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May 26, 2016 - Journey to States

What a long day. Got up at 5:40am in Prague. (9:40pm previous day in Mountain Time) Buffet breakfast at the Ramada Airport Hotel was very good. Shuttle to airport departed at 6:55 & was a short ride. Check-in desks at the Prague airport open 2 hours before the scheduled flight, so we were about 30 minutes early to check in for our 9:30 flight on SAS. Our flights today are on SAS and then Icelandair. SAS could only print the first boarding pass since we were changing airlines, but they could check our luggage through to Denver. Flight from...

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May 25, 2016 - From Pribram to Prague

Jindra accompanied us to Prague airport where she caught a bus and then a train to her home in Zdar nad Sazavou. After returning our rental car, we wanted to store our luggage at the hotel. Finding the Ramada Airport Hotel was our biggest challenge. Fortunately enough people on the street speak a bit of English and we were pointed in the right direction. A room was ready for us, so we dropped off our bags & started on our next adventure...riding a bus marked 100 and then taking the subway to Old Town Prague. We made it but experienced some...

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May 24, 2016 - Day 3 with Radka

After the heavy rain last night, we weren't sure what to expect today, but it turned out just fine...cool and cloudy with lots of mud puddles. Our plan today includes a visit to the mining museum in Pribram, lunch, and a 40-minute drive to a castle built in the 1200's. Jim and I "swam" over to Radka's house for breakfast. (Not really, but there was a very large puddle that occupied our normal path.). Vitek took the day off work, the girls stayed home from school, so we got to spend the day with Radka's whole family plus Jindra. At breakfast...

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May 23, 2016 - Day 2 with Radka

We had the pleasure of watching Radka's girls sing in a choir at the local mining museum. Then we adults toured a portion of the museum while the girls continued to sing. It is near the end of the school year, so many groups of students are taking field trips to local places. We rode a small train into the mine where a few old timers talked to,the students about mining. Then we had a guide for just us adults, and he explained the equipment & how it worked. Jim asked how much gold or silver had been removed from the mine. The man's reply was...

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May 22, 2016 - Day 1 with Radka

It is a 5-minute walk from the penzion to Radka's place. We all had breakfast together and then prepared to take 2 cars for this day's activities. Our group now consists of Radka, Vitek, Victoria, Ester, Jindra, Jim, & myself. Our first stop was visiting the Blatna castle. It is surrounded by a moat and some beautiful grounds. We were able to pet the deer roaming the property, even rubbing their velvety antlers. Peacocks also are kept there. The tour of the castle was guided. Jim & I had a paper in English to help us learn more about the...

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May 21, 2016 - Day 3 with Tom

This morning we stayed right in Zdar nad Sazavou and toured an interactive museum which has only been open one year. It focused on the beginnings of villages & monasteries in this area. Then it was time to leave Zdar with Tom & his mother, Jindra. We went to a village called Borova where the Imramovsky family has more property. Grandma Imramovský is 96 years old & is in quite good physical shape, but she suffers from dementia. She kept asking us to stay with her as she lives alone. Bohumil drives there every day to assist her. Not far is...

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May 20, 2016 - Day 2 with Tom

Tom took Jim & myself to the town of Litomysli where we visited the home of a famous Czech composer & musician, Bedrich Smetana. He composed his first waltz at age 6, became deaf at age 50 and continued to compose industriously until his death in 1884 at age 60. He was the son of a brewer which sounds like a much more interesting career to me. Within a short walking distance was a castle (Nadrodni Kulturni Pamatka Zamek V Litomysli) which is on the UNESCO list. It was first mentioned in Czech Chronicles in 981. A new castle was built...

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May 19, 2016 - Day 1 with Tom

Jim & I are staying in the flat above Bohumil & Jindra's flat. Bohumil is a relative of Jim's on his mother's side. Jindra served us a nice breakfast. Then we hit the road with Tom for a full day of sight-seeing. First we visited a huge cave with stalagmites, stalactites, large calcium "falls" and so much more. We were even on a small boat for a while going through the cave. I might send out pictures after returning home. That took about 2 hours. Then we stopped for a delicious Czech lunch. Following that, we drove to a lookout to see a...

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May 18, 2016 - Travel Day

Making this quick. Wifi access will be hit & miss here in Czech Republic. Travel day went well. Flight from Chisinau to Munich, then flight to Prague. We said good-bye to DD in Munich as she was flying back to Phoenix. Rental car in Prague is a Peugeot. I set the GPS for Zdar nad Sazavou & we made it with no problem. Relatives were surprised that we arrived at 7:00 pm. After dinner & a bit of visiting with Tom, Jindra, & Bohumil, it was time for bed.

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May 17, 2016 - Chisinau Afternoon

The morning was spent in our usual low-key way: get up whenever, coffee for most of us, exercise bicycle for Jim. We went downtown for lunch via a cab. (Several days ago, we could not get a cab at this time of day.). We ate at The Smokehouse which was our lunch spot last Thursday. They were out of 2 of their 8 beers. Does that indicate a lot of drinking among the folks here! Vlad, one of the owners, suggested that we visit Dendrarium Park. It's like a.botanical garden.which we did. It was quite an after-lunch walk to get there. Some plants...

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May 16, 2016 - Good R & R Day

After being quite the tourists over the weekend, we decided that it was time to take it easy. I did several loads of laundry early this morning which the maid would have done, but she speaks no English, & I am quite particular about my laundry...cold water, gentle action, hang to dry. Jerry, Jim, & I walked to a local market for some junk food...potato chips & Snickers. We had lunch here at the ambassador's residence because the frig was stocked with lunch items. After a lazy afternoon of reading, watching a little tv, & napping, Jim & I...

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May 15, 2016 - To Odesa, Ukraine

On the road at 8:30 am. The drive to Odesa is 3.5 hours with a considerable stop at the border to check passports. It was NOT a smooth ride. Not only are the paved roads bumpy, but they rocked the van from side to side as well. For this day trip, there were 5 of us: Jim & Jerry Pettit plus the three of us. Andre, the driver for the ambassador, handled those chores yesterday & today. We arrived in Odesa at lunchtime, so that's the first item we took care of. Jim Pettit had been here with friends last year, so he knew a good spot for lunch....

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