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Mar 4, 2010 - sea kayaking

This morning I went kayaking on rougher sea, due to the earthquake and tsunami. This morning Nicolas shared the kayak with me which was handy as he is young, strong - and good looking! A Spanish family with two young children had the other kayaks and the kids loved it. Getting off the boat was no fun though, the sea was so choppy we were being thrown about everywhere. The poor captain was trying to pass one of the small Spanish children onto the panga and the sea got them both and he was soaked. Eventually the child was passed over, still...

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June's Sabbatical

Jun 27, 2009 - Espanola - Saturday

The waves rocked us head-to-foot all night, which is much tougher for sleeping than if you're rocked side-to-side. Unfortunately that meant most people didn't sleep well. I was so tired from not sleeping the night before that it didn't really faze me. I heard later that everyone was pretty cranky from lack of sleep and I came flitting upstairs like Little Mary Sunshine because the sleeping bag kept me warm enough that I could even close the door. YEA!! Rob & Anne got engaged last night, then Rob promptly got seasick. Anne said she was...

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May 22, 2009 - Espanola Island

Today's highlights: - seeing a huge colony of sea lions at Punta Suarez bay where they belched, groaned and barked to the point of annoyance; competing to sleep in the middle of the group and the babies cuddling and trying to play with each other - the waved albatrosses- flying and laying on their eggs in the nest - watching a pair of albatrosses kissing! - the big blow hole, the ensuing rainbow - watching pairs of masked boobies on the cliffs overlooking the blowhole - playing catch the stick and fling it around and catch it again with an...

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