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Nov 19, 2017 - Machala and Puerto Bolivar

Jennie Cullen and I took a weekend trip to Machala and Puerto Bolivar, the largest banana and shrimp shipping port in Ecuador. Seafood dining was our focus with a few margaritas too. We took an afternoon boat trip the island of Jambeli with seafood shacks and a few hotels lining the beach. Hotel Centro $24 per night, breakfast included. hotelcentromachala@hotmail.com

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2017 Ecuador

Apr 14, 2009 - Bienvenu en Equateur

L’equateur, pays du milieu du monde. A peine nous approchons la frontier que le paysage change et le desert fait place a une luxuriante vegetation. L’equateur est divisé en trios zones qui le traversent du nord au sud: a l’ouest la cote; au centre la montagne; et la l’amasonie a l’est. Chaque zone a son climat, ses specialités culinaires et son caractere…Du perou nous arrivons a la cote, a la ville de Machala, ou suivant le conceil de l’office de tourisme, nous nous rendons sur une ile en face de la ville. Un cannot nous emmenea travers la...

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May 4, 2008 - Máncora, Peru to Machala, Ecuador

Another border crossing... Sunday I had decided to leave Mancora on my journey back to Quito. Taking me and my charred skin out of the powerful peruvian sun. My bus was leaving at 2:30, but broke down. This was unfortunate, because this was the only bus company that makes life easier by stopping at immigration on each side of the border. Instead, I was made to endure several taxi transfers in order to accomplish all the needed immigration tasks. Not to mention, this border also has a reputation for rogue taxi drivers that suddenly decide...

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May 10, 2007 - Zaruma, Ecuador

After two weeks of Spanish lessons in Cuenca, I still feel like an idiot. I met up with a couple of friends from the Galapagos trip, Reeshma and Asheef (sorry about the spelling if your looking). It was good to speak a little english and hang out with somebody. I decided to head to Zaruma. I knew it was a good idea because no other tourist had even heard of it. Every local that I asked about it would go on and on about how beautiful it was. They were right. A very cool little town up in the mountains. The first day I just checked out the...

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May 11, 2005 - Ecuador - Arrival

We finally leave Peru - and enter into Ecuador. Within minutes we already have a taste of what's to come - hassle at the border, requests for bribes, pulled over by the police, demonstrations!!! We get through one road block quite swiftly as the army are already insitu, but we get stuck next to burning banana leaves on the side of the road which creates a tad of anxiety for the driver as burnt tyres or exploding diesel tanks would presumably entail quite a bit of paperwork! The demonstration is about the farmers wanting a higher price for...

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