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Oct 11, 2004 - Ahhh, Pari!

We arrived safe and sound in Paris on Sunday afternoon and we were thrilled with the cooler weather here. We were spoiled with very sunny weather on all of our travels, but it's very nice to have some cooler weather here in Paris. I think it just gives the city a more romantic feel. We are staying in the 7th, very close to the Eiffel Tower. When we first arrived in Paris almost a month ago, the Eiffel Tower was closed. However, we strolled over there yesterday afternoon and it was in full operation. Since it's pretty chilly, we decided not...

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Oct 7, 2004 - Paris, the start of our trip

Paris, 9pm, 10/7/04 Bonjour, We made it to Paris! We're having a great time. The people have been very friendly, we even managed to navigate through the subway without getting lost. Yesterday we went up the Eiffel tower. We walked from our hotel which is on the southwest side of Paris near the velodrome. It was quite a trek, but we had to stay awake to fight the jet lag. We ate at a great brassierie, Mark ate pigeon, but it was good. We'll post photos when get a chance (windows XP). Mark writes... Today we went to Versailles, and toured the...

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Sep 27, 2004 - A "Down" Week

Canterbury and Paris After our class ended in Ashford last week, I had a week off. Judith has joined me for a little holiday in the UK and France. We spent time every day in Canterbury, because this was the only place I could get on the Internet. I am going slowly mad because I can't get online easily. However, Starbucks has high-speed internet, so I get lots of coffee and culture every day. Canterbury is a very old city. You can see in the pictures I uploaded, the old (partially Roman) walls and gates. In the middle of a medieval city,...

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My Cheetah Trip

Sep 25, 2004 - J-2 La derniere grosse chouille chez les Parents

J-2 Derniere journée entre copains avant le grand départ. Les potes arrivent de partout / Paris, Boulogne, Rouen, Lyon, Biarritz (enfin essaye), Creteil, Compiegne, Reims, Lima ... Comme nous avons chantez ce soir là : "et si on se donnait RDV dans 10 Mois?" Merci a tous, vous allez nous manquer! Special dédicace a Jean-Paul et Christine pour la mise a disposition de la maison du bonheur! Virg et VinZ

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Sep 15, 2004 - Parlez vous anglais?

We arrived in Paris safe and sound! From the CDG airport, we got on the RER train into Paris... and then a short walk to our hotel. (Oh, at the airport train station, I was lucky enough to get hit with a old man's fart mixed with his awful cologne... ahhh Paris! haha) We walked around the Marais neighborhood like zombies... due to very little sleep on the plane. We struggled with the french menus at lunch and dinner... poor Derek ordered the most foul-tasting (and smelling) sausage at dinner. He took one bite and had to spit it in his...

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Sep 12, 2004 - This is it! Ca y est, c'est le départ!

This is it. The time has come... We are off on Tuesday(Manu wants me to add - very early in the morning) to Paris where we will visit a couple of friends, then a stop in Madrid on Thursday where we will meet with my friend Greg and his family. We have seen each other once only since we graduated from Thunderbird, our business school, 22 years ago. It should be fun! Then Thursday we will be landing in Istanbul and then off we are. Can't tell you what it feels like, it seems so unreal! Ca y est, c'est le grand départ. Mardi nous serons à...

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Sep 10, 2004 - Paris: The Rodin Museum and City Tour

I can't wear shoes today because of the blister on my feet, and I think I somehow bruised my Achilles tendon. Luckily it is really warm here in Paris and I can wear my flip-flops. Walking to the Rodin museum took a long time, and my feet hurt by the time I got there. I guess flip-flops aren't the greatest for support. The museum is in a really beautiful house that was used by several famous people, and then eventually by artists, Rodin being one of them. There is also a huge garden where most of his full size pieces are. "The Thinker" was...

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Sep 9, 2004 - Arrival in Paris

Happy Birthday to me! I finally got into Paris (of course, I slept like a baby on the 45-minute flight but not at ALL on the 9 hour one) and met up with my friend Laura at the exit. It was all much easier than I expected- we took a shuttle, walked to the Accent offices, and got all our info/keys/stuff we needed for our stay in Paris. Our first orientation meeting is tomorrow morning at 10 AM- which I say is FAR too early considering the state of my jet lag. One good thing, though- the Accent people had a birthday card waiting for me- how...

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Sep 9, 2004 - Going to Paris In Style

I traveled to Paris first class. For some reason it was cheaper than second class. A meal and two snacks were served on a four and a half hour trip. The seats were big and comfortable and it smelled nice. I think I will do that again if I get the chance. I was really tired because of staying up all night again, and therefore slept all the time... except when they were serving food of course. I have learned to always eat free food when it is served and you are running out of money. I got to Garé du Nord (the Northern main train station in...

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Sep 6, 2004 - Ah, Pari

Bonjour! We have been in Paris for 5 days now, and we love it still! We went the Louvre and saw the Monna Lisa, which was cool, but the Louvre and the other museums around here allow flash photography, so there were all of these obnoxious tourists taking pictures of the monna Lisa! We refused to take a picture and felt very righteous about that. There were even tons of Tourists with video cameras videotaping the Louvre Museum; Now why anyone would want to go home and look at a photograph of the Mona Lisa behind glass instead of buying a...

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Sep 1, 2004 - Bonjour!

Bonjour! Well, we finished WWOOFing and then got on the road again! Whohoo! We were definitely getting a little stir crazy after two weeks in relatively the same place, so it was nice to be on the go. We spent a couple of days in Galway, which we really likes. It was a lot like Burlington, so I felt right at home. Also, Miriam adn Rhowina, our WWOOFinh hosts, were at the Galway market selling Miriam's knitwear. Joy got a beautiful scarf for 5 euro which sold at market for 23 euro!!! Score!!! We then took the bus to Rosslare, Ireland, and...

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Aug 27, 2004 - Périgueux

Christo, Mom (Christine) and me, Manu, left Ottawa for France on August 26. We joined Steph and Roots at our grandmother's house in the southwest of France in Périgueux, our first stop on this adventure. Sadly, Stephanie is now in Shanghai, where she will study for a year. Dad (Terry) will be joining us the 9th of September to officialy start The Adventure. Christo, Maman (Christine) et moi-même, Manu, nous avons quitté Ottawa pour la France le 26 août. Nous avons rejoint Steph et Roots chez notre grand-mère dans le sud-ouest de la France à...

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