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Jul 26, 2014 - Cologne (Koln), Germany (Cruise Day 3)

7/26/14, Saturday Home to one of the most iconic cathedrals in Europe, Cologne (English) or Koln (German) is a beautiful city. The Germans call the cathedral a "Dom". The twin towers, filigreed detail, beautiful carved stone and the sheer size of it are ultra-impressive. Inside, it continues to astound, with soaring massive stone columns supporting a gorgeous roof high above (141 feet high). The Dom was started in 1248, consecrated in 1322, and worked on and added to until completion of the twin spires in 1880. The gold Shrine of the Three...

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2014 European Trip

Jun 27, 2014 - Cologne

27 June 2014 We dock In Cologne early morning, we do not go on the scheduled excursion, as we have a very busy day tomorrow and we must pack ahead for Sunday departure, so instead we do our own thing and have a walk around town. You do not learn as much when you do not gave a guide, but we can still enjoy the atmosphere and admire the architecture. Cologne boasts over a dozen Romanesque churches including the Dom, the famous Cologne Cathedral the construction of which commenced in 1248. The origins of Cologne are as far back as 50BC when...

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Jun 8, 2014 - Willkommen ins Deutschland

After a wonderful day on Friday exploring Vaxholm, I officially eat my words that it is a small place. It's definitely a Nordic seaside tourist and cottage town with many charming shops and bakeries, and we spent a good part of the day hoofing it around town and then enjoying coffee and pastries. Friday evening was spent packing up and enjoying the midnight (almost) sun. The weather was definitely cool but by Saturday morning the overcast sky was replaced by brilliant sunshine and the water was glassy calm. We ate breakfast on the dock...

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Jun 1, 2014 - Cologne

We arrive in Cologne in the morning for a walking tour of the city. Clearly the biggest attraction is the Dom, the Cologne Cathedral. Supposedly it is Germany' most visited landmark. It was built on the site of a 4th century Roman Temple, with construction beginning in 1248 and not finished until 630 years later. at the time of its completion it was the world's largest building. Now it is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. Too big to be photographed in a single picture and the plaza is too small to get pictures from a...

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May 18, 2014 - Day 7 - Cologne, Germany

After breakfast, we reached Cologne and watched the docking. It is a very long ship to maneuver. We left the ship for the guided tour of the town. Our guide was excellent, both John and I figuring she was a spinster school teacher - very knowledgeable and very opinionated. The main focus of the tour, of course, was the Cathedral. Construction began in 1248 and was finally completed in 1880. Like the windmill site at Kinderdijk, the Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1935 the Gestapo set up headquarters in Cologne and...

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May 8, 2014 - Cologne

Thursday May 8 -- Cologne Our morning was very leisurely as we were not due to dock in Cologne until after 10:00, so we had plenty of time for breakfast and to watch the scenery along the river. We have seen many, many barges going both ways along the Rhine. Sometimes there have been two or three rafted together. It is a busy river. Our Rhine River guide books have a kilometre by kilometre key, and the river itself has kilometre markers on the shoreline. As a result, we (usually) know exactly where we are and what is coming next. At...

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May 2, 2014 - Cologne

Cologne today and tonight. Big old church, smaller old churches, shopping, more food, wine, beer, and a "pub crawl" that was more of a jog ( 4 brewpubs in 75 minutes); one beer each. The camera I used today can not work well for this blog. Good pictures you will have to see later. There are 24 brewpubs in town so we went to 1/6 of them. Tomorrow is windmill tour after a long stretch of river.

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Dec 10, 2013 - Day 2 in Cologne

We had a very nice breakfast at the hotel where we stayed and then headed out to the Chocolate Factory, which turned out to be very informative and a lot of fun. It's both a museum and a Lindt chocolate factory, so we got a history lesson and we were able to watch the process of making chocolate up close. Near the end of the tour they gave us some free samples which we outstanding! Then we went down to the chocolate store and spent some money. There were a number of different Christmas markets located around and about the city and we...

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Dec 10, 2013 - Evening in Cologne

All of us agreed that the most special time in Cologne was in the evening when the lights came on. Charming and magical come to mind when I think back about it. Lots of people out and about, but not overwhelming like it was in Strasbourg, France. We loved it!!

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Dec 9, 2013 - Cologne (Koln), Germany

We are off on day one of a three day trip. We arrived in Cologne, Germany in the mid afternoon. By the time we got settled in at our hotel, Sonata, and got out to explore and stretch our legs after our 2 1/2+ hour trip. The sun was already starting to set. The temperature was dropping too, so we went back to our hotel to regroup and figure out a plan for dinner. We decided to walk towards the waterfront and see if something caught our eye. We found an authentic german restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. With our bellies full and having...

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Aug 11, 2013 - Through Cologne

JOSH: Today we went to a place called Köln. At Köln we went to a museum that was used as Gestapo prison. It was interesting, sad, and frightening at the same time. I thought it would only be Jews but it ranged from German to Russian to France and many other countries. It was used to hold people that did not believe in the Nazi way of life. It was very intricate and had English translations on the inscriptions on the walls. There were many stories and comments that were told to us through our audio guides. The downstairs was the holding...

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Aug 9, 2013 - The Bus Tour begins today

The last two days have included lots of sightseeing in the center of Frankfurt and lots of photographs many of which will be deleted by midnight. As is my usual practice when arriving in a new city, I take the big red bus to get an overview of the area before deciding on which locations I would like to explore further. This tour is operated by the company Stadtrundfaht and has three tours included being the City Tour, Skyline Tour and Walking tour around the central tourist district of Romer. No walking tour for me. I am amazed that for the...

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