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Sep 28, 2008 - Same sites... different town/wine

The 2nd day of the wine tour we went along this wine route in eastern France. We atopped in a bunch of different towns where we walked around, tried that villages wine, and ate something local and listened to whatever music was being performed in that town. All the towns were really cute, with small cobbletone streets, tons of pretty flowers and old style houses. Pretty much every town looked alike and they all started to blend together by the end of the day. Kathleen and I later discussed that we were able to tell each town apart, not by...

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Jun 10, 2008 - Strasbourg

Tomorrow we set off for Paris to meet Mel and Judy. Hopefully we will in fact have a place to sit on the train given that there is a strike and all. Part of the experience! We have uploaded more photos in the past 2 days. Check out more on: -Bangkok the last time around (ya that long ago!) -The first 2 entries in Nepal - Kathmandu and then the first days on the trek I believe -Wadi Rum and the desert camp in Jordan -Petra,Jordan -Amman, Jordan Enjoy!

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Oct 18, 2007 - The Mercedes Museum

We pick the boys up and head (man my head hurts) for Stuttgart where the Porsche and Mercedes museums are. After illegally getting into a car park, we do the Porsche museum and surprisingly it's crap. Off to the Mercedes museum and this is something to see. It is bloody brilliant. An enormous purpose built building that was opened last year. There are eight floors starting at the top with the first car, bike, boat, bus and truck, and finishing on the ground floor with the futuristic models. It takes hours to see and we all enjoy it...

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Sep 19, 2006 - Strasbourg

We sailed at 3:00am this morning and, while it was not mandatory, most of us woke with the departure. We slept off and on till we finally rose before 8:00am and had breakfast. The morning's travel was not particularly interesting as it was between dykes in flat, featureless countryside punctuated by gravel extraction plants and three locks. The latter have become ho-hum when compared to the excitement generated by the first one on the Mosel. We arrived in Strasbourg as we were having lunch. The boat was "double parked" and we had to walk...

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Sep 17, 2006 - Strasbourg

After recovering from our flight in Munich, we have crossed the border into France and stayed in Strasbourg for several days. Describing itself as the center of Europe, Strasbourg is the home to the European parliament so it does have validity to this claim. The highlight of the city is the Cathedrale Notre Dame. While we are likely to see a few more impressive cathedrals on this trip, this will be the one to beat for the time being. Completed in 1439, the spire rises to 142m and would be a feat even with today's construction equipment....

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Jun 26, 2006 - Strasbourg France

I cannot believe where the time is going. I just realized that I have not updated the blog since the end of June and here we are already halfway through July. Then end of our trip is drawing nearer and we have about 4 week remaining til we return home. We have been having an awesome experience and I apologize for not updating more often. Last time I updated the blog, I believe we were on our way to Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg is the 7th largest city in France and we were expecting to enjoy the town as much as we enjoyed Bordeaux....

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Apr 30, 2006 - Strasbourg and Freiburg

Strasbourg - another gorgeous medieval centre. And a rather lovely cathedral that happens to be home to the 'Strabourg clock' which was and exciting discovery as we had seen a model of it in the Powerhouse museum in Sydney (we think). We then went for a long and winding drive through the Black Forest. So pretty - bubbling brooks, fields full of flowers, trees just coming into leaf and therefore a bright almost fluorescent green. Fritz struggled up and down the hills valiantly. There was still snow at the top. We stopped at Freiburg for the...

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Mar 31, 2006 - Strasbourg March 31st- April 2nd

What an amazing place! Strasbourg has quite the history having to switch nationality 5 times between the German and the French. These 2 distinct cultures have had so much influence that all the inhabitants still speak both languages eventhough they are now french. It has also caused an interesting cuisine to develope...just imagine the heavy german dishes with rich french ones! The local specialty is a thing called the tarte flam which is a thin flat bread...like pizza dough...with a sweet creamy sauce and topped with lardon and onions (we...

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Oct 1, 2005 - Pick Grapes, Eat, Sleep, Pick Grapes, Eat, Sleep

Hi All, We are in Eguisheim in the Alsace region of France. We are north of the Alps and can see Germany's Black Forest from the hills around town. We came here to work the wine harvest and work it is! We get up everyday around 7ish, have a quick coffee and a chunk of baguette, throw on our waterproof pants, jacket, and boots, and head to the vines at 7:45. Then we pick. There are two or three people to a row and generally you work both sides. You move down with a bucket and clippers throwing in the good grapes. Discerning good grapes is...

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Jul 26, 2005 - Stopover in Strasbourg

Well, we are back in the land of English speakers. Boo hoo for me. Hooray for Dwight. But first, Strasbourg! Last Saturday we left Eguilles (Aix-en-Provence) bright and early and made the long drive up to Strasbourg, France. Michelin said it would take 7 hours. Add on two kids in the back and we made it in a quick 10 hours. As much as Timothy is a great passenger, his brother, aka "The Screamer," is NOT. Anyway, we got there before the sun went down, which was nice. Now, for those of you who don't know, I must admit that I studied in...

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Jun 5, 2005 - Champagne, Lorraine and Alsace, France

Champagne: Some myths were dispelled for us, through a tour of the underground storage caves, but the tasting was still the best part. The town of Epernay is famous for its champagne houses that line the major street. They say there are at least 200 000 bottles of fine champagne, aging under the main street. Dispelled myths?? Sekt is just as flavourful and sparkling, don't let them tell you otherwise. Champagne is run as tightly as OPEC. We can buy champagne for a similar price in Calgary as in the Champagne region. We cycled (up...what...

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Apr 19, 2005 - Colmar: The Black Forest, Alsace, National Identity

It's funny how hard it can be to have an identity. Take the region of Alsace in France. Anyone that has taken a world history class inevitably remembers the name "Alsace-Lorraine"; the little region between France and Germany that has been fought over for years because of the wonderful natural resources it contains. It has changed hands so many times in fact that there is often a division of national identities within a family (The grandparents may claim to be German, while the Children and grandchildren maybe french). And the history of...

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