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Oct 20, 2011 - Abbaye St. Wandrille

This afternoon we hopped on the bus and drove through the most beautiful countryside to the Abbaye St. Wandrille. We walked through the ruins of the old cathedral on the way to the present day church. These ruins were those of the 4th cathedral. The 1st was destroyed by lightning, the 2nd by the Vikings, the 3rd by a careless monk who knocked over a candle, and the 4th by the French Revolution who used it as a stone quarry.The new church is a 13th c. stable that was moved and completed in 1969. The woodwork in the ceiling is exquisite. It...

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Oct 20, 2011 - Rouen

Rouen is a fabulous city. The Rouen Cathedral is really interesting because early, late, and flamboyant Gothic styles are side by side. Our guide is very interested in architecture so we got quite an education. Hhe also taught us about the timber frame and it's development. This is a city I would love to come back to.

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Jun 20, 2011 - Monday Day 14-Rouen & Paris "Julia in Rouen:An Opening Up of the Soul and Spirit."

Monday June 20 Day 14 Well today the forecast is cloudy with a chance of rain---and we’re off to Rouen. Of all places on this epicurean journey one might ask why Rouen? Apparently, besides being a medieval town (designed by a Viking in 911) and being the site where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in 1431 there is also a famous restaurant there- the 14thcentury La Couronne. Built in 1345, it is not only the oldest restaurant in France---but it is also the site where Paul took Julia for her first French meal and is credited with being...

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Sep 26, 2010 - Rouen

We purchased a SIM for our GPS before we left and she’s having a little problem so we use the old fashion technique: maps and road signs. We follow the signs but the signs don’t show the distance but we make it OK as Linda transcends into the techie world and changes the GPS from miles to KM and local time – clever girl. We make it to Rouen and we find the first hotel but it doesn’t look appealing so we try for another, finally ending up in the main square Vieux Marche. We find another hotel and it’s charming (and has a heated towel bar for...

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Aug 25, 2010 - Rouen

Since we did the old walk in Dinan and our train left later in the day, we didn't get to Rouen until late at night. It took us a while to get from the train to our hostel. They didn't give very good directions and we felt lost quite a few times. We did find our hostel eventually, and it was very nice, but it was much too late to do anything there (ps if staying at the hostel in Rouen through HI hostels, take the train AND the bus from the station...the walk is further than you would think.) As a result we had to save our exploring until the...

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Oct 15, 2009 - MunichRound2

Sitting in lobby of Hotel Ludwig b/k only way can log on w/this computer. In the COLD lobby - freezing here, about 30 F. Snowed in Berchtesgaden, couldn't go to Eagle's Nest, to museum instead. Beautiful, like Christmas card. Stayed at Hotel Bavaria. 6.51 a.m. train to Nurembeerg tomorrow, 1 hr, then train to Prague. Excellent trip. Too many things, may get knocked off any minute. Later. Wilda and Cel.

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Oct 1, 2009 - Normandy

First, never trust free wireless. Got kicked off. Bummer. Second, French people are helpful and friendly. Even if they don’t speak much English. Third. We were led to seriously underestimate the language barrier. And did. Fourth, we’ll have to recharge this. Not sure converter we bought will work right. Fifth, we and the car are both fine. Drove at least 350 km today. Very scenic. Very curvy. Very narrow. Very tired. Got to pont du hoc. Will post pics if can get to upload. In a motel in Bayeaux tonight. Back to Normandy coast tomorrow,

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Sep 23, 2009 - One week and counting

Well, we're down to one week now. Have MiniNetbook working, have Vonage V-phone working (finally !), both are starting final selection of clothes, suitcases, other tech equipment, etc. Both will get hair shorn this week. Water is set up to autofill pool (we hope). A week from today we'll land in Paris, get a rental car, and (we hope) drive to Rouen. Will stay in Rouen and drive around Normandy beaches for 3 days.

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Jun 25, 2008 - Rouen

June 26th update - new photos added to Paris and Nice etc ------ After a couple of weeks with Nick's parents Mel and Judy, we are again on our own, and again lugging our packs around after a couple of long stretches in Paris and in the south. We said goodbye this am to Mel and Judy as they made their way to the airport, and us, to the train station to catch our ride north. We have just arrived in Rouen, will soon head off to meet up with our Servas hosts. We cannot wait to explore this city! It looks so incredibly beautiful. We will have a...

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Jul 17, 2006 - Rouen - July 16th

Rouen - July 16th Slept until around noon. Got ourselves together and head out to explore the city. It is Sunday and seems deserted and full of trash. Must be because it is Sunday on a holiday weekend? Had an odd feeling that I was not safe, but not really unsafe. Sketchy characters all over the place. The city should really be called the city of Cathedrals - there are mini Notre Dames everywhere. A complete gothic style city. Really beautiful despite the odd folk. We have a nice dinner of excellent pizza and hit the hay early. We decided...

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Jerretta's Journey

Jul 10, 2006 - France- check out the new photos!

I'm in France and boy do I love it! Yes we are driving on the right hand side of the road, we go around the round about anti clockwise, the supermarkets sure do put SUPER back into the word market, the clock in our tiny country village chimes every 15 minutes and once for every hour on the hour -i.e. 12 times at midnight and this key board is completely bonkers but that is only the beginning!!!! It is true how easy it is to travel from country to country in Europe -just four hours on the ferry from New Haven (England) to Dieppe (France) car...

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