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Oct 28, 2004 - Riobamba and the train ride from hell, Ecuador

The brochures call it "The Most Difficult Railway in the World." For some reason this billing made us and 200 tourists think, hey we should try that! In our defense, according to the brochure (which also said a lot of funny things, mostly due to lost in translation stuff or spelling problems, not to actually be funny, such as "written...for your use, No copyright from my sicle" ?? so if I'm violating any copyright laws here I apologize) the difficulty refers to the engineering feat of building a railway through the mountains and down "an...

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Jun 1, 2004 - Ecuador

Ok so this was it the start of a year and a half travelling and it began in Ecuador. I was a little paranoid and weary of taking photo's at first around Quito (not the safest feeling city), so there was no really interesting shots off it. Didn't dare take it out at night either so no pictures of the nightlife. I got out off Quito ASAP (I think I would have enjoyed a city more if I hadn't come straight from London), and hit the Central Highlands, full off volcano's and the huge mountains of the Andie's. (Photo 1) is Laguna Quilotoa a...

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