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Nov 25, 2012 - Hamburg

Once again we arrived in Hamburg at 3am in heavy fog,while i was still in bed at 4am irrigation come on broad and stamp my passport at no cost.I left the boat for the last time at 1pm and went into my Hotel near the main railway station,they had a very good free breakfast. The next day i took a highlights bus tour and on it i saw some dolls in a house window so i paid again to take the same tour and got the bus full of people to stop so i could get off and take photos of then//// Diane this did not do my real Kiwi macho man look any good so...

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Sep 29, 2012 - Hamburg

An early start and a return to Hamburg, its a Saturday and the train is quiet, I love this city and stayed a few days last time, alas a day trip this time to Minitur World, This has to be the biggest model railway in world, its huge, and its busy too! and actually quiet uncomfortable, a strong coffee and Kuchen soon eased my mood, and a cold but lovely walk back to the city, its so lovely and feel quiet relaxed here, back at the station is busier still with football fans everywhere, and drunk too, but no chanting to aggression, I wanted...

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Sep 18, 2012 - Hamburg GERMANY

We travelled by train to Hamburg and it was the most arduous trip for us to make because we had three changeovers of trains. But the train travel here is so great that it wasn't too hard at all. I think though that the infamous German efficiency is slowly slipping. One of our trains was 12 minutes late, so we missed a connection which made us an hour late into Hamburg. But who cares when you're on holiday? Our cousins in Hamburg were all there to greet us. They made us feel so welcome and special and went to a lot of effort to make our stay...

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Sep 12, 2012 - Hamburg Hop on Hop Off

We had a full day in Hamburg and started by getting on the hop on hop off bus. It started with the German saying and now I will speak some English because we have some American's on board. So Scott said "no Australians" and he said "sehr fett Australier, nicht so schlimm, wie die Amerikaner". Everyone laughed and we smiled, Scott knew we now had the respect of the bus. From this point we were shown all the sights of Hamburg and I wasn't sure what he was saying when he dwelled on the outer Lake for individual sports. Apparently the inner...

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Sep 11, 2012 - Millie's misfortune.

After enduring the embarrassment of Millie hucking more than the China men on our flight to Hong Kong, we decided to get a cold and flu elixir for Millie. I decided I would be very careful not to get anything with some kind of obscure ingredient like bats knats etc so I found one with very standard cold and flu formula and Scott and I were delighted that they came in chewable tablets so we wouldn't have to declare it at every security stop. Millie ate them down with the minimum of fuss and by god they were effective. Scott and I both...

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Sep 11, 2012 - Hamburg U- 434

Despite Millie's cold, rash and now stomach upset we have decided to take a taxi to the U- 434 submarine in Hamburg. The kids thought it was great, they could run in and out of chambers and Scott and I were unable to even closely lumber after them. It was amazing how a big submarine on the outside can be so small on the inside.

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Sep 4, 2012 - Arriving in Slovenia

In the morning I had a decent breakfast in a small restaurant and then went to the tourist info centre. Very nice lady told me about a small and inexpensive hotel called Pri Mraku. I got a taxi and arrived there within 10 minutes. It was indeed living up to the description. The hotel is over 200 years old and the staff is great and an added bonus - free Internet. It is very close to Centrum - The Old City. I had a great lunch in its out-door courtyard which is covered by branches of an wine as old as the hotel and completely laden with...

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Sep 3, 2012 - The start of the Adventure

I met at the port city of Hamburg, Germany to board the ship. I saw people loading food, water, and goods to trade during our expedition on the boat. I wasn't sure what to bring, so I brought clothes this computer a compass, goods to trade with, and a picture of my family. I will miss them very much. The captain is bringing the most recently updated map so we know where we are going, a magnetic compass so we know what direction we are going in, and an astrolabe so we cam calculate latitude to find out where we are on the map. This voyage...

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Sep 3, 2012 - On the train through Germany

Got up early to catch train from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. First I dropped the car at the airport where I had picked-up a week earlier. It was simple then the s-bahn takes you right to the main station. The trains in Germany are fantastic - especially in 1st class. The seating comfortable and there is hardly any noise and in this heat it is great with air-conditioned compartments and of course, their speed is over 200 km/hr. Just three hours later I arrived in M√ľnchen. I had a couple of hours and then I got on the night train to Ljubljana,...

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Sep 2, 2012 - Visting Bodil Toftdahl and my soldier buddy

I arose early as I had decided to surprise pastor Bodil Toftdahl in her new church in Gronbjerg. Bodil had been the pastor in Vancouver for the last six years and left Vancouver at the end of June. She is now the pastor of two churches. The one Sunday morning was Norre Omme and was there on time at 10:30. It took me just under two hours to drive down there, of course at 130 km per hour it is not a problem!!! It is a beautiful church and almost 800 years old. She was surprised to see me and smiled as she turned around at the altar. She and I...

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Sep 1, 2012 - The day of the "Class Re-union"

Inger was up early she had to leave early to meet her daughter for a buying spree at an annual product show in Fredericia. Their daughter, Ulla, has ladies apparel store - mostly brassieres, I think. Otto was busy making a lunch bucket for me with the greatest open-faced sandwiches for my re-union. We all had to bring our own lunch. Our meeting was at 11:00 in a small town outside of Logstor. I said a tearful good-bye to my friend and drove to the ferry for the crossing to the mainland. Later I had to catch another ferry to cross a fjord...

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Aug 31, 2012 - A visit to Skive

Otto and I decided to drive to Skive to visit with his son, Lars. We took the ferry over to the mainland (Otto has a card good for a whole year. We visited Lars at his firm, he works for Michelin tires. We then bought some flowers and drove to the cemetery and and placed them on my brothers cemetery plot. We drove around the city and looked at the familiar places from my childhood. We ended up having lunch in a food court in a supermarket. Well prepared and quite tasty. We came back to the island and Inger had washed all my dirty laundry...

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