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Aug 31, 2015 - Day 11 Western End of D Day beaches.

Woke up to heavy mist after the storm, soon turned to heavy rain.we were on a Tour with 4 others Started in Saint Mere Eglise,place with the paratrooper on the steeple.on to Utah beach with a superb museum, tide was in so we couldn't walk on the beaches.nice lunch in what had been the German radio room and that became the Allies. Pont Du Hoc amazing scenery. craters and explosions must have been terrifying . then onto Omaha, was the least successful place for the most casualties on 6th June. Then to the American Forces Cemetery, so many...

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Aug 30, 2015 - Day 10 Eastern end of D Day Beaches

Started off on the Eastern flank by Visiting Ranville and Pegasus bridge, the Museum is superb. spent a couple of hours in there. Lunch at the cafe ,the first building liberated. Very misty day after a massive thunderstorm on Saturday night. We dropped the top and went to the Merville battery , this covered all the way over Sword and Juno. after this we meandered along the coast stopping at some of the many monuments to the fallen. one of the most poignant was on Juno where over 100 were lost in the first few minutes. The opening of Private...

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Aug 29, 2015 - Day 9

No modern wars today, 1st stop was to go and visit the Tapestry. A wonderful piece of history, and follows the normal pattern where history belongs to the victor! After a lovely time viewing this, on to the Cathedral. We then noticed a turn up n go walking tour so after a light lunch we were the only ones on it. Back and had a few zzzz then out for a nice dinner. Tomorrow up to date and Pegasus Bridge and the British and Canadian sectors from D Day

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Aug 28, 2015 - Day 8

Early(ish) start, viewing the cellars and trench at Auchonvilliers. then after loading up the sun came out,so top off and off to Fricourt to visit the German cemetery and then the Welsh memorial at Mametz wood. Then setting off to drive to Normandy 205 miles, just over 5 hours with stops, staying off the motorway, we pulled off for lunch by a lake. Desne will testify that there's very few services in northern France. Nice run apart from an accident at a roundabout at Rouen. Lovely old house in Bayeux centre. nice view of the Cathedral from...

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Jun 28, 2015 - More volcanoes, comatose villages and lunch at Mimi’s

The last week has seen us finish up our hiking in the mountains of the Auvergne and head north to the D Day Beaches of Normandy for one last travel fix before heading home. The Auvergne has really been one of the highlights of the trip with its endless hiking, challenging mountains, cooling streams and cascades, 3,000 year old caves and medieval tracks. It has been sensational. We are sorry to leave, but are planning to be back for sure. As a break from the hiking, we spent a Sunday in the town of Le Mont Dore – the most lively hill town we...

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Jun 28, 2015 - Honfleur - Day 35

Today's drive to Honfleur ( 176 Km's ) is the second major change to our original itinerary. The first was the cancellation of our third day in Rennes for a night in Brix to visit the seaside village of Barfleur. There must be something about these country chateau's as we awoke again to absolute stillness with only a few chickens crowing and the infrequent chiming of the town's church bells. The sky was also clear, heading for a "hot one" at 22 degrees C. We had breakfast alone at 0830hrs as being a Sunday, the other four guests were...

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Jun 27, 2015 - Brix - Normandie - Day 34

We were away from Rennes ( Ren ) just after 0800hrs and our first stop was Fougeres (52 km). We entered via the centre of town and were initially disappointed not to be confronted in this old historic area by the castle. A Saturday market was in progress and appeared quite substantial with the usual wide array of produce. We wandered the market and consumed a coffee and pastry before finding the tourist information office. Armed with directions we walked via the public gardens which were very nice and through the medieval village to the...

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Apr 26, 2015 - On the road to Normandie & the D-Day Beaches

Today we travel by car to Caen, France and the Normandy Beaches. Our car is a small Citron with a manual transmission. Pam wisely demanded that we pay the 16 euros per day for a GPS. It really payed off on our return to Paris. On our drive we planned to visit Giverny and Monet's Garden but, the rain finally caught up with us. But, as turns out we stopped at a wonderful little French restaurant for a great lunch. As we drove on we could not believe the scenery. Other than the gorgeous fields of mustard, we felt like we were back in Sonoma...

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Sep 25, 2014 - Bayeux and cider tasting

The tapestry in Bayeux is something that is so amazing to see. 70 metres long of the story of the Battle of Hastings, done about 1000 years ago. The city itself is also wonderful - old (*arent' they all?), charming (again, aren't they all?) and lots of fun to wander around. After we left Bayeux, we went in search of cider tasting. It's really amazing how much in the area is closed already for the season. It seams that after July and August all the tourists are gone, others take their yearly vacation if they hadn't in those months. You would...

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Sep 24, 2014 - Mont St Michel

Mont Saint Michel is one of those bucket-list places - a UNESCO heritage site, and what a difference and yet not, from seeing it 15 years ago. The French are restoring the old abbey site to allow the restoration of the estuary that was being destroyed by the road that had been installed for access. Now, a raised walkway and road are being installed to allow the tide to flow freely again. There is free transport from mainland parking (though parking is not free - ha) and is quite efficient. Luckily for us, it is off-season and it is not as...

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Sep 22, 2014 - Normandie: Caen & D-Day beaches

First order of business is to start the laundry - one week, 6 people, we're running the machine! Off to Caen for the afternoon to visit the Chateau of Guillaume le Conquerant (William the Conquerer), and the Memorial Museum of Caen, highlighting WWII, but emphasis on World Peace for the future. Margaret adds a great description from us all: We began a week in the Normany region. We startedby visiting the Caen Memorial Museum, a very good representation of the Nazi invasion into Europe, the Caen Castle, built by William the Conquerer....

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Sep 20, 2014 - Briare > Chartres > Mathieu (Caen)/Normandie

Picked up our van and drove to Mathieu for our home exchange - We got on the road and made a stop in Chartres, both to view the cathedrale and it's amazing stained glass and also for lunch - can't miss a meal! On to Mathieu, with only minor issues on finding the house - 6 km from Caen WOW, what a fabulous house. Our hostess, Anne-Marie showed us around, shared champagne with us, and she and Jean-Claude were off to Paris to meet their friends for their trip.

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