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Mar 30, 2005 - Brittany

This is Penny as JC is doing banking on another machine. Well at long last we are on our own travelling along at our own pace and able to stop when and where we want. As I said before we had 4 days at my brothers holiday house in Brittany on the Crozon peninsula. JC used the time to fix things on the campervan and get new tyres for the 2 bicycles and the spare wheel, all of which were flat, so now we are all like new. One of the dqys we were there we visited a small town called Langernoc where the 3 nuskateers was filned, the town is so old...

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Oct 22, 2004 - Silence for 10 days!

From September 18th until September 29th, I spent 10 days in Brittany, France at a Vipassana Meditation Course. 10 days of no talking, no writing, no listening to music, no exercise, no taking pictures, no reading, and NO INTERNET. The week consisted of about 10.5 hours a day of silent meditation starting at 4:30am. For those of you who are thinking that this sounds like modern day torture... just hold on one minute! My Vipassana retreat was incredible and I have already signed up for another 10 days in December. The no talking thing was...

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Jun 7, 2004 - France - Brittany - Where Artichokes Grow

There are many things in life that I've never tried to figure out. I still don't know why the grass is green or the sky is blue. How they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar remains a mystery to me. But travel is a wonderful thing; it enriches our lives and teaches us many things. As a result I now know how rice is grown and what mangostine fruit tastes like thanks to my trip to Southeast Asia, and I now know that artichokes grow in field after rolling field right here in Brittany. My previous trips to France have been to Paris. Always in...

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