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Oct 15, 2010 - Ville d'Eu

It is the wee hours of the morning (2 am), and I am sitting with my laptop in the corridor of the youth hostel in Eu, Normandy (just east of Dieppe). Unfortunately, I can't get internet connection in our room, so I’m sitting on a hard bench in the silent hallway downstairs, while Kirianne sleeps upstairs. This hostel is interesting – it’s the former kitchen outbuilding for the huge chateau of Eu, residence of the Dukes of Normandy (and later kings), built some 500 years ago! Our travel plans have been disrupted by a train workers’ strike -...

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Oct 10, 2010 - Nous sommes en FRANCE! Dieppe

Nous sommes en France!!! in a lovely seaside hotel in Dieppe. We arrived from England by ferry yesterday. (Thankfully a smooth sailing.) It's a fantastically sunny warm day here; Kirianne and I just spent the last couple hours on the beach! (not actually swimming, since K has a cold and it seems a bit foolhardy to immerse oneself in the English Channel in mid October, don't you think?) Anyway, I was lying on the cobbles (it isn't a sandy beach but rather smooth stones, average size of ping pong to tennis balls - murder on the feet to walk...

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Sep 26, 2010 - Rouen

We purchased a SIM for our GPS before we left and she’s having a little problem so we use the old fashion technique: maps and road signs. We follow the signs but the signs don’t show the distance but we make it OK as Linda transcends into the techie world and changes the GPS from miles to KM and local time – clever girl. We make it to Rouen and we find the first hotel but it doesn’t look appealing so we try for another, finally ending up in the main square Vieux Marche. We find another hotel and it’s charming (and has a heated towel bar for...

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Aug 29, 2010 - Monet's Home/Gardens

Since we didn't get the chance to see Monet's Gardens on the day we saw Versailles, we scheduled it in for when my parents were with us. The gardens themselves are stunning. Monet planted them himself to create different views no matter where you go. He cleverly planned it out so that no matter what season it is, something will be in bloom. The water garden is the most famous, known for its water lilies lazily floating down a river under the green painted bridges. Willow trees line the edge and canoes sit on a nearby shore. It was much...

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Aug 25, 2010 - Rouen

Since we did the old walk in Dinan and our train left later in the day, we didn't get to Rouen until late at night. It took us a while to get from the train to our hostel. They didn't give very good directions and we felt lost quite a few times. We did find our hostel eventually, and it was very nice, but it was much too late to do anything there (ps if staying at the hostel in Rouen through HI hostels, take the train AND the bus from the station...the walk is further than you would think.) As a result we had to save our exploring until the...

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May 17, 2010 - Saint Valery en-Caux (N.W. France)

Hey all, . After visiting the village of Villers Bretonneux, we continued on to Saint Valery en-Caux (Haute Normandie) on the North West Coast of France. This coastal town was the location where my mother's father (Edward Jordan) was captured by the German Army in WWII. . He was a member of the British Expeditionary Force, 51st Highland Division. Due to the rapid advancement of the German Army into western Europe, the allied forces retreated to coastal Northern France (Dunkirk) where British ships were to be sent to rescue the troops. After...

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Oct 15, 2009 - MunichRound2

Sitting in lobby of Hotel Ludwig b/k only way can log on w/this computer. In the COLD lobby - freezing here, about 30 F. Snowed in Berchtesgaden, couldn't go to Eagle's Nest, to museum instead. Beautiful, like Christmas card. Stayed at Hotel Bavaria. 6.51 a.m. train to Nurembeerg tomorrow, 1 hr, then train to Prague. Excellent trip. Too many things, may get knocked off any minute. Later. Wilda and Cel.

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Oct 1, 2009 - Normandy

First, never trust free wireless. Got kicked off. Bummer. Second, French people are helpful and friendly. Even if they don’t speak much English. Third. We were led to seriously underestimate the language barrier. And did. Fourth, we’ll have to recharge this. Not sure converter we bought will work right. Fifth, we and the car are both fine. Drove at least 350 km today. Very scenic. Very curvy. Very narrow. Very tired. Got to pont du hoc. Will post pics if can get to upload. In a motel in Bayeaux tonight. Back to Normandy coast tomorrow,

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Sep 23, 2009 - One week and counting

Well, we're down to one week now. Have MiniNetbook working, have Vonage V-phone working (finally !), both are starting final selection of clothes, suitcases, other tech equipment, etc. Both will get hair shorn this week. Water is set up to autofill pool (we hope). A week from today we'll land in Paris, get a rental car, and (we hope) drive to Rouen. Will stay in Rouen and drive around Normandy beaches for 3 days.

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Aug 22, 2009 - August's adventures

(This is my third attempt writing and saving, I keep losing my work!) These pictures are taken in Giverny at Claude Monet House and Gardens Clara, Laura, and I took off one Saturday morning by train. We arrived 50 minutes later and took a short bus ride through the town towards his neighbourhood. There was already a huge line-up and we ignored the no picnicing sign just before entering around 1pm. We saw some others sitting on the other side of the fence and picnicing. We would have to go over the low fence by way of the slow moving stream....

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Oct 5, 2008 - Day24 Paris#8/Giverny

Water Lily Dreaming Recreated to reflect Monet’s painting … one of the two bridges in today’s garden at Giverny. Keren: Real estate agents must still describe Giverny as “an idyllic retreat only a relaxed drive from the hustle and bustle of Paris.” It reminds me a little of Daylesford or Macedon in relationship to Melbourne. Unlike some of his contemporaries (see Van Gogh’s story for example) Monet was doing reasonably well out of his painting and could afford to set up his family in the house and garden at Giverny. He apparently was as...

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Trip Journal

Days Far Away

Jun 25, 2008 - Rouen

June 26th update - new photos added to Paris and Nice etc ------ After a couple of weeks with Nick's parents Mel and Judy, we are again on our own, and again lugging our packs around after a couple of long stretches in Paris and in the south. We said goodbye this am to Mel and Judy as they made their way to the airport, and us, to the train station to catch our ride north. We have just arrived in Rouen, will soon head off to meet up with our Servas hosts. We cannot wait to explore this city! It looks so incredibly beautiful. We will have a...

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