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Dec 10, 2013 - Evening in Cologne

All of us agreed that the most special time in Cologne was in the evening when the lights came on. Charming and magical come to mind when I think back about it. Lots of people out and about, but not overwhelming like it was in Strasbourg, France. We loved it!!

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Dec 10, 2013 - Day 2 in Cologne

We had a very nice breakfast at the hotel where we stayed and then headed out to the Chocolate Factory, which turned out to be very informative and a lot of fun. It's both a museum and a Lindt chocolate factory, so we got a history lesson and we were able to watch the process of making chocolate up close. Near the end of the tour they gave us some free samples which we outstanding! Then we went down to the chocolate store and spent some money. There were a number of different Christmas markets located around and about the city and we...

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Dec 9, 2013 - Cologne (Koln), Germany

We are off on day one of a three day trip. We arrived in Cologne, Germany in the mid afternoon. By the time we got settled in at our hotel, Sonata, and got out to explore and stretch our legs after our 2 1/2+ hour trip. The sun was already starting to set. The temperature was dropping too, so we went back to our hotel to regroup and figure out a plan for dinner. We decided to walk towards the waterfront and see if something caught our eye. We found an authentic german restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. With our bellies full and having...

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Aug 11, 2013 - Through Cologne

JOSH: Today we went to a place called Köln. At Köln we went to a museum that was used as Gestapo prison. It was interesting, sad, and frightening at the same time. I thought it would only be Jews but it ranged from German to Russian to France and many other countries. It was used to hold people that did not believe in the Nazi way of life. It was very intricate and had English translations on the inscriptions on the walls. There were many stories and comments that were told to us through our audio guides. The downstairs was the holding...

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Aug 9, 2013 - The Bus Tour begins today

The last two days have included lots of sightseeing in the center of Frankfurt and lots of photographs many of which will be deleted by midnight. As is my usual practice when arriving in a new city, I take the big red bus to get an overview of the area before deciding on which locations I would like to explore further. This tour is operated by the company Stadtrundfaht and has three tours included being the City Tour, Skyline Tour and Walking tour around the central tourist district of Romer. No walking tour for me. I am amazed that for the...

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Jul 31, 2013 - Kenya, j'ai oublié de.......

J’ai oublié de vous dire et de vous imager que mis à part les milliers et millions d’oiseaux et d’animaux, il y a 40 millions d’habitants au Kenya. Ceux qui travaillent ont en moyenne un salaire mensuel moyen de 300$. Voilà….je me suis amendé. Bonne semaine…je suis revenu dans le monde que l’on dit civilisé…évolué…démocratique, et quoi encore! Mais j’y suis bien…Très BIEN! Bientôt chez vous……chez moi. Bonne semaine.

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Jul 19, 2013 - Germany: nude beaches, Rhine river valley, cathedrals, and Roman ruins

We left Denmark by ferry across the Baltic Sea to northern Germany. We camped at a beach resort which had a very large section of clothing optional. Unfortunately, most of the nudes were over weight and older, not a pretty sight. We chose to sunbathe on the family side of the beach. We spent one day in the city of Cologne (Koln) where cologne water was actually invented. The big attraction in Cologne is the cathedral. It is huge! Every inch of the outside has something carved with huge spires and towers. The inside is just as dramatic with...

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May 31, 2013 - Cologne (31 May - 5 June)

We left Paris early in the morning (left apartment at 6 AM for an 8:04 train from Gare du Nord) on the 31st of May. We were bound for Cologne to meet with our friends, Reinhardt and Jutta Merzdorf, with whom we would spend the month of June exploring Germany (Leverkusen, Dusseldorf, Rhine River Valley, Jockgrim, the Black Forest and Munich), Switzerland (Interlaken, Montruex, Bern and Lucern) and Austria (Vienna) and the first two weeks of July exploring the Dordogne region of France. Wow, we are dizzy thinking about all this! Reinhardt and...

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May 28, 2013 - Cologne

May 28 2013 We biked about for a total of 2 miles for a total of 322 miles Today was sunny and warm, only a spritz of rain in the early evening. Did not amount to much. It was our best day weather wise on trip. After breakfast and getting to know our Bett and Bike owners, we went to catch the train to Cologne ( Koln). Buying the ticket and getting on the train was easy in Boppard. We managed to get an express train to Koblenz. From there we caught another train to Cologne. Cologne is famous for it's Cathedrel (Dom). At one time it was the...

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May 24, 2013 - Cologne or Koln.

We had intended to move the coach to Cologne or Koln but we couldn’t find a suitable campground or stellplatz. We decided we would have a long day and drive to the city. The autobahn was good except a short delay due to road works. The only thing you had to be aware of was the BMW’s etc hammering it doing 100mph plus in the outside lane! We followed the signs to the city centre and found a car park. As we walked out of the car park we found we had parked right under the cathedral. Really convenient! The cathedral looked impressive but dirty...

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Apr 2, 2013 - Cologne, Germany

Great day in Cologne! Took a tour bus into town and took a walking tour through the cobble-stoned city. The huge cathedral is the main attraction, so we went back to the ship for lunch and a little nap, then walked back into town. We saw the Cathedral's Treasury down in the basement and then took the 509-step climb on a narrow spiral staircase up into the steeple. What a workout! We wandered around the town for awhile and then caught our tour bus back to the ship. Up to the lounge for drinks with our friends and then dinner. We were having...

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Dec 21, 2012 - Medieval fever in modernity

The ‘father of art history’, the Italian painter and master builder Giorgio Vasari defined ‘Gothic art’ to be ‘monstrous and barbarous’. To the Italians, the Europeans and many others, ‘German’ and ‘Gothic’ mean one and the same thing. Isn’t too hard to imagine how the Germen be wild? No, they could be and they were since the medieval times. They spent almost 700 years to build a Gothic cathedral! Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom; officially High Cathedral of St. Peter) is Germany’s most popular tourist spot attracting 20,000 people to visit...

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