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Oct 1, 2017 - Lille

The only reason I'm including Lille is so it shows on the map. Nothing off note happened in this grey northern French city which seemed shut for the Sunday. Oh, except the Eurostar terminus was EuroDisney so the train was filled with very excited kids, irritated parents and Disney representatives. However, we were a couple of very few people to get off the train 50 minutes after leaving Ashford International at Lille. Then I kept saying 'gracias' to people rather than 'merci'. But that was it. Then TGV. Dave

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Oct 10, 2015 - Vimy Ridge

Friday, October 10th The traffic on the city roads was horrendous for a Saturday but we finally made it to the highway and we were on our way to Vimy Ridge, where there was a WWI memorial. Although the air was thick with pending rain the countryside was beautiful with tree lined, green pastures filled with cows of all colours, and brown and white sheep grazing. It was a two and a half hour jaunt from Paris, so I sat in the dining room and tried to catch up on The journal. When Bill yelled back that we were about 15 minutes out, I jumped...

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Apr 21, 2014 - On the Eurostar - London to Lille

Monday April 21 We were up really early. Heather was in the shower just after 6:00am. We left the hotel around 7:30 and walked to St. Pancras station to catch the Eurostar train to Lille, France. We had breakfast at the Pain Quotidien in the station, sitting outside watching the world go by. We bought ourselves a picnic lunch (for later) at the M&S at the station and went through the check-in around 8:30. We were on the train and in our seats in good time and all sorted out before the train left on time at 8:58 for Calais, Lille and...

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Apr 9, 2014 - Lille.....Quoi écrire? Quoi montrer?

Bon matin! Bien on est tous remis des émotions de la soirée électorale. De Bruxelle je suis descendu sur Lille. J'ai fait un arrêt dans cette ville car je n'y avais pas encore été et elle était sur ma route pour arrivé ici à Paris d'ou je vous écris ce matin. Alors qu'aie-je à écrire sur Lille? Rien! Ça dit tout! Qu'aie-je à vous montrer sur Lille? Rien! Bon ok je vais mettre 1 ou 2 photos. Je vais me souvenir de Lille, surement, car c'est là que j'ai vécu avec bien sur le décalage horaire la déconfiture du PQ. Alors arrivé à Paris pour 1...

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Sep 22, 2012 - 'Eurostar' to Lille, France

Saturday September 22 We were up early and walked from the hotel to the international Eurostar Station in St Pancras Station. It was a sunny morning but quite cool; an autumn nip in the air. We bought food for breakfast and for lunch at a Marks and Spencers foodsstore in the station. We sat for a short while before boarding the train for Lille around 9:00 am. The procedure for getting on the train for the continent is similar to board a plane; the luggage scanned, people scanned, passport and boarding pass (ticket) checked. We cleared...

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Nov 12, 2010 - Lille

Breakfast included down in the basement of the old hospital. Corn flakes, orange juice, french bread stick baguettes with jam, coffee. Talking to some old bloke picked up another Aussie accent, he was from Jan Juc, a school teacher, he had been at the Australian War Memorial at Villers Bretonneux the previous day (being the 11th) and caught the service their, said the weather was docile, wind and rain. Walk around Lille, not far from Hostel the Porte de Paris andjacent to the Hotel de Ville. Turn right up Boulevard de la Liberte' towards...

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Nov 11, 2010 - London, St Pancras - Lille

Thursday November the 11th, Armistice Day, no coincidence that I planned this trip to WW1 battlefields in Northern France or as they say Pas-De-Nord (which means north country or region). Originally had booked the Eurostar to Brussels as this would be a more central location to pick which areas of the Western Front I wanted to tour, however with the Eurostar stopping in Lille this would be the ideal city to start my tour from. I was booked on the 0730 train from St Pancras (Kingscross) which did not stop at Lille, and went direct to...

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Jun 8, 2010 - Eurobiffs 2010-not a good start

Our disaster continued unbeknown when we arrived in france.despite living in England my whole life and being well travelled from the many a family holiday we took to Thailand, new Zealand or one of the more remote Caribbean islands,I have never been to france before and was in excited jovial spirits when our Norfolk line ferry arrived in dunkerque this Tuesday night in june. I should have known something would go wrong just by the horizonal rain and driving wind of a French summer storm we were met by. We had taken a mooch into the fine...

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Dec 23, 2008 - Job at last, Job at last.

The past week I've spent working for my new job. It's a company called Loquendi that teaches languages. I was highered on as an English teacher, and since they were so busy for the last business week of the year, I started immediately. Most of the clients are business men. I spent the whole week working 9-6 with two guys from an engineering company. The Loquendi office takes me an hour to get to because I have to take the metro and switch to a bus, but half of the work is done out at the company I'm teaching to. I was a little nervous...

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Sep 28, 2008 - Parties and Kebab.

There have been parties organized for the international students and my university about every night this week. It's a great opportunity to meet the other students. I have met people from England, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Mexico, and many Germans and French. I've been talking with people that can hardly speak english through what french I do know. I definitely don't know as much as some of the students but I end up helping and translating for some of my other American friends. And that brings me to my next point. There are these...

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Sep 2, 2008 - Finally in Lille.

I finally made it to the stop in Lille. At first I couldn't figure out that the metro was at the bottom of this huge hole. The way the cities are built is much different than American cities. I had to figure out how to pay for the metro and in a round-about way found the stop I needed. when I came out of the metro with all my bags it was raining. It took me about 30 minutes and some very spotty French to finally find the apartment.

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Jun 20, 2008 - Versailles-Lille

We had a lovely sleep in until about 9.15am. After sorting ourselves out we were on the road again to go to Versailles which was about an hour away. We got onto the Autoroute and stopped for a coffee and croissant along the way. Whilst in the café it was nice to hear Crowded House playing on the radio. We got to the Palais about 11.50am and got a park right outside. Because this is such a major tourist attraction there were hundreds of people. This was a return trip for Barb but a first for Ron and Zoë. We got to the ticket line at 12 noon...

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