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Jun 20, 2006 - The Loire - land of chateaux (and bugs).

Headed west again to tour the Loire. Set up camps along the route to visit a few of the chateaux. They are all very lovely and very different. Really loved the gardens at Vallandry and the chateaux at Chenonceaux was fantastic! Tours was fun - Rie discovered the perfect strawberry tart, shame we could only have one....... Tried to do a bike ride and my bike gave up the ghost. The rear sprocket mechanism self-destructed. Tried to jerry-rig it, but the brass had been worn away so it would not work. Oh well, can't complain since they were 'off...

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May 9, 2006 - Chateu de Chambord and Amboise

We arrived in Amboise a little later than expected, so we weren't able to see any castles on the evening of the 8th. We ate at a cafe in town - walking distance from our hotel (most of the town was walking distance from our hotel) and enjoyed exploring the town center. The manor house we stayed in was absolutey breathtaking. Such a nice and comforting feel, with a touch of elegance that wasn't "fussy". The front was draped with wisteria and offered a patio area to enjoy the fresh air. Our room had been built into the attic of the manor...

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Jul 14, 2005 - Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day, all! Let them eat cake. Sorry the Normandy update didn't get updated as soon as planned. Yesterday was so awesome I just didn't have time. Celine took me with her to all the local tourist offices (near all the chateaux) so I got to see the region all around here... finally... all while cruisin in the CADILLAC! It was so much fun, we were gone from 9 to 6 and saw everything and listened to "Lonely" by Akon about 18 times in a row. That song is so great, and Celine does the best little mouse voice to go along with it. So,...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Tour of Tours

Well, instead of going to Chenonceau on Saturday, we went to Tours instead (it's the name of a town, I promise). One of the interns, Andrea, was buying all our train tickets at the station because we were in a hurry, and all of a sudden, the train left...without her on it. We had NO tickets, and I had a Germany flashback to the first time I ever got on a train and that happened! Thankfully, we made it safely, but that was so stressful. We went shopping and to see the cathedral there. French clothes are really expensive, and stores can...

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Jun 10, 2005 - My Birthday!

Bonjour mes amis, Thank you so much for all the calls and notes wishing me a Happy Birthday, they really meant alot to me! Here's a little recap of my birthday (because it was really pretty spectacular, actually). Woke up eeeearly to the ringing of the bells--there is a gothic church seriously right outside my window, and those bells toll every morning and night at the 7 o'clock hour. This continues until almost 7:05 or 7:10; that small French priest really lives it up for those few minutes everyday, but not in a melodious way. He just must...

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May 21, 2005 - France -- Loire

Day 48 - Sat May 21 to Chenonceaux (Loire) (Jen) Today was our first relatively long drive - about 4.5 hours. Reek said to get out of Mont St. Michele early before all the day tripping tourons show up. We were out of the hotel by 8:40 and in line for the Abbey 10 minutes later waiting for the doors to open at 9. Given that we usually wake up about 10 and checkout at about 11, this was quite a feat for us. We were really glad we followed his advice though - we were the first people in the Abbey, just minutes ahead of a large Japanese tour...

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May 16, 2005 - Tours

We have another 99 centime flight, from here in France to London, where we will stage for the Asia part of the trip. It is hard to believe that we have been travelling for about 5 months, and that we are now anticipating being home this summer. Tours is nice, a bit touristy and expensive, and very hard to search for a hotel online. Try Googling Hotel Tours, you get all sorts of irrelevancies. We did luck into a great room that we had booked from Chinon as an associate of the hotel we stayed in there. We were in the only room on the top...

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Apr 23, 2005 - Blois - day 13

Well it is a small world. Got back to the hostel last night and there Irene Nankivell was sitting at a table with a small school group of New Zealanders. Irene is the mother of a good friend of mine from school in New Zealand and we lived 6 doors apart from each other. Amazing! I had dinner with them last night - and this morning they headed away to Versaille. This is my 4th day in Blois and am definitely starting to relax and unwind - the first two days hung around the town watching the world go by, getting my washing done and other...

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