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May 20, 2013 - Faith and sacrifice at Minerve

Today we drove up to the little mountain village of Minerve. Minerve was another Cathar site that in 1210 was beseiged by Simon De Montfort and 7000 Albigensian crusaders. The village held out for days until Montfort succeeded in destroying their only well. Faced with either renouncing their faith or execution, 180 villagers chose death by burning. There is a monument to their sacrifice near the 13th century church still standing there. Originally, the village was fortified but only a single crumbling tower remaiins. The main gateway to the...

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Mar 27, 2006 - On the move

Mars 27 Location: Ventanac to Albi Hotel: Vieux Alby Activities: Departure from Ventanc Travel Albi visit / shopping Dinner: Moroccan restaurant Run: 10 k St Valer / Ginesta run Nous sommes partis de Ventanac. Nous sommes allés à Albi. C'a pris long temp. Quand nous sommes arrivés nous chercherions un hôtel. Nous avons trouvé un qui était OK. Nous avons dîné à un restaurant Moroccan.

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Jul 2, 2004 - The Magic Kingdom?

On our way West, we visited the town of Carcassone as our stop on the way to the France/Spain coast. Carcassone is an impressive fairy tale medieval fortress, boasting not one but two complete walls, a chateau, and watch towers galore. While the "the cite´" is a bit of a Disneyland type visit, it is impressive nonetheless. It is certainly preserved for tourists and not much of a look at real french life, you would have to be an extreme cultural purist not to at least be impressed.

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