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Jul 10, 2005 - athens at last

after a 6 hour ferry ride and a 3 hour bus ride we arrived in athens. lucky for us a taxi driver approached us and offered to take us to our hotel for a good price. it was pasted midnight and we were in ni miod to trmp across the city and find our way. our hotel is one of the better ones with a view of the acropolis. we quickly fell asleep looking forward to our next day. yesterday we had breakfast in the hotel (a piece of bread and tea!) then we were off to see the ruins. first we wandered through an incredible strip of stores. unlike the...

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Jul 7, 2005 - Ferry to Patras and onto Athens

Sunny and warm. Late breakfast this morning and and a lazy morning on the ferry. We disembarked at 1.30 p.m. On to Athens by coach with a short stop at Corinthe for lunch. This is where the canal joins the Ionian Sea with the Aegean Sea. The canal is 24 metres wide. We were fortunate to see a cargo ship going through. The Corinthian columns that we know come from here. We passed olive groves, and cotton. One third of the population are primary producers. As we came closer to Athens we noted many houses that appear unfinished but were told...

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Jul 6, 2005 - Day 52-53 Cesme to Athens

Ferries and Trains to a nice airport hotel. A relaxing day around Cesme and then a short trip to Chios Followed by a long overnight ferry back to Pireaus. We were very excited to be leaving and starting a new part of our journey, we will never forget our time in Turkey or the people we met. Leaving Cesme you really get a feeling of the country we will miss, beautiful scenery, nice beaches, and ruins everywhere. History just everywhere, and of course my favorite joke from Turkey What is the difference between Yogurt and Americans. Yogurt...

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Jun 24, 2005 - Athens Arrival

Wow, it really is suprising me how much Athens reminds me of New York. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it's because Athens doesn't have that charming, quaint look that other European cities I have been to have. Also, I think it's because I have gotten dripped on by air conditioner junk about 10 times walking today and that reminds me of New York. I was prepared for the worst though because I have been told that Athens is crowded, dirty, and not all that nice. It's not really that bad - just doesnt have the European charm, or atleast I...

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The Global Kazzy

Jun 22, 2005 - Athina

Everyone talks such smack about Athens, but it ain't THAT bad. Granted, I'd rather live in Toledo, but its not nearly as bad as everyone says. In fact, I had a pleasant enough time, which is the upside of lower-than-a-rattler's belly expectations. It helped that I stumbled into Music Day, a very cool, free music festival around the corner from my hotel. Spent both nights there, but the music was markedly better the first night with a couple of funky French bands setting the tone. On my one full day there, I did the requisite schlep up the...

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Jun 21, 2005 - Athens (Pireaus) Greece

Athens or Piraeus (the port) was our port of call for today. The alarm went off at 6:00am as we were to dock and be able to leave at 7:00am. We got a late piece of toast or a very light breakfast. We were to meet Barbara at Guest Relations at 7:20am. We waited till 7:30am and when they did not show, went to the gangway. The departure was late and we did not leave until about 7:45am. We left through the terminal and went to where the cabs were located. We looked for our driver, he was not there. We waited and tried to formulate a plan for...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Zagreb to Athens

After a wonderful time in Croatia, we left the Zagreb airport for Athens, stopping in Milan for a brief layover. We reached Athens at about 8PM, and spent a couple hours navigating the bus/metro system to get to our hotel. It was late, and the hotel had no good recommendations for food, so we caved for the first time and went to that famous American restaurant..... McDonald's! We tried to be local, though, and had the MacPitas.... a very poor attempt at Greek fast food.

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Jun 12, 2005 - Greek Gods Didn't Shine On Us - Too Much Time with Budda

Wow! That is the understatement of the year when trying to describe the beauty of Greece. We have finally returned to the first world and are just about dead from the sticker shock. We've had it sooo good for so long in terms of the prices that we've been paying that even though Greece is affordable by US standards, it feels like we're shopping on Rodeo Drive when we go to the grocery store. Enough complaining. In an effort to try and catch up with the website a bit, I'll just include all of our destinations up through Athens (thus not...

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Jun 11, 2005 - Athens Playboys

Finally managed to get ourselves united with the better half her in Athens sometime around 1am. In the course of 2 days we saw the like of 3000 years of history and still had time to throw a few beers back. The language barrier is a little more than expected, and unfortunely our 6 week tutorial of the Greek alaphbet during pledging was not quite comprehensive enough, the lack of vowels and presence of Delta Omega Tau without a vowel is tough to get your hands around - its all greek to us. Despite our already high expectations, the nightlife...

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Jun 4, 2005 - To Athens

Today DJ and I were eager to get on to our last destination, Athens. We thought we might take the slow train into Athens since they have more legroom than the busses, plus the train would put us closer to the city center when we arrived. Naflpion has a brand new train station, so we went there and there were a couple of people waiting. Looking at the handwritten sign for when the trains leave, it looked like there was one to Athens at noon, but the ticket office wasn't open. We waited a bit, then DJ asked a woman sitting there and she said...

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May 28, 2005 - Athens, Greece

We arrived by ferry into the port of Pireus and this was the first place no one was there to offer us a room to stay. So we took the metro into the city and walked around till we found a place. That done by 9:00 am we changed and went to the Acropolis. Which was a quick walk because we are staying at the base of it. Janet's first visit, she thought it was great and so did I but the cranes are still here that were here 6 years ago still working on the restoration. I'm not sure it took that long to build in the first place. Next was off to...

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May 20, 2005 - Day 2-4 Athens, Greece

Hello, again Since May 15th we have been very busy with the beginning of our trip. We have now spent 27 hours flying and just a few hours sleeping, well that is until we finally hit Athens, Greece. Muffy and I both hit the sack at 9:30 a half hour after checking into our hotel. (of course we had a quick shower) On the 19th we woke up just in time for the hotels breakfast, fueled up with about four cups of coffee each, and then out exploring we went, sans guidebook (My style not Muffy's) She was very happy though we got lost in some...

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