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Dec 2, 2009 - Short and Sweet

This is to be a short entry. So school was great today, classes finished at half 8 for me, leaving the rest of the day free to relax and enjoy the glorious weather. (Finally the sun shone). So what did I do on my day off I hear you ask?? I firstly headed to the bank to convert some travellers cheques into currency. That was an experience. Still speaking little Spanish, I began the challenge in the wrong que. Having then been directed to the correct que, I was served. Yet I screwed up. I wrote the date as the 1st of November 2009, which is...

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Nov 22, 2009 - Creatures of the night...Completed

Ok so it has been four days since I last updated my blog. What has happened in the last four days I hear you ask? Well the answer is alot. My first day at school, a visit to the Darwin Centre and snorkling with the fishes out at sea. So we begin on the Thursday when I awoke, at half 7 to head into school for half 8. The school itself is basic. There are a lack of facalities, only 4 walls a roof and some seating. The windows have no glass in them, so when it rains (which it often happens in the mornings) the kids and the classrooms get wet....

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Nov 18, 2009 - Galapagos Islands - Santa Cruz

Ok so day one on the Galapagos Islands. After awaking at 5:30 to catch my flight to the Galapagos Islands, I have finally made it, with only a few problems on the way. The flight itself was fine, and the airport is amazing. It is so simple, the departure lounge is a small deck in front of the runway, there is no such thing as baggage collection, and the airport itself is on a small island which connects to Santa Cruz via ferry only. So having made it to Santa Cruz, myself and teaching companion Daniel (who wants to be called the man!!!)...

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May 20, 2009 - South Plazas Island and Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz

Today's highlights: - the beautiful red colours and cactuses of South Plazas Islands - seeing a billion yellow-coloured land iguanas on South Plazas - going to the Charles Darwin Interpretation Centre to visit Lonesome George, Diego and other giant tortoises - meeting the new people boarding the ship today - having a few drinks (including the "blue footed boobie", a tequila-curacao mix drink) in Puerto Ayora and taking a water taxi back to the ship

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Mar 8, 2009 - PARADISE - Ecuador and the Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands are a bizarre paradise! A week spent cruising around these islands took our already-amazing South American odyssey to staggering new heights. Above all else we have learnt one thing about ourselves: WE LOVE BOOBIES! The avian kind of course. The red-footed or nazca boobies are undeniably cute, but the blue-footed boobies are top of the list on the Paul-and-Bryony´s-adorable-animals list. However, let´s start from the beginning..... After a whirlwind investigation of Quito´s old town - which we maintain is the ´most...

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Jun 10, 2008 - Galapagos Islands, South Seymore

Nach einem zweistuendigen Flug vn Quito kommen wir auf Baltra, Galapagos Islands,an. Gleich an der Anlegestelle zu unserem Boot, koennen wir schon die Baenke nicht benutzen, da dort lauter seeloewen rumlungern, ansonsten klettern ueberall echsen rum. Das Boot ist ziemlich luxurioes und ich habe sogar eine Einzelkabine. Direkt nach einem kurzem Briefing fahren wir nach South Seymore zu einem ersten Schnorcheltripp. Auf dem Weg dahin sehe ich zwei kopolierende Meeresschildkroeten. Ich springe ins Wasser und schon schwimmen 3 Seeloewen um mich...

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Trip Journal

Peru und Ecuador

Apr 4, 2008 - Galapagos

One of the anticipated highlights of our journey was a visit to the Galapagos archipeligo, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. We took a week long boat trip visiting seven of the islands. We particularly enjoyed observing the giant tortoises, land and marine iguanas, and various birds (including blue footed boobies, waved albatross, and swallow tailed gulls - the only night feeding gull in the world) at close quaters as the animals are unafraid of man. The snorkelling was simply stunning. Swimming with sea lions, Galapagos penguins and...

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Mar 11, 2008 - GALAPAGOS!!! (Back to Santa Cruz)

For our last day in the Galapagos we went up to the Darwin Centre in the morning to see Lonesome George, the last remaining Pinta giant tortoise (we were there in the afternoon before and he was hiding). They've tried all sorts of things to get him to breed with females from similar species, but he's just not interested! There's a huge reward now for anyone who can find a Pinta female (just in case anyone happens to have one in their garden!). We stopped off by the beaches near the centre for a quick snorkel, and then spent the rest of the...

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Feb 25, 2008 - GALAPAGOS!!! (Santa Cruz Island)

We were up early and very excited about going to the Galapagos. On the plane we could see the large, flat islands dotted across the pacific and Tara couldn't sit still! We touched down on Baltra Island just north of Santa Cruz: the view while we waited to have our passports stamped was breathtaking. We caught our buses and ferry to Puerto Ayora, the town on Santa Cruz, and began our exploring. There was lots to see in the three nights that we stayed: the Darwin Research Centre was great, with loads of information about the animals of the...

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Nov 28, 2007 - mountainbiking in the galapagos

Gisteren dus gaan mountainbiken op Isla Santa Cruz. Een deftige Trek mountainbike kunnen huren met geveerde voorvork, goeie remmen en een goed afgesteld versnellingsapparaat. De fietsconditie was echter niet op het peil van de fiets. Zolang het bergop rijden was op het asfalt ging het nog, maar eens er moest geklommen worden op onverharde en bultige weggeltjes was het beste er al snel af en heb ik ookj om mijn benen niet kapot te rijden op tijd en stond met de fiets in de hand naar boven gestapt. Bergaf was zoveel plezanter en makkelijker,...

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Nov 23, 2007 - Galapagos, Isla Santa Cruz

We zijn op de Galapagos archipel geraakt. Deze voormiddag op de luchthaven van Quito met anderhalf uur vertraging vertrokken naar Guyaquil en van daaruit doorgevlogen naar het eiland Baltra waar de belangrijkste luchthaven van de eilandengroep is gelegen. Deze landingsbaan werd tijdens WO II aangelegd door de Amerikanen als uitvalsbasis. Buiten de landingsbaan, die sindsdien wel gerenoveerd werd, herinneren enkel wat betonnen funderingsplaten aan hun aanwezigheid. Er is wel nog een kamp van het Ecuadoriaanse leger. Vooraleer je aan je...

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Oct 1, 2007 - Ahoy Maties!

We were expecting the worst case scenario (yes, like both of our eyeballs would pop out, Robyn) for our cruise around the Galapagos as the agency we arranged through did not have the best reputation. But we ended up having a great, and very luxurious, trip! After flying from Guayaquil to the small airport on Isla Baltra, a shuttle met us and took us to a panga (dingy) which took us to our ship. It slept 16 people and 10 crew members, and it was very nice. We'll send pictures, but there was a very nice and clean dining area and common area,...

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