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May 8, 2005 - Le Hamel and home

We got to Hamel on the morning of our last day of our roadie, it was cold and over cast and pretty freaky again to be standing on the ground, wondering through the very trenches and reading about this significant battle. This battle was the forerunner of future use of the tactics by the aussies which was refined and used again when they smashed through the Hindenberg Line in Aug 1918. Many say this battle was the place that the fore-runner of modern war tactics was first executed. General Monash believed that : "...the role of the infantry...

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May 6, 2005 - Ypres to Amiens

Up in the morning with the plan to see some battle fields and memorials, also Nicks great Uncle was killed in the vicinity of Messines Ridge and we planned to visit his grave. Polygon Wood was very eirie and our first Australian Divisional Monument (5th Division) and a got a feeling that just stayed with you whilst you are there. Hard to describe, we all KNOW about Gallipoli and many just a little about the Western front but this place invades your very being the cost to Australia is incomprehensible, to stand there on the very ground, you...

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Apr 27, 2005 - Le Crotoy - Normandy

First Night in France, great to get the Tore started!!! We stayed in a campsite on a Farm. Went to sleep with the cows mooíng and woke up to the tractors heading out for the days work! The owner of the farm was very sweet and tried to chat to us about the ousieux but it just wasn't happening! Grant's French is improving we now have 3 things to add to his vocab: prochaine sortie (next exit); his numbers up to 10 and bonjour (hello)!!!!! We have been getting used to the showers - they work on a timer basis and you have to get "in-sync" with...

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Oct 28, 2004 - Normandy, The Somme and Amiens

It was a mild autumn day when we arrived at Normandy, we drove in from Nantes where we had stayed the previous night. Nantes was a pretty little town with a university and not a great deal else. Some very interesting canals and locks added a bit of Venice charm to an otherwise sleepy French town. We parked close to Omaha beach and walked down to sections Charlie and Dogwood. It was really harrowing to think of the destruction that took place here, it was very difficult to imagine what it must have been like for the soldiers. We saw a long,...

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Dec 29, 2003 - Nightmare in Paris

Ever wonder what it's like to be more less trapped in a foreign city that doesn't recognize what you're saying?? Well, brace yourself. Knowing that we had to be at Beauvais Airport, which is 60 kms outside of Paris, to fly back to Glasgow, we woke up at the break of day (or a few hours before that), skipped out on breakfast to get to the pick-up point on time. We arrived at the same location that we were dropped off at a few days prior but at this early hour there was no bus charter to be found. Hmm, curiously anxious and feeling more lost...

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