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Sep 3, 2006 - Rhodes

To my relief the 1 hour flight to Rhodes was pretty smooth and uneventful. However, once we landed and saw the size of Rhodes airport we knew things weren't going to run quite so smoothly there. Everyone seemed to be disembarking planes at the same time. The luggage carousels were jam-packed with people. It was another hour before we managed to get our baggage and were ready to try and find our way to Rhodes city. A woman approached me selling the rooms in her hotel. They weren't in Rhodes City, but were at some touristy resort halfway down...

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Sep 13, 2005 - From Athens to Rhodes Island(Greece) to Turkey-Marmarıs

WOW!!! We caught a plane from Athens to the Island of Rhodes (went there on my contıkı cruıse) and from there we caught a ferry across to Turkey. So now we are ın a lıttle town called Marmarıs we found a hotel for a couple of nıghts stay. We spent 2 days and nıghts here and on the 1st day gave mum and orange blossom coctaıl and after that got a kıck out of her beıng so pıssed that she couldnt walk and would not stop gıgglıng....Keıth was the sturdy one that held her up all the way to the closest park bench - a job well done under dıffıcult...

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