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Aug 14, 2006 - Out of Cairo and into Greece

We went to the bank this morning but after they found about 10 other cards stuck in the machine, Mum's was no where to be found. Not comforting at all but the staff at the bank went above and beyond in customer service. They kept us informed of the progress...or lack of...but in the end, no luck. We have to make sure we get it cancelled ASAP. We went to the Cairo Museum and after checking our bag and cameras (you are not allowed to take them in with you so no pictures sorry), we spent a couple of hours looking at all the Mummies, jewellery,...

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Aug 10, 2006 - Part 3

Well again the plans have kinda, sorta, not totally, but a little...changed lol...well we left Rome and took a flight to Athens Greece...we WERE gonna go the the island of Mykonos...but we went to one of travel agents there in the airport and he so kindly told us that all the places in Mykonos were booked solid until the end of August...so he was gonna try and get us on the island of Santorini but after standing there for about 30 minutes or so while this poor guy tried to find something for us there we decided that it may just be easier to...

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Aug 5, 2006 - Athens Hosts the Big 30

It was the four girls off to Athens: myself, my sister Kari, my friend Lynn from Edinburgh and my friend from back home, Tara. What an amazing group of women to spend my 30th birthday with. The plan was a few days in Athens, then off on a four day cruise to some of the Greek Islands and one stop in Turkey. This was my first time in Greece so I was very excited but a bit nervous about the sorching August heat. We arrived late in Athens so it was straight to bed for an early rise the next day. The first day had us touring around the centre of...

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Aug 3, 2006 - Athens

Hello again friends. I'm sorry for the hiatus but I have been all over the place and traveling for days straight. Greece had been one of my "must do's" before I came but I didn't realize exactly how far it was. I'd been in Rome for four nights and didn't have much of a plan where to go to next. I started to look at the countries I had left before my brother arrives in late August and I determined that I did have enough time to go to Athens, so what the hell! I went for it. To get to Athens, you first have to take a train from Rome to one of...

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Jul 21, 2006 - Athens-Rome

Due to our ferry being cancelled and our guide being useless, we rebooked and were put on the 8hr ferry from Ios to Athens from 8:30pm - 5:15am. Not to impressed when our guide changed everyone elses and managed to get them on the 3hr ferry in the middle of the day. After spending a day in the sun, finally getting on the ferry and blowing up our lilos, well Mel got a little sick so after blowing up mine I offered to do hers to which made me sick as well. Our only relief was trying to get some sleep on the park bench type seats we managed to...

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Jul 13, 2006 - Athens

We arrived late in Athens due to the 3hr bus ride from the port to the city, then managed to get lost. We finally arrived at our hostel at around 10:30pm, had some dinner, met the girls in our dorm, two English girls Els and Lulu (who are also going to Mykonos). To our shock Els had gotten bed bugs from the bed she had used in our dorm the night before. It was 28 degrees in there with no windows and the thought of bed bugs kept us awake pretty much all night thinking we were itchy! Gladly in the morning when we woke (at 5am) we hadn't been...

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Jul 12, 2006 - Welcome to Hell (as)

Five days in Athens. Less than a week since I left Mokra Gora, through Uzice, to Belgrade, and here. I'm disoriented. The scale of this place is bewildering. People crawling over sidewalks like cockroaches day and night, brilliant light, baking heat with no humidity boiling you from the inside. Fitting, then, that the hotel I'm in is called La Mirage. It's in Omonia Square, where all main arteries confusingly meet, right in the middle of everything...junkies, touts, hoards of schoolkids on vacation. Coffee will set you back $4.50 here,...

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Jul 6, 2006 - To Greece

We woke up and made the 2 second drive to the Peugeot return centre at Terminal 3 and returned the car. It was a tough saying goodbye to our Peugeot 207....aka the Sweetness. We put 9521 Km on that car. It was such a great car. We will truley miss it. It was the newest car either one of us has driven. The Peugeot centre gave us a free shuttle to terminal 2, and then to terminal 1 after some initial confusion. We stood in line for nearly 45 minutes just trying to check in our luggage. After we went through security we then boarded our...

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Jun 29, 2006 - Athens

Well we couldn't leave Greece without seeing the Acropolis. With 1 overnight ferry out of the way, we were able to stop in Athens before continuing on our mad 3 overnights in a row up to Austria. And with not really caring to see the rest of the city, our 4 hours in Athens was enough to get in all the good sights in one whirlwind tour.

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Jun 21, 2006 - Athens, home of the Gyros!

Daniel here, I have spent the last couple of days taking in the sights of Athens and munching on the local Greek cuisine, mostly the "Gyros", made exactly how late night kebabs should be, plenty of meat and sauce. After resting up I decided to take on the heat and see the sights. First on the list was the must see Acropolis. Perched high on a hill overlooking the city it is impossible to miss, and I spent a couple of hours marvelling at the buildings (even though it was covered in scaffolding) and trying to imagine how anyone could build...

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Jun 16, 2006 - Athens and the Islands - Greece

Large mountainous islands with unique white buildings and crystal clear water is the picture of the Greek Islands I have had in my mind for so long. I'm sure this picture is a very common one for those who haven't been there...however mine is somewhat uncommon as it's thanks to a number of picture portraits hung up around our dinner table at home. At times I can recall myself looking up at them thinking, "Gee that looks good, might go there one day". Well go there I did and the two Islands of Mykonos and Ios plus the countless visible from...

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Jun 11, 2006 - Athens, Greece

We took the Pink Palace bus to Athens, starting at 9 p.m. and going until 7 am. It was not fun. Nevermind the uncomfortable seats, you need to wake up every hour or so to get on a ferry, and then when it is finally time for the longest stretch of driving the driver decides to play a horrible Sly Stallone movie, that you can't totally watch because the screen loses tracking and the volume jumps a few decibels at every bump in the road. Once the movies over, watch out, its time for the dance music to begin. Anyway we got in early and decided...

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