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May 29, 2014 - Three Fingers

It is now Wednesday 28th May and more than a week has passed since I last posted - I think that is what bloggers say!  We have travelled far since then and have just passed the 1000 kilometer mark! Unlike our previous cycling trips, when travelling around the Peloponnese horizontal distances are not the only measure,  vertical distances are of equal importance. Sadly, or perhaps luckily, my bike computer has no idea how far up or down it has gone - something though that Sue and I are well aware of. We certainly have not cycled in such...

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Oct 2, 2011 - Mani Peninsula

We just spent 2 nights in the small town of Kardamyli, which is in a remote corner of the Pelopense called the Mani peninsula. This is the type of place most tourists don't ever see, small town, rural Greece. It's an area whose population continues to shrink as people move to to larger towns and cities. The town is pretty small and doesn't have sandy beaches, big resorts or any tourist attractions other than the rugged countryside which surrounds it. The hills are sprinkled with very old, small towns with crumbing stone buildings and black...

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Greece & Turkey 2011

May 9, 2011 - Rund Peloponnes: Teil 1

Preveza – Ambrakischer-Golf - Lefkas Am 9.5. beginnt die Segelsaison mit der kurzen Fahrt an den Stadtquai in Preveza. Dort hole ich die hinterlegten Schiffspapiere beim Zoll ab und bezahle die aufgelaufenen Gebühren beim Tax-Office. Die ersten Tage verbringe ich alleine im Ambrakischen-Golf, wo ich mich wieder ans Schiffsleben gewöhnen kann. Der Ambrakische Golf ist ein schönes und geschütz-tes „Binnenrevier“ mit thermischen Winden am Nachmittag. Am 13.5. verlasse ich den Golf und segle nach Lefkas wo ich in der Marina meinen ersten...

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Feb 24, 2011 - Kalamata - Feb 23-24

February 23, 2011 Our hotel hopping tour of the Peloponnese continued today as we left Nafplio and headed towards Kalamata. Before we left Nafplio we drove up to the Palamidi Castle which overlooks the town and which we hadn’t had a chance to visit properly in the afternoons because of the rain. We decided not to look around the fort itself but from the top of the hill we saw the town clearly spread out beneath us with the harbour and Bourtzi Fort at the edge. Before we got to Kalamata we were planning to stop at the ruins at Mycenae,...

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Nov 3, 2010 - A week at the beach

So, three weeks in Greece to look forward to. The sun is shining, the temperatures are in the low twenties, the sea is warm. First things first: a week at the beach for a rest. (A rest? I know, I can hear you laughing from here.) Some time to get all the washing done, clean and polish the van, do some research for the next leg, get some much needed exercise, etc etc. We drove down the west coast of the Peleponnese from Olympia to a small town called Finikunda where we've found a good site right directly on this glorious beach. (I say we...

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Jun 5, 2006 - Greece

We LOVE the Peloponnese. We spent five weeks exploring the area. We drove down to Ancona, Italy and took a ferry to Patra, Greece. We were told to be at the ferry 2 hours early; I think we were there 4 hours early. We've never been on a ferry before and we don't speak Italian. The man on the dock pointed for us to go on and on we drove, the first ones on. Another man motioned to go to the end and to the end we went. Then, another man started shouting something. We finally figured out we were to take a left and go up this ramp. We finally...

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Apr 23, 2006 - Napflio 3 - Easter Celebrations

When we originally booked this trip, Jay and I did not bother to look at a European calendar and did not realize that our first weekend in Greece would be Orthodox Easter. We were so lucky to have a room reserved. Nafplio seems to be the place where the Italian And Greek Families come to celebrate. The town is packed full to the brim and I think we are the only Americans. It is hard to describe Nafplio except that it is like Disneyland on steroids...in a good way. The streets are spotless, we have seen two bugs in the entire town and the...

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Apr 22, 2006 - Napflio 2 - 999 steps...ouch

Sorry to all who have been keeping track of our progress through Europe, but due to the Orthodox Easter Holiday and traveling we have been unable to update the blog until now. So I hope you have your reading glasses ready. Nafplio Castle OK..Jay won on this one. He somehow convinced me to climb 999 old marble steps to the top of the Nafplio Castle. The weather was great and the start of the steps are just a few yards away from our Pension. We began the climb and at every switchback we were rewarded with amazing sights and views. The water...

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Nov 18, 2005 - The Golden Apple

It is a fact of mythological history that Artemis was not awarded the Golden Apple by Paris(talk about another ancient needing psych meds). Athena, Aphrodite, and Artemis competed for the apple and Paris foolishly awarded it to Aphrodite, thus setting in motion the whole Helen, Menelaios, Paris, Trojan War thingy. If you think that Artemis took this loss with Olypian equanimity, you just don't know Artemis. Anyway, Paris went up to the Palace (at Pellana) and, under the protection of Greek hospitality, lured away the wife of the king. The...

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Nov 6, 2005 - Ring around Taigetos

Divine Liturgy at the Sparti Metropoli, visit to the lower gate at Mystras, traversed the Langada pass (mostly with my eyes closed), descended into Kalamata with our first sighting of the Mediterranean Sea, climbed up to Kardamili in the Messenian Mani, followed the cliff road south to Areopoli, then crossed over the Mani peninsula to Gethion, and returned to Sparti just at sunset. There must be something in the water here. Sincere beauty. Ison at the Sparti Metropoli was bone vibrating, prayed for restoration of Mummy's eyesite to unknown...

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Jul 20, 2005 - kalamata

hay hows it? in kalamata now not much here to look at. went to a folklore museum (looks at every day life not supersition!!) was all in greek, but two of the ladys that work there gave me a guided tour, in broken english, but it was all good steve arrives sat morn, flight comes in around bout 5.30am. its very muggy here in greece. greece has a very run down look about it. everywhere there are half finished houses. whether they are going up or coming down im not certain thats how bad they look. off to mystras(sparta) tomorrow anyway see you...

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Mar 25, 2005 - Kalamata

After arriving in Patras and enjoying some local cuisine, we caught a train to Pyrgos and then a bus to Kalamata. Within an hour we realised that we would enjoy our stay in Greece. We had dinner for no more than AUD$2 each (the best Souvlaki) and our very central and suitable hotel was a bargain! It was also good to see some english television to cap the night off.

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