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Jul 11, 2005 - Normandy Coast

We all went to Normandy for five days. We spent one night in Rouen, saw the Notre Dame Cathedral and the place where Joan of arc was burned at the stake, a ery old city on the River Seine. We stopped in Caen to see one of the largest fortified enclosures in Europe. Built in 1060 by William the Conqueror it was his residential palace. The guy lived large. Pretty impressive! On to the Normandy beaches where I am pretty sure we saw EVERY bunker. Actually, very interesting and moving. The children loved seeing the bunkers, maybe it was just...

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May 18, 2005 - France -- Normandy

Day 45 - Wed May 18 to Honfleur (in Normandy) (Jen) After breakfast at ... come on ... you can do it ... where do you think? Teehee. Yeah, at least we find a plan and stick with it. So after breakfast at the Bakery we purchased fresh strawberries, baguette, and cheese from the market in Rue Cler for our journey to Honfleur. We wanted to purchase Brie but the woman said we had to buy a pretty large slab so she chose Camberbert for us instead (neither of us really wanted it and we both waited for the other to tell her 'no thanks' - but too...

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Dec 2, 2004 - Normandy-Omaha Beach

I travelled a long ways to see this place. The famous writer Stephen Ambroise said every American should come here. I had dreams all night long about what it would be like to be a soldier on D-Day. The cemetary reminds you that freedom is not free or cheap. The whole region is surrounded by cemetaries. So peaceful now but 60 years ago....

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Oct 14, 2004 - Mont St Michel

We arrived on Mont St Michel at night. So far this has been the most impressive thing that we have seen. It really feels like you are in another world. We met a really nice man on the train. His name is Ruben, and he is a architect from Monterey Mexico.

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