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Aug 11, 2011 - Beautiful Lapland

Anne and I trekked to Pielpajärven Church today through some of the most breath taking scenery. This particular 700 year old church was the first church built into the area when Christianity came to Lapland. It also survived World War 2 and wasn't burnt to the ground like most of the buildings and inferstructure in Lapland by the German Army in their retreat after Armistace was signed. I was told an interesting fact today which I hadn't known before. The walls are built from Lapland pine and over the years the sun has burnt the timber's...

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Aug 10, 2011 - Inari

Went bike riding this morning into the village of Inari to the church dad helped to build. Unfortunately unable to go in due to renovations. I realized I forgot gloves...my fingers nearly froze on the bikeride. We went back to the Siida with Tiger Ted and Pinkie. We checked out the outdoor museum which showed how the Saami lived when they still lived their nomadic lifestyle. I know I need to have my eyes checked as I had walked past the entrance several times and still couldn't find it! Ted decided he wanted to see how deep the well was ......

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Aug 9, 2011 - Above the Arctic Circle

The evening was spent catching with my relatives and watching out for Lemmings in the back yard. Very cute little creatures which look like smaller versions of Guinnea pigs. Feeling refreshed from my 10 hours of solid sleep, thanks to block-out curtains. Temperature outside was 12.3 so rugged up as I went on a boat tour of Lake Inari and to Ukko Island with Tiger Ted who had snuck into my bag. The Saami (indeginous people) believed the god of thunder lived on Ukko Island. Tiger Ted wasn't going to miss out on his chance to catch up with...

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Jul 15, 2008 - Inari

Warning! This is a long blog entry! And it includes what some may consider an excessive description of food. The sun glowed through the windows all night, so whenever I would wake up I thought it was already later in the day. I headed down to the laundry room and discovered our clothes were still wet in the dryer from the night before. I re-read the instructions, as if I could magically be able to read Finnish, started the dryer again and returned to the room. After Stephanie got ready, we walked down to the complimentary hotel breakfast....

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Oct 21, 2007 - Inari Finland: Its -5 outside, anyone want to camp out for the night?

Above the Arctic Circle, at this time of year, you have a 50% chance of seeing the northern lights . On average they will be visible every 2nd night. On my 4th night (without any previous luck) i figured i was in for a good chance. The sky was clear, the moon was out and i was in Inari - a town in north north northern finland. The town has a population of 500 so there are not too many lights to pollute the sky. At 11:40pm i think i see something. i run to the lake and stand in the dark. Nothing. I walk back to my hotel. The bar has long...

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