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Jul 7, 2011 - Boat and Greek island life

The next four days were spent gently sailing from island to island. We tended to stay in quiet anchorages at night, visiting towns and harbours for lunches. We recorded our detailed itinerary in our "Ionian Cruising Guide" that we had ordered from Amazon.fr months ago. (We had kept that book hidden though from the kids until we got on the boat.) Shortly after we departed we loaded "I'm on a boat" into the stereo and much hilarity ensued. It kind of set the tone we all felt for the rest of the trip. I think we all said at one point "I can't...

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Sep 30, 2010 - Corfu, Greece

Well last night we took up the invitation to dine at the ships ‘fine dining’ restaurant and we were not disappointed. The staff look after us very professionally and were attentive to all our requests. After dinner Bailey went to kids club for a little while to play Bingo. Zoe went back to the room to do her ‘homework’ (Not!), while Melisa & Paul went to the Piano bar for a cocktail before collecting Bailey later in the evening. This morning we had a bit of a sleep in before breakfast. We don’t arrive in Corfu until later in the day. We...

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Sep 11, 2010 - Corfu, the final hours

I listened to quite a bit of Steig Larsson this afternoon, so today’s entry goes like this: Kelly Lang awoke at 8:30am on the Saturday of his departure and glanced at the shiny silver hands on his watch in disapproval. The 8:25am alarm that had apparently not sounded and since his Blackberry had inexplicably stopped working a week earlier he was a little concerned about his ability to wake up on time for future endeavors. The hotel required a 9am checkout and he was quite confident that the “hidden fee hostel” would love nothing more than...

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Sep 10, 2010 - Raindrops

We had to make a stop in the heart of Corfu town today so that Dan could make a new key for the scooter, but it ended up being a nice little trip. I bought some grilled corn on the cob from a homely looking street vendor and it was some kind of wonderful. After asking about 6 people, we finally found the key place and 30 seconds later our errand was complete. That left plenty of time to walk the streets and snoop around. As we got hungry a quaint little bakery caught our eye. Soon after we stuffed our faces with baked ham and cheese...

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Sep 9, 2010 - The two A's

Aqualand and Absinthe. That's right. Water parks can be fun . . . that is unless you lose the scooter key on the first slide. That was the lesson Dan discovered today as we headed to Aqualand for a day of fun in the sun and glides on the slides (lame). The place turned out to be more of a kid’s place and you can trust me on that because I explored the grounds for a good two hours while Dan took my scooter back to the rental place to get the spare key for his. By the end of the day, I had ridden the “Extreme Adventure” slides about 13 times...

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Sep 8, 2010 - Such great heights

I am somewhat un-phased by early mornings now and it’s a good thing because this morning we awoke at 3:25am after a meager 4.5 hours of sleep. Our focus? 1. Catch an overpriced taxi to the bus stop 2. Catch an overly slow bus to the airport 3. Catch a reasonably priced plane to bigger and better things. Namely a magnificent Greek island called Corfu. Our home for the next three days was to be the notorious and world famous Pink Palace. At its best it was a stage for some of the raunchiest adolescent sesxcapades imaginable and at its worst...

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Sep 3, 2010 - Corfu

Before this trip, I had no idea what to expect of Corfu. I didn't know what it fully had to offer, what to do, or what to expect at all. Corfu looks very similar style wise to Venice (minus the canals of course) due to its heavy influence. There are very little newer buildings in place and most of them are falling apart. Amanda and I decided to go to the old city to explore for part of the day. We ended up buying a ticket that let us in there, to the Asian art museum, and to two other archaeological museums which we never ended up finding....

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Aug 22, 2010 - Corfu, Greece & Saranda, Albania

This morning we arrived on the island of Corfu in Greece. Lisa decided to go explore on her own while I joined a tour to Albania. It’s only about an hour by hydrafoil to the resort town of Saranda. We were met by a local guide who took us further down the coast to Butrint National Park. The park is home to archeological ruins and stunning views. We had lunch at an old castle before catching the ferry back to Corfu. It was an exhausting trip but it’s not every day you get a chance to visit Albania!

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Mediterranean Cruise

Aug 21, 2010 - Corfu, Greece

Saturday, August 21 - Corfu, Greece - Today we elected to take the 7 hour ‘Hidden Villages of Korkyra by 4WD Vehicle excursion. The manual transmission mini-jeeps were challenging, plus the driving and operating skills of some of the others in the group were questionable. We did however make it up the first long hill climb to a lovely village called Sokraki but we did meet a few challenges along the way such as meeting other traffic head on via narrow village lanes that would only accommodate the width of one vehicle. Hummm. The challenge...

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Oct 21, 2009 - Corfu, Greece

Our vision of "Greece" - whitewashed buildings with blue trim, gleaming in the sunshine on the hillside - was different from the reality of Corfu Town - a port city with buildings of many hues and narrow, congested, pot-holed streets. We arrived in sunshine, but unfortunately we were just in time for the first bad weather of the season; grey skies and thunderstorms. Our guide books had warned us that hotels were expensive for what you got in Corfu Town, but we dragged our bags to numerous places and Jerri used her tough negotiation skills...

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Sep 15, 2009 - Corfu

Took a bus up a very steep hill to the town of Corfu (Kerkyra) and wandered through the streets which had a very Venetian style to it - narrow alleys and two story old stone buildings - had a lovely time looking at the shops as they are very quaint and have a market tinge to them. Another ride in the bus to Paleokastritza which is on the other side of the island and so we were able to see the outer parts of the country - lots of two storey homes some neglected others with that 'mediterranean' look that l love. We have noticed that the...

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Sep 11, 2009 - Berlin to Corfu, Greece (update)

FER: Ok so we'll try and catch you up cause we're on a time crunch Since the last time we wrote we left Berlin on a very long journey to Corfu, Greece. It was roughly 36 hours and it included stops in Munic for a night and Venice to transfer from the train to the Ferry. Here we go, so i've done all the hostel bookings up til Berlin and the morning we were leaving Berlin for Munic I decided to let Caro book it. What could possible go wrong... The train ride to Munic was awesome in regards to the scenery, but we'll show you those pics when...

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