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Jun 29, 2008 - Vorovoro

Well I thought I’d start this entry by telling you about a rather embarrassing incident that happened to me when I was touring around Fiji mainland. We had been eating loads of curries on the tour so my digestive system was working over time and after a couple of days I had built up a lifetime supply of gas. I couldn’t find anywhere to let it out without people around. So when I noticed everyone going to the bar I jumped at the opportunity of being in the dorm room by myself. I slipped in and let rip. It had to be the longest most revolting...

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Grand Day Out

Feb 5, 2008 - Fiji, the unexpected leg of my trip.

Just before I start I feel I should tell those who don’t know that unfortunately Dan and I have split up and he has decided to start traveling. He is now exploring what New Zealand has to offer and I’m still trying to save some money. But I have just about had enough and decided after a lot of debate to take my holiday to Fiji on my own. And to be honest I’m glad I did. It was just what the doctor ordered. So read on and enjoy, I’ll try not to go on too much. Well I’ve arrived and words cannot describe how amazed I am by this place. It is...

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Sep 19, 2007 - Taveuni Island

The day began with another 7:00 a.m. dive ... I'm finding it a wonderful way to start the day, and an opportunity not to be missed. According to my dive computer the waters have been consistently at the 27C mark, while the air temperature has been anywhere from 26 to 36C, hot but not uncomfortable, and not nearly as humid as I'd have imagined (at least not out on the water where there's almost always a slight breeze to cool things down). When we get back there's big breakfast waiting, usually a fresh omelette, or pancakes, or French Toast,...

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Sep 18, 2007 - Kioa Island

This morning I was up by 6:00 with camera ready to catch the sun rise, but unfortunately was greeted by clouds and signs of rain squalls in a variety of directions. The crew laid out the "quick breakfast" which consisted of toast, coffee, cereal and fresh juices, on the upper deck. But just as the first piece of bread was popped into the toaster, it started to rain. Not for very long, but enough that they began gathering up all the breakfast items and resetting them in our lounge on the mid-deck. This actually became a bit of a ritual as...

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Sep 17, 2007 - Natewa Bay

Well, as I expected, there is no internet connection available on the Tui Tai, nor will be on this week-long cruise. So likely you'll read this a week after it has already happened. Life in Fiji is full of surprises, and as if on cue, the surprises started this morning once I'd checked into the airport for the flight from Nadi to Savusavu. It didn't take long to discover other Tui Tai "cruisers" at the airport lounge, so I had an opportunity to share our first adventure together well before we got to the boat. It started when our 7:00 a.m....

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