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Sep 20, 2014 - First Day after the Flight

Today we got off the plane and got our little Fiat 500. Picture of her will come one of these days. We drove on the toll road because we needed to get to our first bed and breakfast and sleep. We took a few detours saw some great country ate at a local restaurant and were amazed at how much everyone could eat and they were all thin,,,,,I am so glad we had the GPS or we would have never found our place to sleep it was so far off the map but little Garmenia came through. Our bed and breakfast was a beautiful old chateau like home. We had very...

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Apr 24, 2012 - First few days of trip (april 24-26)

First off I just want to let everyone know that I will (or will be trying to) update my blog every sunday from now on So far the trip has been really awesome and exciting which says it alot since the weather hasnt been too great and my body is painfully getting used to the life on the road. The first day  was rainy, windy, and chilly and my bike didnt not want to bw friendly( poor gear shifting, chain cracking, and wobbly tire) I however managed to ride to neuchatel which was a very beautiful ride through the country  and along Lake...

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Jul 4, 2011 - A Day In Gray And A Happy Birthday

July 4, 2011 One of the most beautiful aspects of staying at Fouvent-le-Haut is the ringing of the church bells in the cathedral immediately above the house. If you look at the pictures, you will see that the church is situated on a hill right above the house. The bells ring in a varying rhythm on the quarter hour, while gonging the full hour at the top of the hour (logical, n’est pas). At 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. they provide a complete chorale of cascading sounds that have to be heard. The other morning sound we hear is the song birds...

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Jul 3, 2011 - Just An Average Day In Paradise

July 3, 2011 Brenda and Penny woke up with a craving for some exercise and took a long walk to the next village, Roche, in the cool but sunny morning air. While we waited for their return James and I made a breakfast of Peter’s homemade bread, leftover rosti, bacon bits and poached eggs. It was a non-traditional breakfast for the Swiss but one we would consider everyday breakfast fare. James told us that the Swiss would consider this more of an evening meal. James and I undertook to haul some logs and debris out of the mill pond so that...

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Jul 1, 2011 - Fouvent-le-Haut

July 1, 2011 For Canada Day, we were travelling to Rosmarie’s “weekend house” in Fouvent-le-Haut, France. We were packed and out the door at 9:00 a.m. for the 200 km drive through the Swiss and French countryside. I followed Penny and Rosmarie in our rental car and we enjoyed a pleasant 3-hour trip over the Jura Mountain range into France where the road took us through rolling fields and too many small villages to name. The villages all consisted of stone houses hundreds of years old with histories we could only imagine. Our arrival at the...

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Jan 13, 2011 - Belfort and Besançon

written mainly by Kirianne... We stopped for a few hours in Basel train station, but didn't get to see Doro. We continued into Franche-Comté region to Belfort just for a couple of hours to see the town’s main tourist attraction: a great red sandstone lion built on the cliff just below the citadel. Luckily we were able to leave our big backpacks at the train station, thanks to the kindness of the Chef de la Gare. (You can no longer leave baggage in a locker in any train station, due to the terrorist threat, but he was sympathetic to a...

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Jun 21, 2006 - Besancon-Ornans

The Chateau that we have been staying in is lovely but we both decided we needed to leave. We were supposed to stay one more night, and the owner of the chateau said they would refund our last nights stay if they were able to re-rent the room that night. We packed up the car and started driving east. Our first stop was the college town of Besancon. We had lunch, walked around a little and went searching for the Musee du temps...which apparently has a staggering collection of time pieces. The museum is located in the Cathedral St. Jean. We...

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Apr 17, 2006 - Le Trois Valles, and the rest.

Righto, So the rest of Paris was amazing and exhausting, equally. I got to the Louvre (right on opening, so the crowds weren't as ahidueous as they could've been), the Pompidou (I can't help thinking the outside is cooler than the inside - I'm betraying my artistic tendencies to say that not much modern art touches me aren't I?), and the Musee Rodin (really beautiful - all his fabulous works set up in his old mansion and the surrounding gardens - Balzac, The Thinker, The Kiss, oh my!) After that I was pooped, so I headed home for a quick...

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