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Feb 23, 2017 - Marchena Island

We were anchored overnight, and at 5 am, the engines were started to move us to the next island—Marchena. We went back to sleep for a while, but I did get up and shower and wash my hair this morning. Not sure why, because I knew we would be swimming/snorkeling twice today. Only two activities today, both snorkeling, after 4 yesterday. Before we went in the first time, Juan spotted dolphins, orcas, and tunas jumping. He was very excited. He sent the Samba chasing after them. The bottlenose dolphins were swimming in the bow wave and jumping...

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Apr 28, 2007 - Galapagos Islands Day 7--Genovesa Island, Ecuador

From Bartolome Island, Eden sailed seven hours northeast, crossing the equator, to Darwin Harbor on Genovesa Island (aka Tower Island or Douwes Island) (We arrived at 11 pm on Day 6, Friday). Darwin Harbor was formed by a sunken volcanic crater. We took two pangas along the vertical volcanic cliff walls. Here we saw a number of fur seals who like to rest on the volcanic ledges and cliff nooks. Numerous birds nest in the cliff walls. We landed at Prince Philip's Steps and did a short climb to the top where we caught our first sight of a red...

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Mar 1, 2007 - Bartolomé

We started the day off very early and were on Bartolome island and hiking by 6:30 a.m. to beat the mid day heat. If I thought North Seymour was prehistoric, this, even younger island is barely formed. The only grass that can grow in the magnesium rich ash made the side of the hill look like an old man's stubble to me. This small island had only this grass and one small cactus that I found. The rest is rock formed of lava. The fauna inhabitants were birds that merely passed by and the tiny lava lizards. Crabs lived on rocks that entered...

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Twenty-Six Days

Sep 1, 2006 - You can never have too many photos of sea lions!

There is a danger here that I might put everyone off ever reading my blog again if I go on too much about just how FAB the Galapagos Islands were. I cannot claim to be the world's greatest nature lover, or indeed the world's greatest photographer, but in the Galapagos you don't need to be either - the animals are just everywhere, the scenery is spectacular and you can get so close to the animals without them being remotely concerned, that even with the not amazing zoom on my camera I was able to capture the photos I have uploaded. I...

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Jun 11, 2005 - ECUADOR - Galapagos Islands - Isla Genovesa

Our last island was the furthest away, in the northeastern part of the islands. We were fortunate to come here as many boats miss it out. The island is in the shape of a crescent moon. It is actually a volcano, and the sea is in the the caldera of the extinct volcano. The cliffs are very high and it is a beautiful island. Our morning excursion took us around to see birds nesting on the cliffs, then we climbed "Heaven's stairway" to get to the flat top of the island. WOW - I have NEVER seen so many birds in my ENTIRE life! We were...

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May 7, 2005 - Darwin Bay, Genovesa Island

This morning the sea was much calmer. Phew. We had a wake up call at 7 again and a lovely breakfast, then a wet landing at Darwin Bay. We saw lots of red footed boobies - which are the only webbed feet birds to live in trees, and lots of frigate birds too. We also discovered that some of the red footed boobies are white! Snorkelling was nice and calm and we saw lots of beautiful parrot fish and big hog fish. The conditions were really nice. We had an enormous Ecuadorian lunch with loads of traditional food including a suckling pig that was...

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