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May 21, 2015 - May 21 all around Paris

I had an early start today - out before nine. MC stayed in. Walking south, I passed the Odeon Theatre and found the Luxembourgh Gardens complex - the gardens themselves, the museum and an official building. Joggers were out, other Parisians sat in the sun. A woman jumped rope, another stretched, etc etc. and, many sat in the sun. In the Rosarium, a father had his coffee while watching his toddler play in the hugh sandbox. - one of four. I understand that the gardens are replanted 3 times a year. Here, as at most parks I've visited,...

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May 20, 2015 - The D'Orsay

Got off to an earlier start this morning. We walked to the D'Orsay and enjoyed it's works of art. Probably one of the best collections of impressionist around. Took a lot of pictures and I am inspired to begin painting again. Later we went on a hike to our favorite cooking store (Dehillerin). It's like a Home Depot for chefs. Bought some things we had to have. This was preceded by lunch at the bistro next door. I had my best Moule Frits ever. Mussels steamed in wine and cream sauce. As Didier would say "so so good". After a late and filling...

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May 20, 2015 - May 20 at the Orangerie

Yesterday we started out for the Louvre for a special exhibit. We bought a pack of ten metro tickets and set off. Easy! Got to the Louvre and our Museum passes worked. All good. But could not find the exhibit. Turned out it was way down the complex.our passes did not work, so we declined to view it. On towards the far end of the Tuilleriea for the Orangerie. Got caught in a nasty rain squall, so we headed for shelter and found the Carousal pub. A timeless place. We opted for sitting inside although intrepid souls did sit out under the...

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May 20, 2015 - Sacre Coeur et al

We've been getting along without using the Metro, but today we did. You can get anywhere eventually, as we experienced. After a morning rain the sun came out though it was still cool. First we spent a lot of time at the Musee de Montmarte and the Jardins (garden) Renoir. Many works of art and a great history of Montmarte. This place became the hotbed of artists in France and the center of liberalism. This was home court for Toulouse-Lautrec, among others. They had great history poking fun at the establishment . After this we walked to the...

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May 19, 2015 - May 19 d'Orsay and more

Today we set out for the Musee Cluny, but went the wrong way, decided to continue on our current path to the d'Orsay. There we bought our museum passes. By now it was time for lunch, so we went to the restaurant on the 5th. We joined with another couple to make a table of 4. Had a lovely lunch with Max (of Vancouver) and Maxine (of Winnipeg). Delightful. On to the exhibits. Saw "du Liberty" modern work in Italy before W W II. Modernism at it's earliest Then on to find a Whistler - unfortunately away to CA to a special exhibit. So on to Art...

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May 19, 2015 - May 18

After a late start we walked to Notre Dame and caught a Hop onHop Off bus. We spent time at the Eiffel Tour on the grass watching the many tourists. Back to the place for a quick lunch then off to try to find our friend Wanda's boyfriend she met here last year. After careful stumbling around we found the cafe where he worked. Sadly, Tony no longer works there but has moved to Canada. There certainly is no shortage of restaurants and we found one that looked good. The food was good but not exceptional. . .what do you expect for a 3 course...

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May 18, 2015 - May 17 Versailles

Mona Carole and I took a guided day tour to Versailles today. Our fellow tour attenders were three women sharing an apartment - one there for a month. The apartment holder was blond and stylish. she told me that they had just completed 4 day museum passes. Anothe was a retired professor of accounting - pretty red hair. The other group was a couple from Ithica who had just arrived the day before and we're leaving on Monday to meet a foreign exchange son and other family members in Germany. This would be the start of a 3 or 4 week vacation....

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May 17, 2015 - The Latin Quarter

After a homemade breakfast we took off on our walking tour of the Latin Quarter. The highlight was the Cluny Museum.. The 15th Century building houses an excellent collection of medieval art including ancient sculpture and tapestry. Well worth the visit. Thenon to the Sorbonne (University of Paris). Home of the Fighting Coquettes. Couldn't find the football field, must be around here someplace. Hail to the lavender and pink. We stopped for lunch and then visited the Pantheon which dates back to Louis XV. A little shopping then time to...

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May 17, 2015 - Yesterday Recap

Take back what I said about this place. I'm starting to get attached to it. The location is excellent, close to our old hood and near all the sites. After a late start we did a walk about to Luxembourg Gardens and the St-Germaine-des-Pres locale. Lots of great shops and galleries. Toured St-Suplice Church. The church was featured in the Da Vinci Code book/movie. Had a great lunch of Boeuf Bourguignon, while Linda had a salad. Came back to relax (we are old people) then out to dinner at Le Robe. Had a haute cuisine dinner and a wonderful...

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May 16, 2015 - About our lodging

All I can say is this place looked a lot better on Airbnb. Linda describes it as way past vintage. Bob's opinion is "Hey, what do you expect for $123 per night". OK, enough bitching, at least the place has 2 toilets. I'll continue, the sleeping quarters are up a treacherous staircase with little headroom. As a matter of fact, the whole sleeping arrangement is height challenge. We figured it was too dangerous (with the risk of falling down the stairs). Fortunately the couch makes into a bed that is doable. Yesterday we did a little shopping...

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May 15, 2015 - On to Paris

We made it! Drove to Avignon and found the TGV station and boarded our train. Our luggage has become unbelieveably heavy. What a hassle. A little over a 3 hour train trip and we are at our apartment. Doesn't quite looks like the photos, but it's fine. As they say, location, location. Our host, Leticia, works in the cafeteria just downstairs. It's cold in Paris, but a relief from the heat of Provence.

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May 12, 2015 - Day 2 in Paris

The plan for the day was the Hop On Hop Off bus, hopping off at points to do walking tours I had found in my guide book, Frommer's Paris Day by Day. Of course I had a Google map to find the location to pick up the bus but it was wrong and we had to call the tour company to find out where the correct place was, the corner of St Germaine des Pres and Mont St Michel but which corner? Four tries and we found it, the bus arrived and we were on our way. There are four sections to the route and I carefully examined them to find convenient transfer...

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