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Jun 27, 2015 - Day 2 - Antigua

I had a great night's sleep and woke up with hopes that my hands were looking better. They really weren't, but I felt that the pain wasn't as bad. The morning view out my window was awesome, although there is a lot of traffic noise from the road below. I had thoughts of trying to find a breakfast restaurant that I went to last time I was here. After a shower and dressing I went downstairs with Mike (to the living room/dining area) and we chatted about walking into town. Amanda was ready to get going at this point so as we left the...

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Apr 26, 2015 - Antigua

This morning starts with a trip to MacDonald's for breakfast and some coffee a ride on the metro systems gets me there about 10 blocks from the hotel and it is the closes place lol. The metro system takes one Quetzal coin equal to about .13 cents USD, even n a Sunday morning was a lot of people on it, and there is a bus every few minutes. A walk around the area then back to hotel room and some updates to my blog and a few pictures posted on Facebook finally got it working, lol. Packed my bags and off for the shuttle ride back to Antigua...

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Apr 19, 2015 - Antigua

Today is the last day of my trip with Intrepid Travel Group on the trip Mayan Encounter was a very good trip Starting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and ending 17 days later in Antigua, Guatemala. Today was a easy day just walking around the city of Antigua, going to a nice breakfast buffet, picking up my chocolate from the Chocolate store mmmm good, lol, working on my travel blog wow I am now up to date, lots of pictures hope you don't get bored looking at them, Went to a great steakhouse for dinner very good a couple Gallo beers and a big...

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Apr 18, 2015 - Back to Antigua

Up a little early to do some more work on my blog almost up to date on it, lol, some breakfast at the hotel not great but okay, didn't want to walk into town as it was raining, packed my bags and down stairs to meet the rest of the group for our last bus ride, back to Antigua leaving at 10:00 for a 2 1/2 hour trip back, got to hotel checked into our rooms then off for a tour of the chocolate store, great had chocolate to drink and then we made some chocolate candy for our self's great fun. Back to hotel checked emails a bit of downtime...

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Apr 15, 2015 - heading to Antigua

This morning after breakfast we head back to the boat dock to get our bus for a very long 7 hour trip to Antigua, leaving the hotel a 8:00 we get to our hotel in Antigua around 4:00, get checked in then out for a walk about the city, some dinner and bed was a long day sitting on the bus.

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Jan 31, 2015 - Sat 31 Jan - Mon2 February in Antigua

Saturday Saw some of the group off to their various destinations and sat in the hotel's lovely gardens in the sun till midday reading up on the history before I finally put my Guatemalan guide book in the case. Then went off into the centre to check out travel agents and successfully booked a cheap and effective way to get me to Puerto Barrios for Tuesday. They were so helpful, they also phoned ahead to my hotel to see if they could change the booking and also booked me a taxi pickup. With that now settled, I found a recommended bagel cafe...

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Jan 30, 2015 - 29-30 Jan to Antigua de Guatemala

29 Jan - a fairly long drive to Antigua but broken up by stops. on the way. First, for me, was to the pharmacist to spend £13 on a bottle of cough syrup and 10 paracetymol - they need to be good at that price. We had returned to Chichicastenango for the colourful market but I just browsed on or two lanes of stalls and went t's sleep the very posh hotel for a strong coffee. We stopped for lunch (chocolate with rum for me) before stopping further on at a small Mayan site - one of the most recent. I was not well enough to visit and enjoyed a...

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Oct 31, 2014 - Day 14 - Class Day 9 Friday

Wow! What an amazing day. We had 26 people present in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. All presentations were caught on video which will be a blessing to our teammates who left after the first week - although I have a feeling that some will be hard to hear since they were so soft spoken. I was witness to two of my favorite students accepting Jesus as their savior tonight, joining Jesus' church family, and having the promise of eternal life. It was an amazing experience with Karol and Michele. Karol led the prayer and at the final AMEN...

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Oct 30, 2014 - Day 13 - Class Day 8 Thursday

Last day of class before student presentations. The younger students were restless and the older students (or those that were really in to learning) wanted to soak in as much as possible. For those with waning attentions I played games or had them draw pictures. Diego even sang a round of head, eyes, shoulders, knees, and toes on his own. He is such a little cutie. We had an empty class in the morning due to no shows, so every one got a break to help Art out on some chores he wanted to get done around the grounds. Trimming bougainvillea...

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Oct 29, 2014 - Day 12 - Class Day 7 Wednesday

Kathie - The pastor's conference is going to start next Monday, and there is a lot of activities to spiff up the hacienda such as painting and repairs. I had noticed that the front circle entrance to the hacienda was quite overgrown with weeds in between the flowers so I thought I could be put to good use since gardening is one of my passions, as well as good therapy. I started weeding in the inner circle and realized what a big job it was going to be. Estaban, the gardener, is about 90 years old (I may be exaggerating) but he takes care of...

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Oct 26, 2014 - Day 9 - Church and Antigua Sunday

Kathie - This is going to be a beautiful day. The grounds here are absolutely beautiful and I had a chance to stroll around the property this morning after my devotions. The gardens are well manicured by an elderly gardener who is here every day and you can tell that he cares for his gardens. It’s a lot of work for one person to keep up with. I am getting some ideas for what I can do with my gardens and will need to take some pictures. There are so many places where one can sit and just reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and be at...

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Oct 25, 2014 - Day 8 - Day Off Saturday

Kathie - Saturday! Our day of restoration. The week went so fast but it was chock full of activity every moment. It was nice to wake up this morning and just take my time putzing around the room. It's a bit empty now that Dayna and Lydia are gone. I woke up to a stomach ache and thought that it should be time for my roomies to be getting up so I checked my watch - 3:18am. Dayna heard the flashlight so she was already awake. They were looking forward to going home, but sad that they were leaving. I will miss their smiling faces. Around 7am I...

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