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Jul 12, 2010 - Off road adventures

Let’s take it to the jungle. Today was our ATV off road experience and I was excited. The precursor to this late afternoon excursion was, as you can imagine, sun, sand and food so by the time 2:50pm rolled around, we were ready to rumble. We took a well air conditioned van with a handful of guests from other resorts and made our way to the tour starting point. On the way, our fellow resort goers told us about the massages they had had at a small beach hut just a stones throw from their hotel. Apparently it was a little more. . . involved...

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Jul 11, 2010 - Magic fingers

We woke up late this morning and thanks to the weather from the past couple days, all of my clothes were pretty much unwearable. When I learned that laundry was not part of the all inclusive package, I decided to load up the bathtub with water and body wash and go old school on the clothes cleaning. I must have put about 2 detergent caps worth of body wash into the water and by the end the manual agitate cycle compliments of my massive hands, the water had a not so appealing gray/brown tint. Lovely, I know. After a thorough rinse, I was...

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Jul 10, 2010 - Saturday night fever

Oh man did I feel good after a 9 hour sleep in the humongous king sized bed of suite 6110. The company was not bad either, let me tell ya. Once ready for breakfast we stepped outside to be greeted by our new best friend, John P. Humidity. “Welcome to the Caribbean,” he said. “F U man” responded the sweat bead forming on my head. The spread at the World Café was enough to make even me wonder if I was game. It was like going to a grocery store where all the food was already open and ready to eat. I took a deep breath and did a lap to assess...

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Jul 9, 2010 - The arrival of the H Bomb

Finally it was time for my special lady friend to arrive from Alaska and shower me with some much needed TLC. After watching Alberto and company fill the family’s inflatable swimming pool with the help of a huge water tanker that apparently makes house calls, we were off to pick up Helma. Her flight, like so many into the craptial, was late. Alberto, having never met Helma, kept busy by shouting “Helma!” at any attractive woman that walked by, sometimes even at including grandmothers and men when he was feeling saucy. Then, in slow motion,...

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Aug 2, 2009 - Punta Cana, Dp

For our three year anniversary we decided to go to Punta Cana. We stayed at the Riu Palace and all inclusive resort. We took a tour to downtown to Santa Domingo where Christopher Columbus is buried. Saw his son's castle, caves and the oldest church. We feel in loved with the food there. Rice and Beans. mm.... Stayed for 4 nights and headed home.

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Mar 23, 2008 - Punta Cana

We arrived safely in Punta Cana and found a decent place to spend the night. It definitely wasn't a 5 star all inclusive, but it was clean, included breakfast, had a pool, AC and was just across the street from the beach. Check out the photo of the hotel gym (once I find a way to post them)! We went out for a seafood dinner (paella) and soon learned how little English everyone speaks outside of the mega resorts! Most people think of the Dominican as being a touristy place, but most tourists stay in their resorts, so it seems so far that it...

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Jun 9, 2006 - day dos (Weldon & Wilma update)

We checked today and found that some of the pictures we loaded did come thru!! The girls are laying on the beach getting some sun right now. We watched a live show last night that was okay. The band was very good. We are getting plenty of food. It is a vast buffet. Tonight we have reservations for one of the special restaurants. It will be Chinese tonight. We have radios to communicate with each other but do get bleedovers from others. Have changed channels so we will see if it is better. We better get to the pool to start our sun tan!!...

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Apr 2, 2005 - Spring, a time to start fresh.

We left for one week of R&R that was much needed. The sun, sand and surf was everything we could of wanted . We lived out two life long dreams, one to swim with the sharks and scuba dive...we did both as a family and will forever hold that memories as one of the best times of our lives. We arrived back to a vist with Al and Chase and Cole, it was so nice to spend time with our beloved family. Easter came and went with lots of fun. Off to Bonnyville to Nathan's Dad's for a few days of visiting our friends up there. It was so fun for all. We...

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