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Jul 20, 2011 - Greece

trip to Laganas on the island Zakynthos in Greece a very wild place, many teen-agers go there to "get drunk and get laid": a party place "similar" to ibiza but at a very low level beach: water clean and warm, but sand not nice because of the grey-brown color greek food: i loved it, especially the feta cheese and "meat on a stick" called souvlaki party: very low level, people very drunk, alcohol very dangerous (can contain production alcohol: ethanol) except for beer the nicest thing: trip to the shipwreck beach, water very clean and cold,...

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Aug 19, 2010 - Zakynthos, Greece

Thursday August 19 - Zakynthos, Greece - Zakynthos is a fairly new port of call. It’s also quite new in the sense that it was 90 % destroyed in 1953 by an earthquake and then a resulting fire. There were only a handful of buildings that survived and that was because they were built of concrete. The city has rebuilt itself and is now a great tourist destination. The people are very friendly. It is a very pretty island with lots of vegetation, quite different from the arid islands we have just previously visited. We took a brief tour of the...

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Jun 3, 2006 - Is this pool half empty or half full?

Our waterfront hotel in Zakynthos Town promised Internet, a rooftop swimming pool, and views. The fact that we only received one out of three was becoming a disturbingly familiar occurrence in Greece. The Internet was non-existent and the swimming pool as empty as a Greek pop ballad. The views of the harbour, though, were stunning, however, there was a huge international ferry sitting at a precarious angle in its mooring on the quay. There was something profoundly sad about the fact that such a vessel that transported happy holidays makers...

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Oct 8, 2004 - remainder of entries from the island of Zankythos

9-29-04 I have learned a lot about the way the English speak, new phrases, different words, different meaning. I have also learned much about biases and differences in culture in Europe. It is also funny to be around second language English speakers for long periods of time because when I say a phrase like "That food's not bad" I mean a certain thing, but a German speaker may understand it to mean something completely different and it often makes no sense at all. If you think about the phrase, it is pretty funny when you don't understand...

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