day) was so cool because i had never seen a ship that big and it is huge there was three ships in the port (Carnival, disney, and royal carribean) and ours is the biggest ship it has 15 stories. INSANE! The pools are really cool too, there are like 6 pools and ya. Our rooms are tiny (Sasha if you think your room is small you should look at this one). some other things that were/are really awesome was/is the royal promenade and pulling out of the port (the first...

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Dec 15, 2009 - Cruizin Day 3

Before Day 1 - Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) - We went to the KSC and we got to see so many rockets, really big ones, medium ones and small ones. Going to the KSC was really cool, because that you don't experience alot. We got to go in this simulator which gives you the feeling of taking off in a rocket...I was nervous at first, but it was really cool in the end. I got a space monkey as a souvenir, he's wearing a little space suit and I named him apollo because of the rockets named apollo that went on many trips to space. I learned that there...

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Jan 9, 2009 - Labadee, Haiti

Weather: Slight chance of showers (didn't happen), 77 degrees Labadee is Celebrity's private beach. They have added zip lining since we were here last and several of our friends did it. Andrew actually got stuck and had to be pulled to the end-they underestimated his weight. Since we have been there before, again we decided to stay on the ship and again, it was wonderful. Tonight was the last formal night. We closed Michael's Club for the 2nd time. Great place! Great fun!

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Nov 17, 2008 - Labadee an Island in Haiti

Today was our first Island stop. Labadee an island of Haiti. We sailed in by about 730.am- We were tendered so that meant we would be taken to the island by small boats. Howes boys had came to our room by 7-30 am as Deb and Damon were on the first Dragon flight (flying fox) at 8am. They had breakfast with us and then Deb. Wand Mon; and Sam, and all of us went to the island. It is an absolute tropical paradise. I have never seen anything so beautiful. As he got over there we made our way over to the large waterslide we had booked for the...

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Jan 29, 2008 - Cruise 2 Day 3 Labadee

We once again started our day with breakfast on the balcony. The temperature was balmy and we were on the shady side as we came into Labadee and dropped anchor. This is a private area on Haiti for Royal Caribbean, similar to what Princess Cays is for Princess. After a relaxing breakfast we gathered our things and headed off to deck 1 to catch a tender to shore. Here they have several larger tenders for the operation rather than using the ship's tenders (lifeboats). The weather was ideal and we wandered out to the point called Dragon's...

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