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Sep 29, 2011 - Dimitsana & Olympia

Last night we stayed in a little village called Dimitsana, which is located in the mountains, almost smack dab in the middle of the Pelopenese. It's built on a mountainside with just one, narrow and winding street cutting through the middle of it. The fact our driver Spiros can drive our bus through the town to our hotel is amazing. There were several places when you could hear everyone on the bus let out a groan as we squeezed between parked cars and tight buildings. One night is probably just enough time, as there's really not a lot to...

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Greece & Turkey 2011

Oct 26, 2009 - Pelopennese, Greece

The Peloponesse is a peninsula barely attached to mainland Europe. Home to ancient civilizations, it's rugged and yet serene, a glimpse of traditional Greece. Our plans were to visit Olympia, birthplace of the Olympics, Monemvasia in far southern Peloponnese and Nafplio, a pretty town on the east coast. After our overnight ferry ride from Corfu, getting to Olympia was relatively straightforward and, by sheer coincidence, the ceremony for the start of the Olymic torch relay for the Vancouver Winter Olymics was taking place the day we...

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Mar 5, 2007 - Peloponnese, Greece

Most people's impression of Greece comes from photos of the Greek Islands, especially Mykonos and Santorini with their white washed villages, blue domes, windmills and flowers. This is not the Greece we introduced the kids to when we took them to the Peloponnese. We greatly overestimated the distances we could cover because we were not aware we would be facing mountains wherever we drove. A 30 Km trip could take over an hour - which it did the day we drove from Kalamata to Kardamyli, arriving after dark to find no camping, no hotels, a...

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Mar 28, 2006 - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night... and other Greek trademarks

I'm sitting at an internet cafe with a slight sunburn, sticky fingers from eating fresh oranges off a tree, and a belly full of baklava and souvlaki... and loving every (well, most every) minute of it! Greece has been incredible... brilliant sunshine, cool breezes, the Mediterranean, outdoor cafes for people watching... and among all this are scattered ruins that are not 70,000 years old as my last trip journal stated but 700,000 years old! I was off a whole 630,000 years. Wow! But, I have developed a list of three ways to blend in with the...

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Nov 18, 2005 - A series of unfortunate events

The day began with all the indications of good auspicion. After a full day of rain on Thursday, the sun shone approvingly upon the whole vale. The birds sang, the citrus globes sparkled with dew, just a few white fluffy clouds cleared the summits of Taygetos. Glorious is not too strong a term for a day when roosters up and down the mountainsides crowed-in the rosey-fingered dawn. The goats and lambs bleeted welcome to a diaphenous sky. Even the Krakon would have been lured from his deep sea hole for a picnic on Parnassos this day. And so we...

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Nov 18, 2005 - Dea ex machina

Now, I've failed to mention that I woke up this morning with a string of small, but annoying sinus headaches around my right eye. I've been managing the pain all day. I was certain I had some Tylenol sinus pills in my purse, but I had rummaged through all 87 compartments several times and just could not find the pills. So I manage. I'd like to blame the headaches on Artemis, but I have them every so often, and like I said, I had the headaches when I awoke, long before my unfortunate mistatements at Artemis' temple. So, the main reason we...

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Nov 4, 2005 - Tripoli

It was late and dark, but we drove on up to the high plateau of Arcadia to Tripoli. We stayed at the Inn of the Spider Woman, slept in our clothes, and left as soon as our weary eyes opened in the morning. It this was Greece, we desparately wanted to go back to the Dresden Hilton. But, then we found a nice cafe on the highway south toward Sparti and had breakfast of bacon and eggs, coffee, and good toast. It was delicious. The people were friendly. We felt better and continued on south. Then it happened, we climbed the last ridge of the...

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Jul 25, 2005 - Nafplio, Greece

Monday, July 25. Monemvasia; Nafplio. From Kardamyli, we continued south to Monemvasia, the Gibraltar of Greece—a rock rising above the sea on the east coast. The medieval town is reached by driving across a causeway and exploring by foot. Restaurants and shops lined the pedestrian only cobblestone streets. We had lunch overlooking the water, and then hiked up to visit the fortress. We continued on to Nafplio located on the Argolic Gulf. It is considered one of Greece's prettiest towns, with beautiful Venetian houses overlooked by the...

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