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Sep 12, 2019 - Day 13 Fontet to Bordeaux

Highlights - delicious breakfast with the other 4 guests - a swarm of gardeners descended on the property as we were leaving today. - some nice country roads although quite a lot of up and down - Had lunch at a brasserie in Sauveterre - Cycled the rest of the way to Bordeaux (57km) most of which was on a rail trail (Roger Lapébie vélo route) Varied scenery with lots of shady trees either side of the route. We even passed through a tunnel. This route also had quite a bit of climbing but the gradient was very doable. We were really hanging...

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Sep 22, 2018 - Bordeaux revisited - a wine experience

A somewhat slow day today. I was up at sparrow fart as we had an early train trip to Bordeaux however got chatting to a delightful French woman and her daughter over my morning cafe au lait and croissant at the local tabac, who just happened to be hosting her Aussie bestie from Byron Bay. Ha ha, it was like a reunion and I was lucky to get back on time to catch our train, such a fun group and the four of us had so much to laugh about as we conversed in English and that other foreign language they speak here. I would’ve loved to have spent...

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Sep 14, 2018 - Charming Bordeaux

Urban elegance and provincial charm, this beautiful port city of Bordeaux situated on the Garonne is truely a cocktail of 18th century, high tech, urban street life. The worlds major wine industry capital and sadly I am unable to drink red wine, however have enjoyed their fine Rose. Priscilla and Eddie encouraged me to visit Bordeaux, Priscilla especially loved this fine city, the easy tram transport, the elegant 18th century architecture which so remind you that you are in Europe) and generally appealing atmosphere around the city. Thanks...

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May 12, 2018 - Bordeaux city tour

A rainy, cool day today but we've had such good weather all week we shouldn't complain. We just put on several layers, grabbed our umbrellas and off we went with our guide. We took one of the modern trams for several stops to the beginning of the shopping center. Bordeaux has the longest pedestrian shopping walk (several miles) in Europe. Trucks and cars are allowed until 11:00 a.m. to make deliveries to the shops but after that, steel posts about a foot around come up from the street to make barricades. Bordeaux is a lovely city with...

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May 6, 2018 - Bordeaux, France

All of the “gang” made it to the River Royale (our home for the next week) at various times during the day but in enough time for a welcoming drink before a fabulous dinner. These french chefs can create some great looking and tasting food. Bordeaux has a lovely waterfront that was full of people today. On the other bank is St Michael's church and abbey which was very pretty looming over the water. We will spend a day exploring here at the end of the week starting with an evening walking tour on Friday and a “do as the locals do” walking...

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Apr 4, 2018 - Our time in Bordeaux come to an end

The morning brings once again rain …. Today the agenda is to go back into Libourne and the local market which is considered one of if not the best in Europe. Here in the square in front of the Hotel de Ville are stalls of food and wares. Some are covered by a walkway that goes around the circumference of the square. In addition, there is a permanent Marche Couvert or covered market with many meat, fish and cheese vendors. This is as usual was once a fortified town but as it was also so a port a great place to tax merchants. They were taxed...

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Apr 3, 2018 - Sunshine and the wonderful Saint Emilioi

Hoorah … we awake to sun and blue sky. Fantastic as this is one of the days we have been looking forward to … Saint Emilion. Our day begins with a walking tour and wine taste, of course, and then a free afternoon. In this glorious sunshine it is going to be awesome. We are now on the right bank with different soil and the weather cooler and wetter, a perfect climate for Merlot. Unlike the other appellations that were granted the 1855 classification this area rerates the wineries every 10 years. Some move up some move down. However a few...

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Mar 30, 2018 - Up the Estuary

This morning we sail up the Garonne north of Bordeaux toward the Atlantic. Our stop will be just past the Confluence or point where the Garonne and Dordogne meet and become the Girone Estuary. As we are sailing all morning we have a talk on the rest of the itinerary by Sharon our Cruise Director and then one on the Estuary itself by Sarah one of our guides who is from Ireland. This is the Aquitaine region which is one of 13 regions of France and the largest with over 6 million people. The Garonne River is the largest in SW France over 350...

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Mar 29, 2018 - Sailing the Garonne

A glass of wine, time to do the blog all in the comfort of the boats lounge. The rain subsides a bit but not so much that we are tempted to head outside. There are still people from last week’s cruise on board for lunch which apparently we can do next week as our flight is not till 3 pm. So after a while we wander down to the dining room for lunch until our rooms are ready. The rooms are very nice but not as large as the Emerald but still lots of space to unpack and then shove your suitcases under the beds. With the narrower boat our beds...

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Mar 26, 2018 - We are here now can you turn up the heat please

After the usual last minute running around worried about what we have forgotten we are off to the airport with our chauffeur Eddie and arrive in plenty of time. We upgraded to Option plus at the last minute for the long leg and will be glad we did. Priority check-in, dinner, drinks, wide seats and extra leg room. A light lunch and we are off to Calgary a bit early. There is a new International terminal in Calgary and they shuttle us to it … the one flaw is there is only one choice for food other than fast food. Having said that the one...

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Oct 2, 2017 - The Train to Spain (via Bordeaux)

Did you know they have double decker trains in France? I didn't. Naturally, our seats were booked on the top deck so we settled down for a few hours on the TGV to gaze out the window at the French countryside whizzing by. The journey is a bit of a blur now. The only things of note in my mind were frantically googling some of the local dialect, and whilst skirting round Paris trying and failing to see the Eiffel tower. We arrived in Bordeaux to break up the travel for a couple of days, and to enjoy some cheese, wine and pastries. The view...

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Sep 10, 2017 - Scotland to BellaVista

June 7th got home. Dreadful weather all summer but we had a lovely time with the family. I'm not going to do a trip journal as such this year because we are driving the same route through France as in previous years, then staying at BellaVista for the winter, returning via the same route to get home by 14th March, in time for Jenny and Douglas's wedding on the 21st. If we do go somewhere "new" I'll put photos on and write up if it's interesting. Have an awesome autumn everyone, bye for now, xxx.

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