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May 29, 2006 - Chamonix, France

We left the Berner Oberland area the morning of the 29th. We went to the train station, with 3 routes in mind and decided to head to Chamonix, France via Montreux, Switzerland. The train ride was beatiful becuase the cars were "panoramic" with huge windows and even windows on the ceiling. We had a moment of panic during one stop of the train because we realized that everyone had got off, and we were supposed to be changing trains. Luckily, we realized it with enough time to grab all our gear and jump on the next train as it literally,...

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4 Weeks in Europe

Sep 26, 2005 - Mer de glace and trapped in Lausanne

I had to catch the 6:15 gondola down from Gimmelwald so it was a really early morning for me, but that was made completely worthwhile when I stepped out of the hostel. It was still dark out but the stars in the sky were so bright that they illuminated the snow on the mountains that surrounded me. It was such a gorgeous site I hated to get onto the gondola and leave it behind. Descending down on the gondola in complete darkness was a bit of a scary trip, but I made it to the bottom. From there it was a myriad of bus and train changes before...

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Kristy's World Tour!

Sep 17, 2005 - If it's Saturday it must be France

Bon jour from the town of Argentiere, a ski town that lies 30 minutes from the craziness of Chamonix, France's answer to the high-risk sport center of Interlakken, Switzerland. It has been a lovely and quiet two days here in the shadow of Mont Blanc, where the familiar routine of camping; hiking, and picking blueberries has brought us back to ourselves and felt more like a vacation than like traveling. Before landing here, we spent three days in Switerland's Berner Oberland. It was postcard beautiful, and we had superlative weather, with...

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Sep 11, 2005 - Cycling up the Col de Grand St Bernard

It rained overnight, but was clear in the morning. We got off to a late start (jet lag) from Martigny at about noon. Martigny had a number of interesting Roman ruins, including an amphitheatre we explored prior to starting our journey. We ran into rain at about 25km, but that ended at about 40 km. The ride was gradually uphill from the start (Martigny elevation is about 700 metres), but as we reached the junction with the tunnel under the Col de Grand St. Bernard, the climb up through the pass got really tough. Over these last 6 km we could...

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May 31, 2005 - France -- Chamonix (French Alps)

Day 58 - Tue May 31 Annecy, to Chamonix (Jen) It was a beautiful sunny day when we checked out of the hotel. We had a few hours to kill before we returned the rental car and headed off to Chamonix via train. Turns out Annecy is quite gorgeous when it isn't pouring down rain. We walked from our hotel to a very large open-air market - great timing. I purchased some strawberries and devoured then entire thing in about 10 minutes. We wandered over the lake and were impressed by how clear it was - really really super clear. You could see the...

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Mar 8, 2005 - Gryon via Montreux

After waking up in Geneva, French-Swiss speaking country we had a crossaint breakfast and headed to the Red Cross Museum only to find it closed. Finding the jet de eau (highest water jet in the world) also closed we high tailed it to Montreaux to see the Chateau (castle) de Chillon. The castle was a highlight and we spent a few hours walking around checking out it's history. Built between the 9th and 11th centuries the castle was occupied by men of the bronze age, followed by the Romans and then the Swiss. Finally we caught the train...

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