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May 20, 2005 - Day 2-4 Athens, Greece

Hello, again Since May 15th we have been very busy with the beginning of our trip. We have now spent 27 hours flying and just a few hours sleeping, well that is until we finally hit Athens, Greece. Muffy and I both hit the sack at 9:30 a half hour after checking into our hotel. (of course we had a quick shower) On the 19th we woke up just in time for the hotels breakfast, fueled up with about four cups of coffee each, and then out exploring we went, sans guidebook (My style not Muffy's) She was very happy though we got lost in some...

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May 6, 2005 - Athens

Well, after being a few weeks lapse in travelling and just staying in Prague, it was off to Greece for a week with Steven and Dave. We left for the airport at 11:00am for our 1:00pm flight to Athens, but it ended up being delayed for over an hour (typical Greeks! :-) We arrived in Athens at around 6:30 and set out to find a hostel. Unfortunately, we found out that the one we were looking for now longer exists! So we spent the next couple hours wandering around Athens looking for a place to stay and getting accosted by travel agents trying...

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May 3, 2005 - Athens

We took a quick flight from Santorini to Athens for a brief look at this famous city. Unfortunately Athens is just a whistle stop on our itinerary. Findng the Acropolis was our first challenge, more difficult than one would think. The streets are so tiny that all we can see is that we need to go up. (Not kidding here - we had to ask "Which way to the Acropolis?") It was Greek Easter Monday in Athens and the whole city was one big hangover. No cars, no shops open, only tourists on the street, like the last surivivors of a train wreck. And...

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Apr 28, 2005 - Finally in Greece

Well after one hell of a long flight and a 3 hour lat over in Milan I finally arrived in Greece. I managed to get on the right bus for an hour or so and am now just outside of athens. WOW love those european women:) I can not believe that all my maps are written in english and all the road signs are in greek, not even close to each other but I managed to find my hotel with a nice walk, I will be needing those blister bandages tonight though. I have never seen so many cars everywhere in my life, I feel like a rat in a mze with a 100 pound...

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Apr 26, 2005 - Athens

We took the fast ferry from Santorini to Athens yesterday. The ferry was great, very stable ride and comfy seats. For the first time on the trip we were truly sad to leave someplace. All of our other stops we were itching to pack up and head to the next destination. Santorini is someplace that we could have stayed for at least a week. It was so peaceful to just sit and stare out at boats going by. This has definatly been a highlight of our trip. The Athens subway is great and we managed to find our hotel without to much trouble. For the...

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Apr 16, 2005 - Athens Again

We got up early today, about 11am. Lol. Made our way by bus down to the port and had lunch in a cafe by the port. Our ferry arrived and we where heading back to Athens (this time on a superfast ferry (hydrofoil) so a lot smoother and quicker). At 5.30pm we where back in Athens, we had a couple of ideas of what to do. We wanted to be in Thesoloniki in the next night. The train goes there but there are two sights away from the train line we want to see. Hire a car was the answer. We got a good price 32 euros, but they wanted to charge us 104...

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Apr 16, 2005 - Santorini and Athens

Hi all, We are now safe in Athens and went to the Acropolis and Parthanon today. That's the last time I go to a night club in Greece, We have more pictures to throw on. The lion pictures are from Cairo, but the rest are new. We are staying in a Hostel in Athens which is interesting. You meet alot of people and we have met alot of great people on the trip so far. Am heading to Italy in 2-3 days. To Naples first and then Roma depending on accommodation and what happens with the new pope. Love to all The travelling Barrons

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Apr 15, 2005 - Greece -- Athens

Day 11 - Thur Apr 14 to Athens Our cheerful host, Dmitri, dropped us off at the terminal and we caught another ferry to Athens for the 5 hour crossing. We paid our €1.20 again to upgrade our seats - but this time asked for them on the top floor. Thankfully, fewer of the school groups made their way upstairs and the crossing was far more peaceful than last time. We learned from another traveler that the Greece schools take kids on a 5-day excursion each year right before Easter - so that explains all the school groups we keep running into....

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Apr 12, 2005 - Athens 7th April

Up early for the 7.30 train back to Athens. This is about a 5 hour trip, but it went really quickly and we soon arived back in the same area of our last hotel. We quickly found a hotel and booked in for two nights. Found a laundry and did some much needed washing. Then into bed, it had been a long day.

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Apr 12, 2005 - Athens 31st March

We arived at 3.30am. The plan was to wait there till 7am or so and catch a bus into Athens. Well we decided to hire a car instead. Worst decision we could of made. The drivers in Athens are crazy and there are thousands of motor bikes everywhere. After about 5 hours of driving and looking for the hotel, we gave up and took the car back to the rental company. Then we hired a taxi who took 45 min to find our hotel. We fell asleep straight away even though it was 12pm in the day. Up areound 7pm to have dinner when we realised that we couldn't...

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Apr 8, 2005 - Greece -- Athens

Day 5 - Fri Apr 8 to Athens We left London behind via the tube again and flew to Athens, flight time 3h 15m. The croissant from Pret Manger in the London airport was divine! 'Twas sunny in Athens and about 65° (sandal time, yeah!!). We found our hotel about 2 blocks from the subway station (Jen is quickly achieving subway master status). I got a kick out of the naked ladies on the billboards, not even sure what they were advertising. The Athens airport and subway were both extremely modern, and most things are labeled in both Greek and...

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Mar 18, 2005 - Athens

Because we did so much in the week we were in Athens and Istanbul, I can not possibly include all of it in the website. I will give you the highlights and a bunch of pictures! Our first day in Athens, we enjoyed a sightseeing trip of the Peloponnese. We drove over the canal of Corinth on our way to Ancient Mycenae, once one of the most powerful cities in all of Greece until 1200 BC. The ancient city's entrance, the "Loin's Gate", is Europe's oldest monumental sculpture. Surrounding the city are a number of tombs, built underground and...

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