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May 14, 2006 - le havre, normandy

hello from normandy the land of weird keyboards where i can not find the period button another adventurous day i arrived at the port of le havre the capital of normandy, it cost only 10 pounds, but the guy at the travel stqtion in london who booked my ticket picked the wrong day Josh, now i know how you felt anyways, i paid tzice and got to le havre on the ferry i met this girl who had to kill time so we hung out, however we found out le havre is a sketchy place we were looking for the bus station when we asked some guy where it is, and he...

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Europe - 2006

May 7, 2006 - Caen Market

Did you know that Caen, France is one hour ahead of Portsmouth, England? Neither did we...so, needless to say, we didn't quite get as much sleep as planned. At 5:30 AM, according to our watches, the ship's wake up call came through our cabin's loud speaker, and we thought surely there must be some mistake. Much to our chagrin, it was no mistake - local time was 6:30 and we were to disembark at 7:15! So, we proceeded to get up and get ready as best we could in our half sleepy state, when in the middle of it all, an announcement was made that...

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Jun 26, 2005 - Voyage au pays d'auge

After a day of rest and relaxation and an amazing dinner at Authuille, Alison, Brendan Paul, Alison and I headed out to Normandie on Friday the 24th to visit Honfleur and the pays d'Auge. We drove down there, an uneventful trip. Got into the appartment that we had rented and headed to the beach. After a game of rocky/sandy (think of it as horse shoes played with rocks on the beach) and a dip in the ocean we headed back to the apartement only to discover that we had lost our keys somewhere on the beach. I know! We headed back to find them...

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Jun 10, 2005 - Le Harve

Today we are in Le Harve France. The tour started after we left the ship late for someone unknown reason. We could have cleared customs late or some other reason, but we were to first meet the tour at 7:45am. Last night the ship paper listed the time as 8:00am. We had time for breakfast and then a quick check of the email to see if there was any news on Coqui. She had been having problems with her back legs. The email was there and said she was in better shape with a different medication. The original medication, prednisone, seemed to make...

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Apr 28, 2005 - Houlgate - Normandy (D-Day Beaches)

Stopped in Houlgate, just below the town of Le Harve on the French North Coast, was a good place to see the D-Day beaches from. Had a little trouble with 'Pikey', a sign of things to come....not starting to well, but got going in the morning, think it was a little to much to drink the night before, we discovered she had a bit of a drinking and heavy smoking problem soon after hitting France.

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