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Jul 20, 2008 - Raahe and Kuopio

After a good night's rest and a quick breakfast, we continued our journey. We took the road along the coastline to a small town called Raahe. This is an old ship faring town that is now known for its well-preserved wooden house district that dates back to the 1800s. It is also listed as an example of a typical coastal town of Finland. We figured we could take this little detour before heading inland. An hour drive led us to the center of the city, very near to the historic district. What makes this part also unique is that these are not...

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Oct 16, 2007 - Kuopio, Finland

I'm nervous. Very nervous. It's one thing to be naked in a Finnish sauna with women, but to do it in a mixed sauna... well that's just scary. By the time I get off the bus my new long nails (you don't want to be biting them through Mongolia) look a little less even.I get off the bus and follow the signs that lead into the woods and lined with a few street lights. No problem. Then the lights stop abruptly. You gotta be kidding me.... it's black.. pitch black. I don't have a torch and there is no moonlight. I brave-up and walk on ready to...

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The Test

Jul 1, 2006 - wife carrying championships in sonkajarvi

(I'm actually home now, but I have a few stories of events that occurred after that last post from Helsinki, so just pretend I'm still there for a few more minutes...) I'm sorry to say I didn't get too many fashion photos in Helsinki, nor did I make it to Hevimesta to see Death Sludge Machine, or whatever that heavy metal band was. Friday was a long frustrating day, because part of the reason the Finns are so intriguing to me (very reserved, quiet, intense, mysterious, anti-social, etc) is also a very frustrating trait when you're trying to...

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Oct 18, 2005 - Kuopio, Finland

October 18- We took an early 5hr train out of Helsinki heading NE towards the lakes region of Finland. We saw 3 things along the way: white birch trees, skinny tall pine trees, and so many lakes we lost count. Despite being relatively flat, there are over 185,000 lakes and half as many islands in Finland. Kinda makes you wonder what Minnesota was bragging about with their 10,000 lakes! Our next stop will be Kuopio, one of the many towns of the region. We got off the train around lunch time and encountered our first language barrier as most...

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