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May 1, 2012 - The Harz Mountains

I had the most amazing time at Walpurgisnacht last night! I found out that the night is not just celebrated in Harz, but all over Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other Eastern-European countries too. Walpurgisnacht was originally a celebration of the canonisation of Saint Walpurga, and still is in some Catholic churches, but now is known mostly as a celebration of May, Spring and the Earth. In Harz it is celebrated as the night of the witches. It was believed many years ago that Brocken, the highest of...

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Apr 30, 2012 - The Harz Mountains

Today we found ourselves in the lovely mountain ranges of Harz! We spent the day "Nordic Walking" through Harz. This is how the locals like to walk, and they get quite touchy when you tease them about their poles. Nordic Walking is walking around with poles, similar to ski poles. They walk around with these poles throughout summer to keep themselves in tip-top skiing shape when there is no snow around. We walked along the Karst trail, passing caves, rivers and streams. The track is actually more than 250km long, so unfortunately we didn't...

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