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Sep 23, 2017 - Augsburg, Germany

Today we travelled under sunny blue skies through gentle rolling farmland (B17) to Augsburg. We have been told that this is the most beautiful center in Germany. And it is nice. In the center lots of buildings date from the 15oo's. Tall, narrow steep-roofed green, or yellow, blue, coral and beige buildings can be found. Cobblestone streets fan out from squares with unique fountains. Bronze statues can be found. Churches with onion domes or steeples are here. A Dom...duomo...with some stained glass windows, otherwise plain inside but with...

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Sep 13, 2017 - Augsburg

As part of our route down to visit the famous castles in the sky we decided to stop for a night in Augsburg as it was on the way. The city is quite small although bigger than most on the romantic road. Our first impressions were of a pleasant city as we walked to our Airbnb. Unfortunately for us the bad weather had finally caught up with us and seeing as it was raining all afternoon we decided to make the most of the washing facilities and wash basically all our clothes. It had been a while and we were at the point of debating whether or...

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Sep 15, 2016 - The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road runs from Würzburg to Füssen. By road 410 kms, there are also walking and a cycling tracks. It is possible to travel on the Romantic Road Coach which runs everyday from from Frankfurt to Füssen and return. April to October. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is possibly the most visited by tourists and is busy all year. It is very beautiful with cobbled streets, flower boxes everywhere, half timbered houses with red tiled roofs, stone and timber covered walls,42 towers.it has a history going back 1000 years. We stayed 3 nights and...

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Pam's Europe 2016

Nov 3, 2013 - Day 35 Augsburg

It rained most of the day, which was fine since our plan was to relax with Dennis and Jane. It felt good to let our legs just sit most of the day. Jane makes prayer shawls for people in their church, and Cathy couldn't sit and watch her crochet, so she grabbed yarn and a hook and started a prayer shawl too. In the late afternoon we went with them to the Episcopal Church of Saint Boniface where Dennis is the priest. This was the first time we had seen Dennis in this role, which was quite fun. Later it was a time for Stolen dessert, Ouzo,...

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Nov 2, 2013 - Day 34 Augsburg

This was a relaxing morning, sleeping late then talking over coffee and Nusssyriezel. Beginning at noon, we toured Augsburg with our own private tour guide, Wolfgang. He is a friend of Denny and Jane's and teaches history at a college prep high school. His knowledge of Germany was apparent and made the tour quite special. Augsburg has been his home for twenty years, and he was excited to show his city to us. Augsburg has buildings dating back to the 1400's including a church, St. Anna, where Martin Luther spoke during the reformation. It is...

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Oct 11, 2012 - “We don’t have any Apfel Strudel!!!”

11 Oct 2012 Today’s the day we get a car. Was booked at 9:30 but that would mean getting up at Sparrow’s so J rang at 8 and asked them if it would be OK to change till 10:30 – Ja. So we went and had breakfast in town (same place) – this time C had a Spiegelei (egg) and a huge piece of Apple cake (definitely not Strudel - Apfel Strudel? We don’t have any Apfel Strudel!!! Then a taxi to Mr Avis – after a bit of dithering about with a dodgy computer system we got the keys to a Grey Opel Meriva – 4 doors and hatch. Probably will be OK – bit...

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Oct 10, 2012 - Meet the Fuggers

10 Oct 2012 Grey again – but dry. J went for a walk to sus out breakfast options. In the process discovered the Reigle Brewery and restaurant – parked in the parking spot was the Romantischer strasse Tour Bus a small and grand old 1950’s era bus. About 10 we headed off and found a nice (nearly full) bakery/café. We were able to identify suitable food and enjoyed breakfast. Then we walked towards the old city, looking for a tram – but major works are underway and trams are not as they should be (new U Bahn developments are underway) Anyway,...

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Oct 9, 2012 - Goosestepping near Docu-Zentrum

9 Oct 2012 Today was grey, but a light mist of rain was starting as we headed off from the hotel to catch the tram. We had checked out and ploanned to return after 12 to collect our laundry, and our bags, and head to the station. But this morning we were heading for Docu-Zentrum – the end of the tramline. As the tram reached the main centre of the city, and moved on through the suburbs, we entered the land of the great unwashed. We had been spoilt up at the top of the old town. Here at Docu-Zentrum (Documentation Centre – Nazi Party Rally...

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Sep 1, 2011 - Touring Augsburg, Germany

September 1: It was a rainy day in Augsburg today. After a wonderful breakfast in the hotel, we all set off for a walking tour of old Augsburg. What an absolute delight to be walking through a city that has existed for 2000 years. Highlights of mention include a tour of the city hall including the golden room, Mozart’s home, The Fuggerei (created in 1521 for impoverished Augsburg citizens of Roman Catholic Faith), and several magnificent cathedrals including St Ulrich church. Although the church dates back centuries, recent excavations...

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Aug 31, 2011 - Touring Augsburg, Germany

August 31: Today we spent the morning and part of the afternoon touring the famous Deutsches Museum in Munich, apparently the largest natural history museum in all of Europe. In late afternoon, we drove to Augsburg, Germany to meet up with Brigitte. Augsburg is the oldest city in Germany, dating back 2000 years. Parts of Roman walls and excavations are quite prominent throughout the central part of the city. This I found quite exciting. After picking up Brigitte, we checked into Hotel Arkaden Hof for the night.

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Oct 29, 2010 - Augsburg Arrival (updated: pics)

This morning we went back to the castle area in Rothenburg before leaving to get some awesome pictures of the town. We saw the area yesterday, but didn't have the camera with us (whoops!). It was really neat looking - like something out of a fantasy novel. There was a hill, and at the bottom of it was a few houses and a church, and the stone wall of the city and spires reaching above it were at the crest. But... we're bad at directions and the sunrise was over the town. And there was fog. So we didn't really get any pictures where you could...

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May 3, 2008 - Germany revisited

We returned to a Germany much changed since our Christmas visit where it was sunny, warm and we abandoned our jumpers and jackets for the first time on tour. We first revisited our friends in Bavaria, relaxed in the sun and visited Germany’s most famous attraction, Neuschwanstein. We left most of our luggage for later collection, then headed off to Berlin and some time in the former East Germany (DDR). I visited Berlin in 1981 when the wall was still up and looked as though it would be there forever. What a different city it is now with an...

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