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Jan 1, 2015 - Galapagos Day 7 - Rabida / Santa Cruz islands

As we awoke, our boat was making its final approach to Rábida island. After a sumptuous breakfast we were taken on a walking tour around part of the island. Rábida is immediately notable for its iron-rich red coloured soil. It has no fresh water but has a brackish lagoon that supported a population of flamingos prior to the last major El Niño event in the late 1990's when sea lions entered the picture and the shy flamingos made off for other islands. On the shore were a couple of newborn sea lions with their moms. The youngest cried like a...

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Feb 12, 2013 - Lava, fish and lots of swimming

Feb. 12 Today I believe I spent more time IN the water than out. After breakfast we headed out for Sullivan beach on Santiago Island. It's a lava field. Nothing but black rock for miles and really interesting to walk on and check out the various patterns in the rock.. Otto shared lots of geologic wisdom and we learned much more about the formation of the islands. A little fly catcher was flying around and I was just about to take a photo as it lighted on Kelsey's shoulder when it decided to fly away....and land on my head. It sat there for...

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Nov 8, 2012 - Galapagos - Isla Rabida & Bachas Beach

After somewhat sleepless night we woke (wake up call daily is 06.45) to find ourselves moored off Rabida, all cliffs and dark, dark red sand. Post breakfast the crew load us back into the ribs (these are manned by Julio and Arnalado for the duration) for our first wet landing (jump off the ribs into shallows) on the beach. Sea lions everywhere, large and small, yes the pups are suitably ahhh cute...they rest for up to 18 hours a day and much like the iguanas just ignore the tourists and their endless photographs (we are kept at an...

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Mar 1, 2011 - Galapagos Smorgasbord

Rabida Island 24 Feb 2011 – 1800 in Galapagos Go for a walk on Cerro Dragon, swim on the beach, sail for Rabida. After lunch, have a snorkel, take a walk on Rabida. Put that way, today sounds pretty dry and uninspiring; the reality was so much better and so varied! We really did have a smorgasbord of experiences! The mornings have settled down to something of a routine – the dolphin wake up of three days ago (only three days?!) has been very much the exception but, as usual, there was nothing routine about our day once breakfast was over;...

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May 18, 2009 - Rabida Island and Bartolome

Today's highlights: - Our first big dose of sea lions - A Galapagos hawk staring us down - gorgeous waters off of Bartolome Island - watching sea iguanas swim with their tails - swimming with penguins!!! and seeing a ray - boating alongside tons of dolphins in our zodiac

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Apr 10, 2008 - Galapagos 2

Thursday April 10th – Breakfast at 7am and then left the boat at 8am and had a dry landing (in boat terms that meant our feet did not get wet!) on the west side of Santa Cruz. Saw marine and land iguanas and numerous varieties of birds including the Blue Footed Booby. Back to the boat for a mid morning snack and pre-lunch snooze! After lunch the boat moved over to Rabida Island where we did a ‘wet’ landing on the red sand beach. Saw Pelicans and a family of sea lions. Mum, Dad, a 2 year old and two 1 year olds. Also saw Yellow warblers,...

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