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Jul 30, 2011 - Helsinki

Saturday, July 30, Helsinki We slept well and slept in till about 8 am.  It felt good to get so much sleep.  We had a very large European breakfast and embarked on a walking tour outlined in Rick Steves' guide.   Helsinki is a fairly new city, established very early in the 19th century, soon after Russia took over this country.  They hired a German architect, Carl Engel, to build this city in the style of St Petersburg.  The area of the market square and Senate Square do look much like areas of St Petersburg.  There is much fine...

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Jul 29, 2011 - Helsinki

Friday, July 29th, On to Helsinki This morning after breakfast we took a cab to Finlandsky Train Station where we arrived with plenty of time to spare.  The train trip to Helsinki was uneventful, though the train overly warm.  The part of Russia and Finland we traversed is very flat and largely covered with birch forests intermixed, in Finland, with a few wheat fields.  We arrived at the main station in Helsinki in the early afternoon, walked to our hotel, aptly described by Rick Steves as well worn, and of industrial strength.  It is...

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Jul 28, 2011 - Train trip

Woke up to a clap of thunder yesterday morning! Quite humid which is really odd as it's this is the northern hemisphere.Spent yesterday in Helsinki shopping. Enjoyed a relaxing sauna in the evening -hard work this retail therapy! Today we're off on a train to Lahti to meet my cousin and aunt.

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Jul 27, 2011 - Finland

Landed in Finland at about 3pm local time yesterday after a long 10 hour flight over China, Mongolia, Russia and the Gulf of Finland. Got quite emotional as I watched the beautiful scenery below us as the plane circled the airport due to arriving earlier than planned. Much has happened in my life since I saw this land 12 years ago, and this land with its people and memories remains very dear to me. Weather is surprisingly VERY warm! 29 yesterday and maybe even 30 degrees today. Went into Helsinki today. Wandered thru shops and outdoor...

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Jul 13, 2011 - Helsinki, Finland

The NCL Sun arrived in Helsinki, Poland (according to Dad) but to the rest of the world, Helsinki, Finland. We had another quick breakfast at the buffet and strutted off the ship. We spent the night before planning a walking tour of the city and the first part of our plan was to take a taxi to Market Square. Our taxi driver suggested going to the sights first, and then offered to take us to each place as part of a private tour. Klaus, our driver, was a genuine Finnish gentleman. We first drove through a beautiful Finnish cemetery, while on...

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Jun 12, 2011 - Scandinavia last days

Thursday 9th June Sorry about the abrupt end to my last entry but the lady wanted to close the library. By the way thanks for all the messages Dave and I really appreciate reading them. Feeling the most chilled than I ever thought possible today. We’re taking the oldest road in Finland that runs along the south coast that connected Russia to Turku, it’s really beautiful constantly going up and down like a roller coaster so harder than we have been used to, this is where you can really feel the weight that’s loaded on the bike. Trouble is...

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May 27, 2011 - Helsinki, Finland

We decided on no tour in Helsinki. The day is cold and blustery. The city bus was easy to find and we bought an all-day ticket on the all the city's transportation. Once in town we first went to the tourist bureau and got some city information. Then we went to the central market by the water. There were all kinds of fruits and vegetables, furs, clothing, souvenirs, and other stuff plus food vendors. Finally Richard decided he needed some reindeer meatballs which were great. They came with the small potatoes and vegetables. After eating we...

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Apr 30, 2011 - Helsinki day trip

Summary: After finding out that Helsinki was only a 2hr ferry trip from Tallinn, Gen & I decided to take the chance to go Memorable experiences: 1. Eating Rudolf (so not really, but it was my first time to eat reindeer). 2. Watching the entire city party for May Day! OMG they sooo know how to party! Memorable places: 1. Cathedral - we went there when it was empty to take beautiful photos, then to come back in the evening when (what seemed) the entire city was celebrating May Day

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Oct 16, 2010 - Helsinki - Oct 14-16

October 14, 2010 Today was almost a complete travel day with an early morning start. We had a quick bite to eat and then headed into the city centre to get the bus to the airport. Apart from the idiot bus driver not stopping when he was supposed to the journey was little over 10 minutes. It did snow really heavily for about 5 minutes of the journey but that of course just adds to the lovely scenery. At the airport we met the two girls from last night and we sat and chatted to them until our flight left and in just 2 hours we were in Oslo....

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Sep 19, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland - Tour of the city

It was just by chance that on our trip to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg we ended up visiting Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo as well. We were at an Embassy Series (www.embassyseries.com) concert at the Finland Ambassador’s residence in the spring of 2010. When we spoke to the Ambassador and told him about our plan to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg in the fall, he said very enthusiastically that if we are visiting St. Petersburg we must visit Helsinki as it is only about 100 miles away. He even recommended Hotel Kamp as the place to stay....

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Sep 2, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland

Today's adventure was in Helsinki, Finland. We took a shuttle bus from the port to the downtown area and spent the day touring on our own. From the shuttle drop-off we took a lovely walk through a city park, an outdoor market, and made our way to Senate Square, home of Finland's parliament and site of the Senate Square Cathedral. Helsinki is hosting a touring display called "United Buddy Bears, The Art of Tolerance" from September 1 through October 26 in Senate Square. There are 142 bears, each painted by an artist representing each United...

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Jul 24, 2010 - 2010 Baltic Sea Cruise - Helsinki

Day 4 (July 24, 2010) - Helsinki - Cruising into Helsinki was quite the ride. The sky was overcast and windy causing the boat to have the type of rocking motion that makes you want to sleep all day. Our breakfast was a mad orgy of bodies swarming around food at the buffet, reminding me yet again how much I hate that form of dining. After getting our food, we were 'blessed' with a round of cardio trying to find a table with which to sit and eat. After finding something at the back of the last seating area, we sat down to now-cold eggs and...

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