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Jun 19, 2015 - Ploumanac'h - Day 26

Our 0700hrs rise from bed was our first early rise in quite a few days. We departed our hotel after a farewell to our French girl who had visited Adelaide and was most helpful to us. A quick coffee and pastry, a little shopping for hairspray and we were off for our 170 km drive to the seaside town of Ploumanac'h, north west of Saint Malo. On the way, we decided on a quick look at the large township of Saint Brieuc, half way to Ploumanac'h and had no problem entering the old city, however, it did not have the feel that we have experienced...

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Jun 18, 2015 - Saint Malo - Day 25

This morning was no different to the last three except our adopted Patisserie was closed and we were required to withdraw across the road to a cafe where we had two coffees and two coissants for 5€. We were the only ones in the cafe. We had decided earlier to visit Combourg Castle ( 42 km) on the way to Dinan and were at the castle at 1215hrs. We parked near the castle and walked to the ticket office where we met a less than helpful attendant. Our english probably turned her off and her abruptness challenged our decision to visit....

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Jun 17, 2015 - Saint Malo - Day 24

Another late start to the day but we are not concerned as we achieved a lot yesterday and felt we could do the same today. We departed the hotel at 1115hrs, for a coffee and pastry after which Kaye had her fringe cut. We then drove to Saint Lunaire, 16 km west of Saint Malo to view this seaside village, reputed to be the resort location for French actors living in Paris. The village was of a good size but was very quiet and many of the homes were still closed from the winter months. We walked the promenade and side streets to the Pointe du...

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Jun 16, 2015 - Saint Malo - Day 23

This was our laziest of mornings and it was not until 1115 hrs that we emerged from our room. Breakfast in the hotel had come and gone and any cafe serving pastries had ceased selling them and were preparing for lunch. After a lengthy walk, we found a patisserie at the bottom of our road selling both coffee and pastries which we indulged in. On our return to our hotel, we immediately set off to drive the 56km to re-visit Mont Saint Michel ( last 2012 - no photo's as camera stolen). The trip was quick and parking proved no problem. We took...

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Jun 15, 2015 - Saint Malo - Day 22

We were up earlier this morning as I did not have my camera with me when walking the streets of Rouen last evening. While Kaye finished dressing, I photographed the area of the Hotel De Ville and the Cathedrals before joining Kaye for the usual morning coffee and pastries in the centre of town. We then completed our exploration of this impressive city, capturing the earlier impressive images and more. Unfortunately, we were too early to enter the Cathedrals. One more day in Rouen would have been good! We returned to our hotel, which has a...

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May 12, 2015 - Dreams do come true

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the 1000 year old Bayeau tapestry. As exhibits go this one takes the cake. It is mounted inside a curving glass case and each of the panels has been numbered by the maker. Audio guides operate as soon as you stand in front of a number which means that no one stands in your way or moves ahead of you leaving you to enjoy each moment as the story of William the conqueror, a native of Bayeau, unfolds before you. The commentary highlights features you would never notice otherwise and people of all...

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Sep 29, 2014 - Bretagne/Brittany

Bretagne, or Brittany to all us English speakers, is the hidden secret of France. Very few Americans come here, many British do, and we're constantly asked if we're British - obviously our American accent is not giving us away, they're just not used to Americans. What a gem. We are cocooned in Tregestal, a small village surrounded by even smaller villages (we're actually in a place called "Le Bourg", next to Tregestal - on the Pink Granite Coast, spending our couple of days literally kicking back, relaxing, catching up on emails, internet,...

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Sep 26, 2014 - St Malo and the beginning of Bretagne

Our first day leaving our home exchange and we're off to Bretagne, heading straight to St Malo, a beautiful fishing port and an impressive old town and beaches. Toward the end of the day we headed down towards Dinan, and stayed in a wonderful Chambre d'Hote in Vilde-Guingalan, the Clos Saint Ange, about 10 km Dinan. Dominique, the wonderful host, recommended a restaurant in Lehon, which turned out to be a total delight. Great food, small menu, and a really fun owner/hostess. The restaurant, La Marmite, she informed us, was also written up...

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Jun 28, 2014 - Heading for Piriac today

Bonjour mes amis . We hope you are all ok.we have enjoyed a few days up the blissfully quiet river Vilaine and will head back to the Arzal lock today and then onto Piriac which gets a good write up in the book. I hope it won't be too busy to get into the marina being a Sunday. The last couple of nights we have been back on 2 buoys so no power or water supply. We are both looking a bit worse for wear so no close ups until we have a make-over. Geoff needs another hair cut so I may be let loose with hiss trimmer again to keep his good looks...

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Jun 27, 2014 - Arrival in Foleux further up the Vilaine River

It was one of Geoffs aims to get to La Roche-Bernard after reading about it in the Yaghting Monthly mag. He wasn't disappointed even though there was no beach. It was really pretty and well worth the hassle of getting through a very busy lock at Arzal to access the River Vilaine. We saw all sorts of dodgy boat handling going on in the lock and were just glad we have filled the boat with extra fenders so that we could avoid a collision. One couple almost ended up with the wife dangling from her boat hook as she got it caught in the long...

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Jun 25, 2014 - Belle Ile en Mer

We arrived yesterday at this lovely island called Belle Ile en Mer after a lovely sail and more unsuccessful fishing. We were surprised to get a place in the inner marina because many folk had told us it would be very busy and that we should expect to be on another buoy. We feel very lucky that we have had the luxury of electricity and available water supply. It has remained very warm throughout the day until around 10pm so we have enjoyed lots of dips in the sea despite the sudden appearance of loads of jelly fish everywhere since we left...

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Jun 20, 2014 - Arrival in Ile de Groix

The Ile de Groix lived up to expectations. A really pretty, quiet island but lots of hills if you are cycling. We have slept quite well for being on a bouncy buoy and ranted up left right and centre. On one evening we had 10 boats sharing the same buoy with us. We got to know our neighbours quite well ! Still hoping all the exercise will counteract all the drinks. We stayed 3 nights. The last evening it was like a mill pond and much quieter. We are now in Port Louis on a pontoon so we should be a bit more stable.mm

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