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May 23, 2012 - Chanteuse en ciel ( singer in the clouds)

We had a very slow morning today (Wednesday 23 May) as my foot was throbbing and we have had a few long days touring. It is so easy to sleep here as there is literally no noise even with the shutters wide open and it gets light early. Our bedroom is three floors up and faces into a private garden which is surrounded by high walls. The cathedral bells don't start to chime until a very respectable hour so it is just the cats when they howl that wake us up. We began the day speaking to mum on skype and we are delighted that she is now out of...

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May 21, 2012 - Mon deau il pleur ( spelling?)

Mon dieu il pleur -  it has rained all night and all day! Nevertheless we braved the motorway in the wet - it seems the advice to do 110 in the rain is largely ignored and speeds continue to be 130 kph plus. More poise moments... We went to Lourdes today which was another 3 hour drive. Unfortunately we hit peak hour around Toulouse which slowed us down but we stuck to the motorway thinking it would be safer in the wet even at those speeds. We can see why the economy here is suffering as productivity seems very low. Peak hour was at...

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May 20, 2012 - Coq au Vin in the clouds

Wet wet wet so we put on our rain jackets and headed to the impressive Toulouse Lautrec museum in Albi. He is not an artist I have ever been particularly taken by but the exhibition was really interesting as it contained a vast range of his work which changed dramatically in style over his short life. He died in his mid thirties as a consequence of alcohol and syphilis which he no doubt picked up from the women in the brothels he was so fond of using as models. The museum is housed in the Bishop's palace next to the cathedral which in...

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May 19, 2012 - How about Andorra for lunch?

Yikes I got a shock when I washed my hair this morning and there was almost nothing there! Just for something different We decided to head off to Andorra for the day. According to Bill it takes a few hours to get there. We left the apartment and a precious parking spot only to go around the block to find a street market in full swing. Needless to say I insisted on exploring that before we left town. I hobbled off while Fred manoeuvred the Fiat in a very French manner into a tiny space that required one wheel to be perched at a jaunty angle...

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May 18, 2012 - Gorges, medieval villages and un petit problem a le salon

One can only lie on the couch for so long before getting antsy so I manoeuvred my way slowly back down four flights of stairs with my 'cannes anglais' (crutches) and into the little Fiat for a day out.  We bought a fabulous map book and so I am finding the scenic routes and plus beaux villages de France. After a morning cafe au lait stop in one of those classic French town squares where the tables all have red and white check clothes, we headed to Roquefort sur Soulzon where the cheese is produced. Fred went for a walk in the...

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May 15, 2012 - Landing hard in France

When we landed in Toulouse the sky was blue and we felt warm at last and delighted in packing away our jackets. We picked up our little Fiat and headed directly to the apartment in Albi, an hour's drive north east. Once we had done a few circuits of the one way street system we were outside the door and made our way up a set of fabulous rickety old stairs to throw open the shutters on our wonderful home for the next two weeks courtesy of Bill & Jacinta.  Albi is a UNESCO town with many features including the oldest brick cathedral...

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May 12, 2012 - Toulouse area: Visiting Villages on the outskirts

1st May 2012: Tuesday, holiday time in France Arrangements have been made for a drive to Montauban, a city (approx 50,000 people) to the north west of Toulouse.  Alexandra has a friend, Mireal, who lives in Montauban who is keen to show foreigners around her town.  We are to meet Mireal in the town plaza after lunch.  Dianne, a close friend of Donna's, Kev's friend in northern NSW, has arrived in Toulouse and Kev is keen to show her the sights as well, so we have 7 people traveling out for the day.  We do a little sightseeing of the town...

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May 12, 2012 - 3rd stay at Kev's Pad

27th April 2012: Friday, basic plans like shopping at Carrfore and going into town (Toulouse Matabiou Train Station) to see if Yvonne's Lost Property has turned up. Although not feeling well Yvonne spends the day looking at arrangements for our Italy trip from the 14th May till the 19th.  Owing to the fact that we will have all our luggage (as we won't be returning to Kev's Pad before returning to OZ) we decide to base ourselves for the 5days in Rome and take day trips using the fast rail and a 3 day Eurail Italy pass to visit other...

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Mar 26, 2012 - The easy life here at Kevin's in Toulouse

Tuesday 13th March and Wednesday. Tuesday I'm feeling a little better but still not flash.  Today we have another rest day.  The weather is getting warmer and the lunches, with a glass or two of wine take longer as do the evening meals.  We have started walking on a regular basis, been shopping, got the travel card issues sorted out etc Wednesday 14th March This morning while Kev is off studying French, Yvonne and I stroll along the canal  taking in the flora and fauna.  We stop at the restaurant (Noelle) and have a cup of coffee, before...

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Dec 5, 2011 - Toulouse

Breakfast at Maccas again - yes I know. Sad isn't it!! But I swear it's the only place to get a good cup of coffee!! Headed off to Toulouse. We were going to go to Andorra La Vella up in the Pyrenees mountains, but when we saw the state of the roads we thought caution before valour, and head somewhere else. So, on to Toulouse. Drive in isn't too inspiring. The hotel we are staying at is out near the airport, so it's not exactly in the cultural heartbeat of the city. Still, it's a place to lay the head for a night. After checking in, we...

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Nov 18, 2011 - Aujourd'hui nous nous dirigeons vers la France

Today we headed to France for a short visit to the southern region taking in Toulouse and Bordeaux. Toulouse is just a short stop over to break up the journey. We checked in to our beautiful hotel, went for a short walk to stretch the legs and then looked for a place for dinner. We found a cute little French Bistro called La Preference. The bistro had a theme which we were to find out was a common thread throughout all of Toulouse - the Violet. We started with the Violet Aperitif, then progressed to the edible Violet on the entree and on...

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May 5, 2011 - Off to Toulouse

We picked up the kids after school and after packing up for our weekend away; we began our drive to Toulouse. For dad, this is the 3rd straight day of driving, with over 1,700 kms now recorded. The drive was uneventful, despite a mediocre dinner at one of the stops on the Autoroute. After driving the BMW alone, the Peugeot 5008 full of family is an equally enjoyable experience. The roadside hotel near the Toulouse airport and Airbus factory was ready for us when we rolled in around midnight.

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